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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Inlaid Ring - Step by Step - Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, UK

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We look for the centre of the ring band.

We divide the ring into 4 parts.

We divide the band according to how big we want the squares.

We continue measuring and marking going to the edge.

In this case, I finish the pattern a little before the edge of the band.

In other cases I have made the pattern across the width of the band.

We scrape superficially to orient ourselves when we will cut the channel for inlay.

We look for the centre of each square.

Mark the centre of the squares to mount the diamonds.

To cut the channel I use a semi round carbide graver 0.3mm.

You probably will not find a 0.3mm round graver on the market.

Then you will have to make it.

The channel is 0.3mm and the 24K gold wire for inlay is also 0.3mm.

This fine wire 0.3mm also you have to do it yourself.

I finish the pattern in V but you can finish according to your preferences.

You can also make the full pattern ring.

The part of the video where I do the undercut went out of focus.

In a future video I will try to put this operation in detail.

I'm polishing

We insert the gold wire.

This operation can be done with the manual or pneumatic micro pusher.

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Drill 0.7mm.

Round bur 1.1mm

Hammering around the diamond.

Milgrain making.

Use 0.4mm beading tool to do this milgrain.

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Decorative false prongs.

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The Description of Inlaid Ring - Step by Step - Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, UK