Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Geoff Gets Warped & Ryan The Fire Guy - AH Animated & Source

Difficulty: 0

(Ryan:) the water and it's clay. (Gav:) Yep.

(Gav:) Where's that? Where are you? (R:) Boop boop boop boop boop, I missed one, boop boop boop boop badoop boop- (Gav:) Ryan, I'm in a circle.

(Michael:) Is that like fast or that's slow, it sounds like. (R:) Boop boop. There, clay's everywhere.

(Gav:) Where are you Ry? (R:) I'm next to you. You just walked by me. I'm- I'm- um.

(M:) That's not me you're looking at- I mean, that's not him. (R:) Hi!

(M:) That is me you're looking at. (R:) Hi! (M:) That's not him is what I meant to say

(Gav:) Are you invisible? (M:) I'm watching Gavin look for you.

(Geoff:) *singing* I wanna get hiiiiiigh! (R:) Am I invisible? (Gav:) Where are you?

(Geoff and Jack:) Sooo hiiiiigh! (R:) You're looking at me! You're walking through me!

(M:) Yeah, you're looking pretty invisible right now, I'll be honest

(Lil J:) Ryan? (R:) So you can't see me?!

(M:) Where are you standing? (Lil J:) Ryan? (R:) Right next to you, I'm flying!

(Gav:) Where? (M:) No, you're , you're invisible.

(R:) What did I do? (Gav:) Oh, there's shitloads of clay!

(R:) What did I do?! Yeah, I just made all the clay.

(Lil J:) Ryan?! (M:) No, you're, uh, you're gone.

(R:) I'm in fro- I'm next to Jeremy now!

(Gav:) You're so full of shit! (Lil J:) Ryan? (M:) No, you're, uh, you're a ghost, man.

(J:) Oh God... (M:) You're dead.

(R:) *Mad King laughter*

(M:) You have no name, nothing. (Gav:) You're just a void! (M:) You're just not here.

(Geoff:) Ryan has ascended! (M:) Oh fuck no- Fuck that, I've ascended!

(Lil J:) Gavin! (M:) Please, he's descended.

(R:) No wonder no-one will take my bows! (Lil J:) Gavin!

(Gav:) Yeah? (Lil J:) *kissing noises* (M:) Yeah, I took it and then you died.

(Gav:) *laughs* I'm not a cat, Jeremy! (Lil J:) Gavin... *kiss kiss*

(M:) *quietly* What the fuck? (Lil J:) One please. (Geoff:) *Laughter*

(M:) Ow! What the fuck?

(M:) Why did you do that? (Gav:) Is Ryan lamping people?

(M:) Yeah, I was trying to put my jet pack in a goddamn thing, and then I got hit in the head and was floating in the air.

(Geoff:) Hey listen- FUCK OFF, SHEEP! (M:) I'm guessing Ryan did it.

(Geoff:) Got no need for you! (R:) There's no reason to be invisible if you can't use the power for ill!

(Geoff:) Alright, well, an obsidian chicken is the cutest thing ever!

(M:) Oh yeah? (Geoff:) Good on you! (M:) You gonna kill it?

(Geoff:) No. I'm growing it. (M:) I'm gonna fly over there, see if it needs an arrow. I have unlimited now

(Ghost Ryan:) Geoooff! (Geoff:) *imitating Ryan* Whaaaat?

(Ghost Ryan:) Woooo, I'm behiiiind yoouuu! (Geoff:) Fuck ooooff!

(M:) Look out, Geoff! (Geoff:) WHAT'D YOU DO? DON'T KILL ME! (Lil J:) Ohhh!

(R:) Uh-oh! (Geoff:) PICK ME UP, BEAM ME BACK!

(R:) *laughing* (M:) Ohhh... (Geoff:) NOOOOO! WHYYYYYYY!

(Geoff:) I NEVER DID ANYTHING TO ANYBODY! (Gav:) *squees*

(Geoff:) WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME?! (M:) *laughing* That was-

(M:) That was pretty heinous! That was pretty heinous. (Lil J:) *laughs* Oh my God! (J:) Wow!

(R:) Imma be honest- (Gav:) What you do?

(M:) He just killed Geoff! (Lil J:) He poured liquid Ender on Geoff!

(M:) He killed him. I saw him do it. (Gav:) Oh, you just teleported him over the edge?

(M:) I saw him do it. (R:) I may have forgotten that you can't fly!

(M:) I saw him do it. (Lil J:) He's SIMPLE GEOFF!

(M:) Where is his stuff? (R:) Where did you go?

(M:) I don't see a grave. (Geoff:) WHERE'S ALL MY STUFF?!

(M:) I don't- (R:) There's a whole pile of stuff right here on the ground.

(M:) I don't see a grave for him. (R:) There's just a pile of stuff.

(Gav:) You straight up murdered him. (R:) Yeah, I did.

(Lil J:) Hold on, uh, is this it? Is this it? (M:) Let it be known, Geoff, there is- there is a pile of shit here, Geoff.

(Geoff:) Also, somebody left my FUCKING DOOR OPEN!! (Gav:) *giggles*

(M:) Wasn't me, I flew in. (R:) Not me.

(M:) Hey Geoff, where's your armor? (R:) Geoff, there's a giant pile of stuff over here. Is this yours?

(Lil J:) No, Ryan. (Geoff:) No, that's not my stuff. That's shit that I was not using.

(R:) Uh, where- (Geoff:) I need to go to this fucking purple thing right here that says "Death" below me.

(R:) Oh, it's down there. (Geoff:) And I don't have a way to get down there, 'cos I'm a simple fucking farmer!

(M:) Geoff. (Geoff:) Yeah? (M:) Do you want to borrow my jetpack?

(Geoff:) I don't even know how to use it, but yes! I need to get my stuff, like,

(Geoff:) I don't know, the fucking CHICKEN I had on me, that I'd been cooking for- *pure Geoff rage*

*Next scene*

(Geoff:) I think you thought it was a strip club. (Michael:) Yeah, go upstairs.

(Ryan:) Let's see. Oh, what do we got here? (Michael:) I think that's where they're spreading.

(Alfredo:) The hell is that? (Ryan:) Uh... (Michael:) That's a rifle of some kind.

(Ryan:) I'll take it. (Alfredo:) That looks like a sniper rifle.

(Michael:) That sure is. (Ryan:) Ohh, I like that a lot!

(Michael:) Oh, you can hold your breath. (Ryan:) I, uh-

(Michael:) Oh, can you not go in there? (Ryan:) I can't go in there. (Michael:) Okay, you're not ready yet.

(Ryan:) Maybe if I fix the door? Nope. (Geoff:) No.

(Ryan:) Maybe if I- (Alfredo:) Well.

(Ryan:) Oh! Oh God! (Geoff:) You set yourself on fire. (Ryan:) Oh, God, I set myself on fire!

(Ryan:) I repaired the door and it caught flames. (Alfredo:) Geoff, look at the shovel.

(Ryan:) Fuck! What's happening? Why is there still fire? Why is there fire here? WHY IS EVERYTHING ON FIRE?!

(Alfredo:) Everything is- (Michael:) You-

(Ryan:) WHAT HAS HAPPENED?! (Michael:) What did you just do? (Ryan:) WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

(Alfredo:) Did we cleanse-? (Geoff:) Ryan!

(Ryan:) I'M SO SORRY!!! *Alfredo laughs*

(Michael:) HOLY SHIT, RYAN!!

(Alfredo:) Well, they ain't gonna be open for much longer. (Ryan:) Did I do that?

(Geoff:) It's a log cabin! (Michael:) Yes!!

(Michael:) It wasn't like that before you went in! (Geoff:) Of course you did it! (Alfredo:) What'd you expect was gonna happen?


(Michael:) Holy shit, I can't believe that! (Alfredo:) Go get what's her name!

(Ryan:) *pants* I'm so sorry! (Alfredo:) Oh wait, is she really dying?

(Ryan:) I'm so sorry! (Geoff:) Save her! (Alfredo:) Revive her!

(Ryan:) What did I do? (Michael:) What the fuck happened? (Alfredo:) Oh my-

(Ryan:) Was that- Was that me? (Michael:) It had to be. (Alfredo:) That was definitely you.

(Geoff:) And now she's got a gun, she's gonna shoot the bullets- (Michael:) The guy walking around

with the blowtorch in the wooden house being like "That wasn't me, that couldn't be me, right?"

(Michael:) "That wasn't me, that wasn't me." (Alfredo:) "Was that me? That wasn't-"

(Michael:) What a selective burn. (Alfredo:) What the hell is happening

(Alfredo:) on the roof? (Michael:) Look, they're trying to escape through the roof! (Geoff:) Did you set the bar-? (Ryan:) She's down again!

(Ryan:) What? (Michael:) I don't know what you did, but I'm blaming you!

(Ryan:) He's... I'm so sorry!

(Michael:) Oh *laughs* Oh no! *laughing*

(Ryan:) I- I don't know how I did that. (Alfredo:) You were invited

(Alfredo:) into this fine establishment, and Ryan sets it on- (Michael:) Because you started burning the walls?

(Ryan:) Does that really work?! (Michael:) Well, the only way to know for sure

(Ryan:) Fuck, I've gotta find out! (Michael:) is to do it again. You gotta do it again.

(Michael:) Alright, we- we're all clear. (Geoff:) We have to s- know-

(Michael:) The building isn't on fire, right? We know that. (Alfredo:) Don't stand too close. (Geoff:) Yeah.

(Michael:) Yep, that- Yeah, I feel like... (Geoff:) No- yeah- you- (Ryan:) No, no, see? It's not on fire.

(Ryan:) Someone did that! There was a bad guy! (Michael:) No, I feel like maybe you can only burn it once or something

(Ryan:) Oh no, no, no, not that.

(Ryan:) There was a red blip on the thing. (Geoff:) Maybe you cauterized it.

(Ryan:) Maybe so. (Michael:) I don't know, man.

(Ryan:) Alright, well... (Michael:) That was reeeaaalll coincidental. (Geoff:) It'd be real coincidental, yeah.

(Michael:) J- see if the building singes. (Geoff:) Set another building on fire. (Ryan:) *gasps*

(Michael:) Yeah, set another building- oh yeah, you didn't see that? (Ryan:) Look at this!! (Alfredo:) Oh shit, Optimus, is that you?

(Michael:) That's Rock, Flag, and Eagle in a truck form. (Geoff:) Yeah. (Ryan:) How do I- Sabotage it?

(Ryan:) I wanna live in it! (Michael:) No, you should. Yeah.

(Ryan:) *softly* I wanna have sex with it!

(Michael:) Yeah. (Ryan:) Jesus! (Alfredo:) Fuck the pipes.

(Geoff:) You just passed the tailpipe. (Michael:) Yeah, look how big it is, dude.

(Ryan:) No, this doesn't have tailpipes down there. They're up there, dude.

(G and A:) Ohhh! (Michael:) That's fine, look how big it is!

(Michael:) Fuck it! (Ryan:) *to Geoff* You're from Alabama, you know how semis work.

(Geoff:) I'm trying to pretend that I don't though. (Michael:) I'm having a semi right now just thinking about it. (Ryan:) There we go.

(Ryan:) Uh... (Geoff:) As you should

(Geoff:) You see an American eagle like that, if you don't pop a boner,

(Geoff:) you're not American. (Michael:) You're a communist. (Geoff:) That's right.

(Geoff:) Go back to communist Iraq. (Ryan:) Street dogs!

The Description of Geoff Gets Warped & Ryan The Fire Guy - AH Animated & Source