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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 애교쟁이 여자친구와 하는 모든 스킨십을 공개합니다??(댄스타임 꼭 보세요)

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Hello, I'm Hoyeon. I just came to pick up Hyeyeon.

The content to do today is to see what kind of touch we have during the day.

Let me show you our daily contact.

Baby HI

Have you been well?

What kind of video are you filming? Hello~

Like it's been a long time since I saw you.

When Hyeyeon meets me, she is held for the first 10 seconds.

If you don't give me enough kiss, I won't let you leave.

I'm the only one who does it.

Wow, look at this. Guys. Ho-yeon doesn't hold my hand like this.

This is how you hold your hands.

Look, Hyeyeon doesn't like to hold hands like this.

Don't you feel weird when you hold your hands like this?

We came to a cafe for a while before we went shopping. We sometimes sit next to each other when we come to the cafe.

Hyeyeon wants me to come over.

I don't want to be away for an hour.

But the problem is, if you sit next to me like this, you'll notice a little bit.

Hyeyeon's favorite touch is this.

I like to put a bib on my hand.

Skinship I've been fond of since the beginning of my relationship.

I'm always cold under my chin. But Ho-yeon's hands are always warm, so it's warm and comfortable.

I like the smell of smoke perfume here.

Do you want to try?

Yeah, it's kind of comfortable.

This is the first time my face is leaning somewhere.

I think I know why puppies do this all the time.

They play tricks on each other a lot

Hyeyeon's nostril doesn't have my finger in it.

I walk around with my arms folded like this

Then I'll give it to her like this.

I'm sorry. I've been wearing a mask recently because of the coronavirus.

It's like a dog or a cat's hand.

Where's Hyeyeon? I have to go down two steps to make it look similar.

Guys, there's always something I do when I'm far away.

If we do this, we'll have to run fast.

Hyeyeon has always done this in case she gets lost in a crowded place.

Hyeyeon is always looking around.

So if you do this so that you can find it anywhere, you'll come and grab your hand.

This time, it's club dance music time. Please enjoy our performance.


It's amazing how this karaoke room is filled with steam in the club mode.

I'm so tired that I can't do it anymore.

We need to get some rest.

Thank you, everyone.~ Thank you for coming in today. ~

I think I'm a little hoarse.

I'm having fun in Music Town and taking Hyeyeon home.

Baby, rub your cheeks. Cold.

Hey, baby, why don't you flirt with your cheeks?

Okay, good.

I'm always so sad to say goodbye.

It's my favorite kiss.

Bye, Hyeyeon. Bye.

I love you~

The Description of 애교쟁이 여자친구와 하는 모든 스킨십을 공개합니다??(댄스타임 꼭 보세요)