Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Behind the Scenes of Camila Cabello’s “Don’t Go Yet” Video Shoot | RELEASED

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Camila Cabello's music videos

always offer an array of stunning visuals

and high production values, so when we were given

the opportunity to go behind the scenes

of the filming of one, we had two words,

hell and yeah. Check it out.

What up, guys?

My name is Camila, and we are here on the set

of the "Don't Go Yet" music video.

- Let's go! Let's roll! Roll camera! - Rolling!

My album concept is family and your chosen family,

um, and everybody kind of

gathering together around a dinner table and breaking bread,

and that being kind of, like,

the part of my life that brings me the most joy.

( singing )

We have my family, which is played by a cast

of amazing actors and dancers,

but we also have my real family and friends.

My dad, my sister,

my cousin, we had-- everybody.

Everybody here.

Um, so it's really, like, bringing that real energy

of joy and love and food and dance

all on the set of the music video.

The idea was to kind of play with fashion and fun

and kind of, like, this quirky Latin family.

It's kind of, like, the extra turnt-up version.

It's basically a dinner party, which is basically what I want

my twenties to be, is just dinner parties.

And it's gonna be a good time.

( cheering )

Also you're gonna see in the video tonight

a scene that took them seven hours to shoot.

It's a crazy stop-motion scene, and that's awesome.

I'm glad they pulled it off.

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