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Good Evening everyone

I just want to see how many people get on.

I apologise we unfortunately deleted the previously scheduled video, accidentally

due to a lack of knowledge of the technical side of the social media.

But here I am now and the title of this live stream tonight is

Questions and Answers

We want you talk to me tonight

and tell me how you feel about this lock down mess

Good evening Stuart, Good evening Gideon

Good evening Andre, Franswa, Linda

Very welcome here

Good to see all these people here, to see how they are coming on

and taking part.

I am not going to talk for long and I am not going to take up much of your time

Clem W I feel fantastic, You know I actually feel very well

although one is aware of the heart beat

I take my blood pressure two to three times a day

just to see that it is normal and I must say to you

for 53 my pulse is constant between 63 and 68

My blood pressure is constant at 103/68, 102/66 a little low

but it is fine I have always had a fairly low blood pressure.

But Yes, I do not want to talk about my health

tonight. We are talking about the lock down

We are talking about this

business that is busy making us slaves in our own homes

making us prisoners

We who are having to look over our shoulders all

day to see that the police do not catch you smoking.

And then Bheki Cele, with his little black hat, threatens

you that if he catches you smoking in your car he is going to arrest you.

Then they are going to search your car and then they are

going to arrest the guy, who sold you the cigarettes, as well.

I try to look very logically and rationally at these things and

You know if they want to ban cigarettes as a drug

then they must say that they are banning it as a drug.

And the fact that someone cannot enjoy a glass of red wine with

his meal on a Sunday is a crisis that we do not even talk about.

I am not here tonight to venture out against these things, I am here to

to help you a little to understand the concept

of the "Boerelegioen", the Vision and the Mission

Why we are there,

What is our task, aim and function in the community. There are many questions

sometimes from people that say but you guys are far right


put on the same character as far right organizations.

You are too militant.

It is now the time for you to

ask questions that I will answer to the best of my abilities.

If Marinda will give me a pen then I can write down some of the questions

quickly because I see they are a lot of questions and

comments coming through and I am scared I will some of them.

I think the most important part

in 2020 in this lock down state

what the "Boerelegioen" must do and what our task and function is

is purely

preparation for a time of total anarchy.

I think we have seen a fair amount, in recent times,

how that which we have been warning about for the last 5 years

has started becoming a reality

And even though we

are really trying

to, within the framework of the law,

are trying to work on the side of the South

African Police Service as a second line of defense

in terms of the combating and prevention of crime.

Where we apply our help and our manpower, our own time, our own

money to help the police to make them look good at the end of the day

when violent crime in your environment

declines and disappears.


You and I have a responsibility


then compliment the Police.

But then it looks

as if a resistance has developed

against "Boere" organizations,

were they see us more and more as

an opposition.

And that is not true.

Marinda, I think you must write the questions down for me, because

they are running very fast and I will not keep up and

I am afraid I will miss important questions,

give them to me so that I can answer them.

It is difficult to talk and to try and answer these questions.

So this is the first one I am trying to do on the YouTube channel and

Yes it probably will not be faultless but I think we

can try to answer as many of the questions as possible

I see Gideon asks "Please explain why we have to must not pack up and leave?"

Now I am going to try and answer this question for you in broad terms

if I look at our history

We "Boere" Voortrekkers that

took in this land

did not steal land anywhere

every farm

of which

the title deed is in the hands of descendents, 3rd or 4th generation

is centered around towns

and these towns have an origin.

It is usually a community of farmers that

got together on Sundays for a church service,

the pastor spoke to them,

and they then formed a social community and out of that

social community a town developed where schools were developed.

And later Court buildings, Magistrates Offices,

Municipal Offices.

And if you look at the townships

on the outskirts of the town

it is communities that came after wards.

Normally communities that

found work in the town

and that then formed a settlement there.

So that is purely what I say, you know if you take for example the East Rand

the rich history that lies in towns like Brakpan,

towns like Benoni, Springs,


I am speaking of a place like Middelburg, there are two concentration camps

where our fore fathers


where our fore father's children lie.

At one of our concentration camps there are 90 children's graves

I actually want to use the words Afrikaner

Boere, the Afrikaans communities that developed

The English communities that

worked tooth and nail with us to build these towns up, to

build the businesses up, to establish the infrastructure.

In every town there are town fathers

that came and showed us the history

drove hard, applied their skills

to bring it about

and now we want to run away.

If the Father, if the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

could help a temporary laager at Blood River, that

was strategically placed, with a handful of "Boere"

How much more is He going to help 60 000 residents in my town Middelburg

if attacks come here of what ever nature

and I am not talking about attacks from armies of other countries.

It is unthinkable

that the Defense force and the Police

will participate in

exterminating a total white community.

It could possibly happen in one town and then I can guarantee you then

the whole American defense force, the whole NATO force will be here

to stop that.

That is the worst case scenario that you could probably think of.

The worst that I foresee that can happen is that the hungry hordes

will descend on your town

and then in that aspect threaten your safety.

Amongst these hungry hordes

there may be some with firearms and weaponry

that as private militia

are going to try

to eliminate a White community.

That we have heard

That we have heard, from within the intelligence circles, that there are definitive

plans in organizations such as the

Freedom Fighters, the EFF, the red overalls

the Halloween Pumpkins

that are planning to commit such opportunistic acts

to for example to invade a suburb like Sandton

by setting the buildings on fire to divert the attention of the security

services, to then go and behind the scenes to attack vulnerable communities.

Policemen who come out of the 80s that combated riots

in the time when PW Botha announced the State of Emergency

when the worst form of attack, revolutionary attack

took place within the country, I am not talking about the Border War that was a

that was a war on its own.

But the revolutionary attack within the country, the time when they

actually exterminated each other, when Winnie Mandela with her box of matches

starting putting tires around "Impimpi's" necks and setting them alight.

In that time it was not the Security services or the

Apartheids police's doing that so many Black people died

They killed their own people !!

That is what happened there.

And as a civilized society that had been protected all

those years by a very independent and strong Police force

we are actually sitting in a very vulnerable position now


to a great extent the Police are dysfunctional

when it comes to real service delivery

We look at the mentality of the soldiers on the ground


that get high

as a result of power.

The feeling of power makes them totally insane.

And they feel, they get some kind of a kick out it when they

start jerking White people around and dragging children around.

We will have to start looking at these things very objectively

and we will have to approach these sort of things very objectively

and therefore I say it is necessary that we

get all young people, resilient young people, into street platoons and train them.

We are not succeeding in our aim yet

because you see there are too many people who pulling, this way

people who are pulling that way.

This group wants to withdraw and this group say No

we will stand our ground.

Now the "Boerelegioen" is one of the groups who

say we will stand our ground, we will rather

utilize our community, there are security firms, there are neighborhood watches

Young children that

are prepared to walk the extra mile,

get training

to be enabled to operate in teams, small teams

and when I speak of small teams, then I speak of teams

that effectively can defend their residential areas and their towns.

We saw, in the time of the riots,

how small teams of Policemen,

a section that fits into one Casspir, can control

crowds of 10 to 20 thousand violent protesters

and later drive them apart so that they decide to go home.

We have the means to do it, I believe we all have

paintball guns, we all have pellets. People laugh at me

People laugh at me when I say to them you do not need much

to control the situation.

The Police have the necessary equipment

if it comes to that then they

they must do the job in any case they are being paid for it.

They are in service of the State and you and I are the State

They are the servants of the State and if a community becomes vulnerable

and is attacked they have a responsibility.

We must hold them responsible as far as possible

and the only way we can hold them responsible is

if we operate on the right side of the law ourselves.

This concept on the right side of the law it seems to me for many people is

a very difficult concept to understand,


the law can not disappear, the law is there

it depends on your approach if you want to operate on the wrong side

of the law or if you want to operate on the right side of the law.

It is not the law of the Blacks or the law of the enemies or the law of

that. There are many laws that have been made to discriminate against us

and I believe the loving Father is going to sort them out Himself.

The 130 laws that were made to

discriminate against the White minority the loving Father will at some stage,

He will hold them responsible.

It is not for you and I to now

really concern ourselves with it except

to stay on the right side of the law

to continue existing as a civilized society.

To live peacefully and work

and to monitor the situation

and if necessary

to mobilize and to defend your area.

That is the concept on which we must prepare ourselves

that is who the "Boerelegioen" is.

Normal citizens who under the leadership of

knowledgeable military veterans, Police veterans

that are placed within residential areas, that

maintain the contact with security structures.

And that is formulated in a military rank structure

to maintain order in a time of total anarchy.

When there is really chaos in a town then the

people are going to look for the guys with the ranks

the Sergeant and the Corporal.

And those normal people going to want to get leadership and orders

and if there is a chain of command and there is command and control

it is easy to get the orders to the ground levels.

In the current situation where we now sit with

neighborhood watches and green-light patrols

it is now easy

until chaos breaks out.

This I saw on many occasions

I saw this on many occasions how people fall over each other to get to a crime scene

40, 50 bakkies trample a crime scene so that

the Police cannot follow up forensic clues or find them.

I hope that answers your question.

Stuart Walters asked "The ANC forbids us from attending

church services, what are we going to do about it?"

I think leaders must put their heads together,

Spiritual leaders, and must just make a decision.

I mean

if Checkers can be open,

Spar can be open

people go in and out there,

the protocols of the regulations are applied very stringently there.

The same can then be applied at a church,

it is not necessary that people must fill the pews, they can sit

2 seats apart so that there is a measure of social distancing.

But I see no reason why churches cannot re-open

because as far as I am concerned one of the

reasons why we are struggling to escape out of this mess

is that people cannot pray together or worship together anymore.

I think Donald Trump took up the correct

standpoint when he said it is not negotiable.

Worship is an essential service, it is part of every persons formation

their composition,

to be able to pray in groups

and to worship.

So I want us to please push this one and I actually

want the Pastors and the ministers to drive it

with the Government. Take them to court

because there is no reason

why the churches

can not open in the towns.

Melinda I want to

layout this thing very practically for you

Every town

has a command structure, there is a Major or a Commandant in every town

and under the Major or the Commandant there are Captains that are appointed over

the sectors, that are responsible for talking to the sector commanders of the Police

and to also talk to the safety structures, the neighborhood

watches, the security company's reaction forces.

So that a type of Combined Operations Center is established and then

we are busy,

in every street block,

sending out people to get people onto a Whats app group

so that a network, a communications network, is established there.

We encourage people to become part of our two way radio concept in every town,

get your self a radio, go and see the commander in your town

so that he show you the correct channels how

to obtain a radio, legally obtain a radio,

and become part of the radio network in the town.


it is the responsibility of that Platoon Commander,

to within his platoon,

divide up the duties.

In other words

the people who must prepare food,

the people who must look after the children,

the attack groups,

the defense groups,

the people with hand weapons, the people

shotguns and all those type of things.

To get those things in place so long

and when attacks come it must already be practiced in

so that you can effectively defend your area.

And when there is a defense, In other words

weapon violence that is applied to you, is averted

no one can say anything about it.

That I can promise you

The Police have a responsibility to investigate that incident

the commander takes the full responsibility for the scene

and he protects his people

that did the work.

That is how it works in any conflict situation.

Then "People can not work, must put food on the table"

I think in this time in which we stay, creativity

and innovative thinking is going to

help us a lot.

I know of people who

bought sewing machines, they make masks and sell the masks as a source of income.

Many people who obtained hand sanitizers and sell them.

I think that when the

lock-down is scaled down many of the businesses will

will get the opportunity to start working again.


then all the things can carry on again.

Beloved Land asks "What will it take to get people

to wake up and to see what is busy happening?"

My brother or Sister, I don't know if you are brother or sister

The circumstances

will make the scales fall from people's eyes

I believe it will happen

We are already starting to

realise it in terms of the sign ups at the "Boerelegioen". We

were not very active on social media especially after my short

short set back and

it happened that

circumstances within the town, the way the Police work with people, the intimidation,

the fear which developed in people

has made them start looking for a place and I see with our sign ups

that the people sign up, they get their member numbers,

they get actively involved, they phone me and they say to me "Izak

I know I have never in my life been so fed up"

Then it is normal people

like you and I

It is not right wingers, it is not

militants, it is not extremists, it is normal guys who also just want peace.

Aah !! old Willem de Lange who is the old "Broederbonder"?

Oh man !

I just want to ask the admins to remove these guys who come here, like a virus,

to make snotty comments. You know it is a pity that there must be people like this

that can not say any thing good.

He has no


about outcomes in this country and then he comes and vomits out his nonsense here.

But Yes

just take them off, dont even try and reason with them.

To give you a short answer Beloved Land

circumstances will make people wake up. I already see it happening.

I watch you "What are we going to do if the UN steps in if

the Police get out of hand and things become uncontrollable"

We do not have to do anything

The UN is a peacekeeping force

if they come, they will come to restore order.

They will not come to target certain ethnic groups.

I foresee that there might, possibly

that the Zuma faction and the Ramaphosa faction

We do not need to do anything then.

I see Malema is shouting here on the sidelines,

with his big mouth,

the Whites are now still in the way.

I do not know what White people must do if they cannot afford their workers,

so I do not know how you take people into service

and pay them if you yourself do not have a job.

and that is inherently what is busy happening.

Gideon Smit asks "How long are we still going to take

everything we are slowly being broken and oppressed?"


I want to say one thing to you

and that is that Gold is purified by heat

Silver is purified by heat.

And the hotter it now gets

the stronger the possibility is that we at the end of the day

will successfully avert the revolution.

When I speak of the revolution then I speak of the National Democratic Revolution

that is aimed at getting rid of the White

minority, to marginalize them, to oppress them

and as Thabo Mbeki said

to ensure that there is an exodus out of the traditional

White town into the locations and squatter camps.

We have to a large extent a quarter of our people already in White squatter camps.

And I see how organizations are rising up to try and save this situation.

I see how organizations are rising up and are doing everything in their ability

to give to those people the best possible treatment, food, clothes - you name it.

And the circumstances are forcing us as a

result to move towards each other as a nation.

I see in my town there are probably about 10

organizations that are handing out food

to poor White people

people who do not have any now.

And it is not because it is poverty, it is circumstances

Can anyone of our hearts stay empty

that when a child, one of our children

is hungry?

Then alarm bells go off in my head,

Then I want to murder

Then I want to rise up

and do what no other person is prepared to do.

Then the realities bring healthy thinking and

logic me back to reality at the right time.

We cannot


what God allowed

What we can do

is to reach out to them

and to see to each others interests

In reality

there are many people who do not have work.

Corne Conradie asks "Where and how do we get training?"

As soon as you have joined via the website girlfriend

I don't know if it is girlfriend or friend - its Corne, Corne Conradie

The man is Mr, Mr Conradie

As soon as you have via the website and you have received your

member number and you are placed on a group

you are automatically part of the training initiatives

that are taking place in the towns. So the Commanders

ensure that training takes place on a continual basis.

Out of these groups we identify young guys, strong guys

resilient guys that are prepared to do the advanced training.

Under normal circumstances we have a camp every two months

in the Outeniqua mountains in the Karoo

where we send the guys for

two weeks training and

then they come back as reaction force operators

and they then used as instructors

to teach our normal women, our normal men, our normal

elderly people a little home and hearth training,

self defense training,

close combat

a little bit of everything.

There is a little bit of shooting training,

they hold shooting days with paintball guns and such things.

It is actually more social interaction but in

the process relatively good training takes place.


real life scenarios for example are practiced

mock attacks are launched and methods are learned

how to defend against these types of attacks.

They are the things we must teach our people

the more feet we have on the ground that

know how to act

that know the immediate action drills when you are attacked.

It is like mathematical

theory that you must learn.

Definitions that you must know,

It is things that you must know by heart, that you must practice

It is not things that happen by them selves.

Most people, when they are attacked - Freeze

and they can do nothing.

That is what we teach the people, to take action immediately

To learn Immediate action drills

When an attack comes, the various forms of attacks, how they

come, when it happens, what happens and how you must act.

And then of course you become part of a network

and that is the most important you can learn to operate in teams.

Small teams,

Big teams, platoons, companies, battalions

but the most important is to in your residential area especially,

get training, you know

You know your residential area, you know every tree, you know every rock.

You know every person

and it is important that we take part in the project "Know your neighbor".

In the old days the neighbors visited each other, they had a braai

they knew each other, the children played together.

Now how many neighbors, people who stay next to you,

to the right, to the left, behind you, over the road

do you know?

That is the question we must ask each other

If your neighbor is English or Afrikaans,

Pink or Yellow makes no difference, I think it is important that you know him.

And that there is a network of initiatives

I mean there are angles of attack that we use to make contact with the people and

and if each one of us has received that little bit of training and information

then you can, as a leader in your residential area, make a big difference


I think we have handled quite a few questions

We have been busy for 34 minutes now and I do not think we must carry on much longer

than 45 minutes because then the video becomes too long.

"I am a veteran" Property Power

"from 6 SAI, had to hand my weapon in back then,

as a BL member where can I get a weapon again?"

My brother, go and buy yourself one at the firearm shop

and go through the processes, every firearm shop usually

has people who can help you with the competencies.

Can help you with the licensing processes


I have understood that the best process to follow

is of course is to take part in a shooting club.

Or to become involved at a shooting club so that you can

through the sport shooting regulations in the firearm

law make application for your firearm license.

I think that is the quickest way to obtain a firearm

and of course the right firearms.

That is purely for self defense.

Leon Swart asks "How are we ever going to stand together if the majority of the

"Boers" are to selfish to offer up a daily prayer

to stand together as a nation for justice?"

You see this is our whole argument


we have been trying for 3 years now to arouse a type of gradual resistance

so that the people start getting tired,

that they start becoming fed up, that they start adding their voices,

to the guys that are leading, and to offer protest.

That is who we are at the "Boerelegioen" we

walk with the "Patriote vir Minderhede"

We walk with Wessel Basson and

Marius Coertze

These are guys who are walking in front, I

mean they hung the doll up in front of Lesufi's

office so show him that - You know what you are

not going to discriminate against us White people.

Guys who are not afraid

They are not afraid to walk in front

and our aim

to make a big noise in the streets we must,

You know I have this Ram's horn,

take Ram's horns and make a big noise in the streets.

You know when the insane hordes can burn tires then we can surely blow Ram's horns

we are a little more decent than they are.

So that the world can start taking notice because the moment that

a 1000 White people

group together and gather and start

waving placards

then you know what? It becomes international news

and the world sees it

and they see what is happening in South Africa.

And the Conservative part of Europe, the Conservative part of America

the Conservative part of Australia and New Zealand

see us

and they will add their voices

to ours.

But then we must have substance in that which we are protesting about

Then we must have substance in that about which we are protesting

We must not look like a bunch of radical right wingers who just want to make war

but we must display our dissatisfaction.

And I think the messages, especially if there

are a 1000 people together, that can go out

into the world

are going to mean a lot for us,

to start changing the international opinion of the White man in South Africa.

That is what must happen.

As long as the international opinion

sees the White man in South Africa as the oppressor,

see the language that we speak as the language of the oppressor

then it feeds the

National Democratic Revolution.

It feeds the drivers of the National Democratic Revolution

and that makes them strong.

We must cut off that artery of support, that artery of

sympathy that they have been cultivating for the last 25 years.

We must cut it off

and the only way in which we are going to cut it off

is if we are decent

If we maintain our dignity

but do not keep quiet.

We must protest.


often think to myself

if my town Middelburg's

60 000 Afrikaans speaking

English speaking White residents

start coming together

and we say to the municipality

you have ruled over us for long enough now.

You are stealing our tax money,

Your infrastructure development is pathetic,

Out town has gone backward in 30 years, there is no progress.

We say go!

And we march to the municipality I think that ANC mayor

will pack his things up.

Because then the residents have spoken

Then the residents have spoken

and to

separate the traditional White residential areas, the traditional

White town from the rest is the easiest thing under the sun.

In terms of International law and that with which the ULA is now busy

with, to divide the country into a two state option, is also part of that.

It is also in accordance with International law

and in accordance with International law I think every town,

traditional historical town, has the right to do exactly the same.

But then we must have a collective body

Then we must have a collective body that can drive the process.

I hope that answers your question Leon.

Andre7910 "Why is it that what BL says and what "Suidlanders" say is so different,

it creates division and confusion?" Please explain.


I don't believe it creates confusion

You know every organization has a mission and a vision and do not think people should

concern themselves too much

with the guys who go around shouting division.

It is not to say that

the "Suidlanders" and the "Boerelegioen"

are enemies.

I have never made any organization the "Boerelegioen's" enemy,

there are some of the organizations that made us their enemies.

There are probably financial reasons for this, there are guys that

feel our,

our vision and mission are drawing their members away.

I have never

from the side of "Boerelegioen"

gone to harvest from other groups.

It has never happened.

But the "Suidlanders

speak against the "Boerelegioen", I do not talk

against them I am the first guy who will say

that in every town there must be a Joint Operational Center

where every train of thought sits around the same table,

and they must not talk about differences,

they must talk about survival.

That is what they must talk about, they must talk about crime,

they must talk about the threat

and how every sees it, how this threat

is going to be averted.

How is it going to be averted other

than if a group of people who get into a "think tank" come up with solutions.

It must very definitely be there


in the "Boerlegioen" withdrawal exists

in a real, real situation where there is no other option.

At this stage we are evaluating each area in this country and there are areas

where there are a handful of White people that are surrounded by

a lot of black townships

with millions of Blacks

that could become a threat and it is already a threat.

Then we tell those people

try and get houses for yourselves in other areas

where there is a greater concentration of White people

so that you can get amongst your own people.

But I can tell you there where there are 10 000 or more "Boere" are together

I can not think that

can ever come a situation where 10 000 "Boere" are going to be exterminated,

where they are standing at defense and where the follow the techniques

that have been used all these years by the South

African Defense Force and the South African Police.

There is now way

that the insane hordes

can organize themselves so well that they can overpower us.

I hope that answers your question.

Marissa Reitz "What do we expect within a short time?"

I want to say to you time passes so quickly,

Marissa, that I think everyday some thing new happens


I see an escalation of

let us say


amongst the law abiding citizens

there is an enormous escalation.

Within a short time

I do not think we should expect too much except that people are going to get hungry

and that the 400 million rand from the State, that the ANC Government received,

specifically to

fight this war against the Covid 19

will be used up along the way

and that we might end up in a situation where

the hungry people

will no longer be able to get food from the Government.

Then we sit in a situation where the businesses, small businesses

have already folded

and that we must try and avoid at all costs.

That is why I say it is important that there must be a collective in the town,

a collective feeling, a feeling of nationhood that develops,

a feeling of patriotism,

a feeling of nationalism,

must start originating in the towns where we reach out to our people.

If there is one thing that we will have to prevent at all costs

it is the exodus

of White people

to the locations and the settlements.

We must keep our people in their towns,

the moment that our people move out

the others will move in.

Then you sit with a situation

where our traditional, historical towns

go to ruin

and We

sit without homes

We sit without work,

We sit without an income.

So that is the thing that we must expect and we will have to

act against attacks,

the opportunists who try

use the National Democratic Revolution to sow fear amongst us,

to make us afraid of the Police.

We are not supposed to be afraid of the Police or the Defense Force.

that mentality we will have to leave

and we will have to stand as a collective, if our people are targeted,

like that women yesterday morning who went jogging in the Cape,

then a group must immediately go to the Police station, you have every right.

So we will have to learn that as a collective, as a citizens protection

movement, if things like that happen in your town make work of it immediately.

Go and see the highest ranking Police officer in your town

and make a big fuss

and say this is not the way it works, the

Police's job is not to punish the public, the

Police's work is to protect the public and to

serve them, not to punish the innocent public

That is the message that I send to Bheki Cele,

when I make these videos, it is the message

that I send to Khetla Sithole and they take note of it.

The court judgment of Judge Fabricius was very clear yesterday

That the Police will have to

set up a protocol,

a code of conduct of how they

within the framework of the law will perform their duties

A man is willing

to voluntarily

subject himself to the law,

but nobody is willing

to be forced

in a direction

that doe's not fit

with the actions of the Police against the public.

The Police are not there to shake the public around,

the Police are not there to intimidate the public,

the Police are not there to try and punish the public.

These are the things which we must address and we are addressing it,

I understand those

two Policemen, that group of Policemen have received written warnings

as far as I am concerned that should have been summarily

dismissed, that would have happened under my command,

they would have been shown the door

because of they way they treated that woman.

But we must push these things,

We must standup

Keep your camera ready

Record as much as you can

If you see they are antagonistic toward you making a video make a

voice recording in your pocket

and ensure that you gather the material.

You must try not to move alone, always move in teams of 2 or 3

and gather this video material

if there is an incident and you see it, go in groups and record it

and do not confront the Police there.

Confront the Command structure after the incident

and ensure that our people who end up in jail and are arrested

are assisted so that we can get them out of the jails and keep them out of the jails.


"How long can you keep the hordes away?.

It is better for us all to take a piece of land and defend it"

Fred, I am not going to argue with you

and I am also not going to get involved in a fight with you. Every person has his

view, the people who believe they can take a piece of land and defend it, its fine

I feel the piece of land that belongs to the "Boere" is in

the town where you live, it is the farms where farmers live.

Between the towns there are

hundreds of farms

that belong to farmers

the title deeds belong to them, the possess the property

rights, they have the property rights on their farms.

We have a historical right in our towns

and if that is the piece of land which we must

defend, then we defend it, that is one view.

Other guys say, No move your people away

to go and stay in a camp and to defend your ground there.

I have specific reasons why I am against it because my heart is

with the innocent citizens and the elderly in the old age homes

that you cannot move,

the people in the hospitals that you cannot move

the children in the orphanages that cannot move.

The people in the institutions that you cannot move.

I will never be able to do that,

to just leave my people and move away myself.

Fransie Buitendaght

"Must we send the kids to school, what is your opinion?"


I think it is time the school re-open

the same goes for the churches,

places of worship are essential services,

if a Spaza shop,

that sells illegal cigarettes,

they are allowed to be open.

Education is to me a bigger essential service than,

a filling station,

maybe in one town 2 or 3 filling stations can be open,

It is not that it is impossible

but it is not ideal,

I really want everything to be open.

If I were in Donald Trump's position I would have

sent the Senate on their way and would have said

"I take the decision and I take the responsibility it is easy".

There are 300 people who died of Covid 19,

in this country,

just over 300 there about

Lets say 400.

All indications are there

that these people

are being classified as Covid 19 cases while the real

cause of death was some thing else, underlying conditions.

So it seems if you are over a certain age

and you suffer from any underlying condition,

and you die from this underlying condition

then you are certified as a Covid 19 death.

Now I ask my self the question

"How many of these just over 300 people who have died are really Covid 19 cases?"

These are the questions we have to start asking each other,

It is the transparency we would expect from a reasonable Government

"Is Why?"

"Why do you certify people who have died from a heart attacks

You certify as Covid 19 cases?"

"Why are you not transparent towards the public?"

These are the questions which I must ask myself

"Are you now forcing us now as the Government,

Are you forcing the public

to end this lock down for you?"

That is what you are doing

because there is no


under the sun

Why an oppression of innocent citizens must take place

Thier freedoms taken away from them

Thier movements restricted to such an extent

that the suicide figure has reached new heights.

Have I asked the mandate

mandate and I see there are just over 800

people have given their mandate with a thumbs up

where we said

We will walk ahead

to end this situation in this country, this lock down

because it seems to me Dlamini


thinks she is the president of the country.

Bheki Cele thinks he is Idi Amin

In my whole life I have not seen that him address a press

conference without threatening people about their cigarettes.

What a ridiculous

low IQ

Minister he is.

to try and intimidate us in this manner.

I think we must send our children to school, they must open.

Dan Bez,

Dan Bezuidenhout

Dan Bez

"Is it our duty

to as a nation

to obey wrongful or unjust laws?"

I think I have already answered that,

the basic laws, the Criminal Procedure Law and the

Common Law no one can kill these you cannot ignore

these are moral laws, these are laws that law abiding citizens must obey in any case.

These additional laws that they made to discriminate

these are not laws we must protest against,

Now I do not say we must try and overthrow the Government because they made these laws

because we will come second.

If I had an army behind me, then we would have done it long ago,

we do not have an army,

we do not have international support behind us,

we do not

have enough

international organizations and bodies that will support us in such an action

at this point in time. I believe there are reasonable

discussions and negotiations already ongoing

to see if we can not get enough support

to get rid of this Government in a legal way.

I think there are enough legal means to get rid of them

Yes, unjust laws

What laws?

You disobey a regulation if you smoke in your car

Do you concern yourself over this?

Yes for the sake of the children I concern myself over this.

But if I was a smoker that bought my cigarettes at a Spaza

that is black market trading.

Now Bheki Cele comes and says in his press release

or his press conference

they have been battling for a long time now, since

the soccer world cup, with illegal cigarettes what the hell did he think?

What does he think?

If he bans legal cigarettes

Then it is logical that the black market is going to flourish

063 057 0996

and talk to us. Send your questions,

Chat with us,

and then on Monday night we will continue this conversation

and then we can talk a little more about the National Democratic Revolution.

I think it is very important that we all understand it,

that we all understand what the threat is

and why it is necessary to stay on the right side of the law at all costs.

The first reason is to ultimately avoid a second Harry Knoesen incident

Secondly to

become a strong force

while we act within the law,

and we can do it.

A good evening to each and everyone, thank you for the

participation, it was a great privilege to spend time with you.

We will do it again on Monday night.

Salute !

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