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Hello. This is Mia.

Today is the 4th Mia's Ranking Show for lip products.

This is the series where I pick my own top 5 products.

I want to introduce subtle and elegant top5 MLBB lip products.

As I mentioned in my dusty rose ranking video, MLBB is not a color name.

It's an abbreviation of My Lips But Better.

So it's the natural colors that are similar to my original lip color but slightly better.

Maybe you can do a subtle makeup using these type of colors during the New Year's holiday.

Let's reveal the ranks.

No.5 is ARITAUM's Mirror Gloss Tint in Cinnamon Beige.

#Moisture #Pigmentation #Lasting Power

I own all the shades from Mirror Gloss line.

The colors are all pretty, but they leave bit of white residue around the lips.

Others are better, but this one has that. So I recommend you to wipe off the first layer before use it.

FYI, the color might be different from what you see.

I think this might have some mixed reviews.

Anyway, No.4 is MISSHA's Signature Glam Art Rouge in Maple Coral.

#Moisture #Pigmentation #Lasting Power

Though it's has a strong coral tone to it,

It's more of a subtle coral compare to other coral lip sticks.

So I decided to include this in MLBB rank.

It's not too matt, not too creamy. The consistency is just in the middle.

This is the brightest color out of the ones that I'm showing today.

So it would look good on elders.

This could be a good holiday lip.

No.3 of the Best MLBB lip is VDL Lip Cube in Rosewood.

#Moisture #Pigmentation #Lasting Power

I got this Rosewood cause one of my subscribers recommended me.

It really is very similar to my original lip color.

It's natural yet elegant hehe.

This is the mattest out of the ones I'm showing today.

But it's not too drying. It's just right.

Why do I like VDL lipsticks so much?

No.2 is INNISFREE's Real Fit Lipstick in Latte Pink.

#Moisture #Pigmentation #Lasting Power

I feel like INNISFREE's real fit line comes up on my ranking show a lot.

That's how much I adore them.

All 10 shades worth owning.

It's glossy type, so it looks different depends on the numbers of layers you put on.

Looks like my lips, but they aren't, but they are.

What's the no.1 MLBB lipstick?

It's MISSHA's M Matte Lip Rouge in Maple Latte

#Moisture #Pigmentation #Lasting Power


MISSHA's Matt Lip Rouge line is all very pretty.

I've only just discovered them though their LINE collab edition.

I almost feel unfair that I've only just found out about them.

Salsa Red and Maple Latte are so pretty and elegant.

This is kinda season2 of the dusty rose rank but a nudy color version.

These are all very feminine and would be perfect for everyday wear.

I hope you enjoyed the video.

Which one was your favorite?

Next ranking show will be top 5 affordable crease shadows.

Mia's Ranking Show will be uploaded on every Fridays.

Mia's Ranking Show will continue~~

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