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A fun way to teach 'Stand'

In this video, Ill show you how you can teach your dog to stand and when to use it.

Its a fun exercise during training, but its also very useful when youre putting the harness on or when youre brushing your dog,

if your dog can stand still until youre done.

Or when putting on a functional coat, to protect against rain or cold.

What do you need? A chair

A couple of treats your dog loves: Jonne chose pieces of chicken fillet, chicken wing tips and if we need more,

some pieces of carrot.

You need to have taught your dog two important skills before you can do this exercise: the handcue and the touch.

You can put this chair down in different ways. Im going to invite my dog here at 12 o'clock (in front of me), so its not a good idea to put the chair like this because shell jump on the chair.

This also isnt a good position, because if your dog is small its hard to reward. So the chair is in this position.

Were going to teach the dog to stand behind the chair.

I throw away a treat,

I click and I reward.

Instead of a clicker, you can use another succes marker. P. 22 of luisteren is leuk, part 2 (only available in Dutch).

If the dog sits down very easily or gets up on the chair even in this position,

you can throw away some treats before your dog has had the chance to reach the chair to stand on it

or to sit down.

So now Im just throwing some treats,

en now I can start rewarding.

A big advantage of using a chair is that if your dog stands behind it comfortably, you can start increasing your distance pretty soon.

The chair is a barrier and a clear target of where to stand for the dog.

If the dog understands all that, you start to delay the rewards a little.


This takes some repetitions. If the chair is no longer needed, you can use a plank.

Ill show you how to introduce a new object to your dog first.

Add a cue when you can predict the behaviour. Note that also in this video, the verbal free is very valuable.

Put down an opening treat and invite your dog to walk over the width of the plank.

Dont start by asking your dog to walk over the length of the plank.

Put down an opening treat, invite your dog and reward him.

If that goes well, make sure you have your treats ready.

Invite the dog using your handcue, put down an opening treat and invite your dog onto the plank.

You can help your dog with the touch if needed. I use wing tips for this part, because Jonne has to chew on

them so standing is reinforced over a longer period of time. Carrot would have the same effect.

As you can see you can I can increase the distance


take it

drop it

Of course, this exercise has to be repeated as well.

I want to show you what it looks like if you do this exercise with a couple of targets.









drop it

Another variation is to practice during a walk, when your dog is paying attention to you and is near you.

You can ask the dog to stand, using the touch (nose to hand target)

Ill show you: free

stand free get it

drop it all done place

Or you can ask your dog to stand at a starting line and hell stay there until you release him.

Ill show you: free

Ok, Go

'Stand' go

Thanks for watching and have fun training! (Thats it. )

Translation by: Eveline Gieles

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