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Today we're putting out 13 new

crash-test ratings for small cars and

six of those small cars earned Top

Safety Pick which means they get a good

rating in all four of the tests that we do.

Small cars are much safer than they

used to be. A few years ago many of the

small cars that we tested were rated

poor in our side impact crash and few

were really good. Now none is rated poor

and many cars earn good ratings in all

four of our tough tests. Small cars which

had the best fuel economy for years and

years have not always been equipped with

the same safety features as more

expensive cars but today all 13 of the

vehicles that we're releasing results

for are equipped with front airbags, the

standard side airbags and most have

electronic stability control to help

keep you from being in a crash in the

first place. Small cars will never be as

protective as larger cars. Despite all

the improvement in safety there is an

advantage of being in a larger heavier

car. Interest in small cars and

fuel-efficient cars goes up when gas

prices go up. The good news about today's

results is there are a number of small cars

with very good gas mileage that also

have the highest level of crash

protection available today.

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