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good morning it's the morning of our first scan the private scan and I

thought because of the title of the video and that might be the first

thing you've wondering is why a privates scan. I think it was more something I wanted Josh didn't know you could get them privately. There's a lot of things josh is learning about pregnancy

how much do you think the first private scan costs to get privately

I mean thought it was about 200 pounds. The one I've gone for is £70, some are more like £50/100

a budgeting channel but this is like a peace of mind that's kind of priceless. Especially as I happen to be pregnant at the moment in the middle of a pandemic.

I don't know in this video might go up but at the time of filming we're in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic

so yeah it makes sense but we're gonna get going to the hospital (josh meant to say clinic) we're gonna

take you along with us and we're going to do our first transition which is a little jump after

three two one and we''ll be in the car hopefully that worked so yeah we're on

way how long was the journey uh no half an hour reminder yes this channel will have

these little vlogs about our pregnancy parenting journey

but we also have a lot of budgeting tips you know a lot of financial tips include

you know how we went about buying this car me think it's fair to say I will go

into it in the video I think it's fair we probably could have afforded a nicer car

than the Hyundai i10 which is still a very nice car even when we weren't planning to have a baby when we bought the car

we we're mindful that we wanted one so we put that thought

into making sure we got a car that was priced sensibly would have sensible

monthly costs but without further a due, let's do this.

we were just trying to get the name of the clinic for you, i can't pronounce it but it's Lancaster yeah we're not gonna film

inside we're not those kind of people and yeah it's it was

kind of nice I mean definitely looks looks private and we have to drive

across a public path to ger here so yeah we'll see how it goes then we'll give you an

idea of the process how it all goes what you'll need to do we'll see you soon

we're back it was quicker than i thought. we went in there for about ten minutes before my appointment was

we went in a bit earlier and they were able to accommodate us

room nice comfy sofas warm welcome we will put in straight away into a nice

big room nice relaxing music you had a big screen. They gave you full views of everything and talked through it all

we thought we'd only get one but we got a lot of pictures. they showed us where the head and torso was, and the placenta? there's no placenta yet

little thing really help like really get nutrients from yes

the yolk sac I took notes he's all happy which is reassuring you know he kept saying

everything's healthy everything is good everything has happens how it should have developed by now

it was well worth it you know as soon as we saw it I don't know a little bit more

real yeah definitely he jumped straight into it as well, I thought we would go in

there we'll go through the procedure what's your name what you address this and have

a chat just a name date of birth and email because of this company sends you in a

report and pictures by email as well you get them electronically before you know the gel was on you wasn't it was a cold it's a little bit cold they have to

press down a bit in with a full bladder it's not the comfiest thing but it's

really how proud was you when you put the gel in they said ooh you've got a full bladder

they say an hour before to drink about a pint of clear fluid so I literally downed

a pint of water and hour before

we're looking at the lovely pictures, we got quite a lot didn't we. I'll hold the pictures up a bit more clearly , is that the head and that's the torso. the what are they called, sonographer? he was quite funny he said they wouldn't have limbs yet sort of like T rex limbs

He had a brilliant sense of humour

If you have any questions about the private scan, leave them in the comments below and check out the rest of our videos

thank you for joining us in our first scan in a private clinic, we'll see you in future videos, bye.

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