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hey it's another day with Jae are you trying to decide if you should take the

kids on next vacation I'm going to offer you four luxury resorts they offer free

childcare services so what I wanted to do is I'm gonna go from four all the way

down to our number one my first location that I chose is a bucket-list location a

lot of us you know they save for years and years ago to go on these bucket list

locations because people feel that it costs so much money to do so

well my first location which will be number four our bucket list location is

going to be Fiji yes Fiji they are known for their rich

indigenous culture and beautiful beaches so our feature resort for today is the

five-star Six Senses Fiji it is a newly open hotel on the Malolo

Alan and they had a kiss club called colosi Coco ski and they had this kids

club complimentary for their guests um they have an array of activities for the

kids both fun and educational however if you stay in one of their come in one of

their private residences they offer complimentary personal nanny services

for the kids up to eight hours how awesome is that so you can go out have

an amazing time note that the kiddies are taken care of

on this bucket list location and have an amazing look in the location and stay

number three on our trips where you can get free child care services is Mexico

yes they are known for their exotic food sunny beaches and Mayan culture and our

Resort is going to be the five-star grand fiesta americana Coral Beach

Cancun yes you can receive up to two hours of free babysitting services when

you book at the Grand Club levels from sure you book at that grand club level

so that you can have these babysitting services and you can get your cocktails

have a spa treatment do water sports whatever it is that you like while the

kids are being taken care of now we're gonna hop over to our number two

location have you guessed it yet is Jamaica Jamaica Mon the home of Bob

Marley awesome food recreational activities and great beaches yes

our hotel is going to be the four-star Franklin D Resort and Spa this is a

family-friendly resort and Runaway Bay and they have all types of fun things

for the kids to do cooking classes fishing snorkeling that's just to name a

few and they will watch the kids from 9:00

a.m. to 4:00 p.m. that's almost a whole day's work okay and or they can work

watch them for up to as long as you like during those hours now if you feel as

though you need some more private time you can pay only $50 a day and you can

get a private nanny so you can have that additional um private time I think

that's what a great charge a great price for you to have more time with you even

the girls I'm you and the guys or whatever it is that you like to do and

our number one location yes I'm number one I chose another bucket list location

why because who don't want to check off something on their bucket list and that

location is the Maldives up the Maldives that it is known for is beautiful over

the water bungalows natural you know environment with the blue ocean light

sand beaches and clean crystal air sounds amazing already I'm ready to go

so why not go ahead have an amazing trip in this phenomenal just beautiful you

know location with the kiddies and put have

some peace of serenity on your own and bath in this place so you can enjoy with

you and you've been yes but when you booked a spa treatment they will go

ahead and throw in not one hours up to up to three hours of complimentary

babysitting services and guess what since people go to the Maldives all year

long it's not just something you want to go when the kitties are out of school in

the summertime or maybe a winter vacation they also offer tutoring

services for the kids so that while they may be missing school they can still be

learning because guess what traveling is educational learning about

cultures is educational so why not allow the kids to have an amazing time an

amazing experience and be able to go ahead and write a you know something

about it for their friends so I hope this has helped you and if you are

trying to decide if you want to take the kids on there on your next vacation go

ahead and put kid-friendly down in the comment box and if you like

to learn how to save on these exact same locations four and five-star resorts but

save hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars go ahead and hit put save in a

comment below and I hope this has helped Iaugh love and live life to the fullest and

don't forget to live your passion bye

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