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Blue Dragon!

He took a neutron bomb blast, and he isn't even scratched!

He must have kept his human form through sheer willpower.

Just what I'd expect from the King of the Dragons.


Master Giteki. It's strange to see you here.

Stranger things are happening.

So, how is your "relationship" with King Taishinno's wife?

Don't overstep your bounds! We have no "relationship!"

Is that so?

Then His Majesty summoned you?

Yes, in regards to the Gyushu Clan.

The Blue Dragon King of the East has arrived.

The Go family of the Crystal Palace respectfully awaits.

The Yin Dynasty has ruled for 600 years.

It has now reached its limit.

A revolution?

The Chou Dynasty will replace the Yin.

But it may turn into a slaughter if the Gyushu Clan interferes.

Damn them! They'll do anything to stop the Chou Dynasty!

If Yin retains power, the Gyushu will control the Human Sphere.

To restore the balance, I'd like your clan to aid the Chou.

Your Majesty, isn't this just meddling in the Human Sphere?

Even without a revolution...

the Yin King will soon be in conflict with the Gyushu.

Do you suggest abandoning the Human Sphere to the Gyushu?

No, I...

Shiyu and his brothers are busy conquering the Yin Kingdom.

Every day, their evil spreads further!

Innocent people are being tortured and killed.

If this disturbs you, Blue Dragon King,

I ask you to gather your clan and fight!

You didn't have to stop yourself, Blue Dragon King.

As a dragon, you could have destroyed everything.

That's your right.

My right?

No, not just your right. It's your duty!

There are many people who have no respect for your power.

It's your duty to teach them a lesson.

Try to escape, Blue Dragon.

We are inside the U.S. Nuclear aircraft carrier Dynasty.

I know, human machines are just toys to someone like you.

But if you can't free yourself from a toy...

You can hardly be the real Dragon King.

What are you planning?


It doesn't matter. You can't control me.

I have enough trouble controlling myself.

Then I'll let you be. Sleep well, Blue Dragon King.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Anything on the bombing?

They think we planted the bombs.

But we're innocent! It was Hajime's double that did it!

Have the Four Sisters captured Hajime?

If so, we'll have to rescue him!

I'd like to stop by home. I need a change of clothes.

Aren't the police watching your house?

You're right.

I have an idea. I think we can use this.

Tsuzuku, I can use this.

And this.

Does it mention Nijikawa?

"It's possible that a detective aided the brothers."

We're all innocent! I wish they'd print the truth!

Which paper is that?

It's the Kokumin News.

I knew it!

Did you see that?


The Ryudo Brothers!

Yeah, it's them.

What's up?

It's the Ryudo brothers! Get in!

Ryudo brothers spotted: Northbound on Yamanote Drive!

All vehicles, pursue!

Ryudo brothers spotted: Northbound on Yamanote Drive!

All vehicles, pursue!

Maybe they're homesick.

They are just children, after all.

Amaru, I'll race you to the next intersection.

I can't catch them!

That's impossible!

The diversion worked.

Dammit! They ignored all my warnings and advice!

The Prime Minister requested my help! How can I face him now?

Don't worry. Matsuri was bound to leave home eventually.

Just think of this as an early marriage.

Who's she marrying? Hajime? Tsuzuku? Owaru? AMARU?


I planned to install Matsuri's husband as the dean of Kyowa!

Then I'd be free to go into politics!

Thanks to the Ryudo brothers, I'll never be Minister of Education!

He's hopeless.

Mother, take care of Father for me.

Did you say your goodbyes?

Let's go.

Hey you two!

Mr. Shinkai!

Don't move! Surrender peacefully, or we'll shoot!

We're surrounded.

What do we do now?

Owaru! Amaru!

It's Matsuri!

Hey, where did you get the car?


See you later!

Nice job!

Here I go!

Me too!

My calculations were perfect!

The blast effect radius was 300 yards to the inch!

This makes the weapon far more practical!

Next, I'll bring it down to 200 yards.

Eventually I'll limit it to 100 inches!

We could kill a single person, without harming anyone near him.

It's a perfect anti-personnel weapon! A humanitarian dream!

You could kill the enemy without spilling a single drop of blood!

It's perfect! I can't help loving this bomb!

I won't let anyone insult it!

The neutron bomb will save the world!

They'll rank me with Einstein! My neutron bomb is perfect!

He's certainly absorbed in his research.

On the bright side, there were no injuries.

You're too generous. There will be penalties for his failure.


You're going to let HIM dissect our prisoner?

You said Dr. Crenshaw and the medical staff could examine...

I told you there would be penalties.

You're a complicated woman.

Not at all.

Given our plan, Dr. Tamozawa is perfect for the job.

Lady L, you're part Japanese, aren't you?


Is your Japanese side pushing you to do this?

What makes you think I have a Japanese side?

If I were you, Captain, I'd watch my mouth.

They're bound to catch us.

We saw roadblocks all over the city.

Yeah, let's dump this heap.

What'll we do?

There must be someplace to hide.

Damn, they found us!

It's a construction zone!

Hold on tight!

Subway construction...

That's it!

We found the getaway car!

Nobody's inside!

The tunnels lead to the Prime Minister's mansion?

The subways are also bomb shelters.

In case of nuclear war, the politicians can hide down there.

Hidden in our subway?

Only the top officers know about it.

You never know what's going on, right under your own nose.

Maybe we'll be safe under the Prime Minister's mansion!

But how can we get to the subway? They've got barricades.

Right here. I think you can handle this.

You did it! We're inside the subway!

Tsuzuku, Matsuri, come on down!

So that's how they connect!

These vents let the heat out.

Hurry, you're slowing us down!

Watch out for the live wires.

So, the Four Sisters are finally acknowledging my genius!

To learn the secret of the Ryudos' amazing vitality...

you need a medical genius, like me!


You have scales!

Human skin could only display such a response...

if it had genetic codes for a cellular alteration.

Only dissection can answer the question for sure!

I was a Special Forces medic during World War II.

In Manchuria, I vivisected over 80 live prisoners.

I advanced medical science and aided lmperial Japan!

Wasn't it just to satisfy your sick appetite?

That's just what I'd expect from the grandson of a traitor!


Didn't you know?

Your grandfather, Tsukasa Ryudo, was arrested for acts against the Empire!

He was a traitor, wasn't he?

If you say that again, your age won't protect you.

I don't like you. You don't respect your elders.

Clearly an inferior education.

First, I'll shut you up by removing your vocal chords.

Take this!

Damn! Damn!

What's going on?

I can't make an incision!

How long will you take this, Blue Dragon King?

Is this the tunnel to the Prime Minister's mansion?

We need a special key.

I'll fix it.

Quiet! If you're too loud, they'll find us.

I know!

Oh, no! What's that?

Over there! It's the Ryudo brothers!

You didn't say it had an alarm!

They didn't tell me!

Tsuzuku, what'll we do?

Let's see what they do.

Warn the Prime Minister!

Your grandfather was picked up by the Secret Service...

because Tadayoshi Funazu had arranged it.

Your grandfather was thrown into a cold, dark cell.

So Funazu visited and brought him a blanket.

But the blanket was a trap. It was infected with Typhoid.


But your grandfather survived!

In retrospect, that was probably due to his dragon blood.

And you provided Funazu with the typhoid, didn't you?

What kind of doctor are you?

Your grandfather's illness was a blessing.

It got him transferred into the hospital.

My grandfather never fully recovered from that illness.

So what?

That look in your eyes - don't you realize the danger you're in?

Your dragon blood won't help you once you're torn apart!

This has to be done in order. I'll do your left side first.

If it hurts, you can scream as loud as you want!

Don't do this! You'll regret it!

Don't you ever shut up?

Stop it! I won't tolerate your insane games!

I don't like that look in your eyes!

Your eyes!

Now I hold your life in my hands! Abandon your pride!

Cry in fear! Beg me to be merciful!




I can't become a dragon! I must stay human!

I can't become a dragon!

Become a dragon, Blue Dragon of the East!

Cry! Scream out! Let me hear your pain!

What? That glow won't fool me!

It doesn't frighten me!

I have a true Japanese Soul! I have no fear!

Blue Dragon!

What was that?



It's a dragon!


Why didn't you knock?

Sir, there are terrorists in the mansion's bomb shelter!


What's that?


What happened?

Our ship is rising into the air!

Captain, look! There's a dragon on the Dynasty!

Blue Dragon!

You bitch! You tricked me!

You knew this would happen if I used my scalpel on him!

Of course I knew.

Dr. Tamozawa, you were with the Special Forces in Manchuria.

What about it?

When Manchuria fell, the Special Forces abandoned all civilians.

You fled to save your own worthless lives.

You were the most loathsome people in the world!

What about it?

I have a score to settle with the Special Forces.

What have you done?

That should be obvious. The Blue Dragon has manifested.

And I woke him!

Damn you! You were planning this all along!

We're weightless! Incredible! It can control gravity!

This could solve our trade problem with Japan!

We could eliminate Japan! We'd fly it away!

I love America! Stars and stripes forever!

The rain is salty. Is that really Hajime?



United States of America North American Air Defense Command (NORAD)


Call the White House!

White House

Here, Mr. President. We believe that the dragon is involved.

That's a dragon?

It's over the Sea of Okhotsk, heading north.

It should enter Russian airspace in ten minutes.


Are you sleeping, dragon?

Blue Dragon!

The Gyushu are violent and greedy. They must be stopped.

But to put us at war with them...

the real goal may be to reduce the power of both our clans.

This may be His Majesty's will, but I have reservations about it.

I hate the Gyushu!

If we fight them, I want to be in the front!

We aren't doing this just so you can fight someone you dislike.

Should we fight someone I like?


What's that, Kikei? What's that box?

It was given to me.

Really? By whom?

It was a servant of the House of Taishinno.

King Taishinno's wife?

My mother, Seiohbo, wishes to speak with you.

Mistress Seiohbo!

It has been too long. Please raise your heads.

His Majesty regrets requiring your clan to fight the Gyushu.

Yes, I understand that.

His Majesty has finally signed a pact with the Gyushu.

He sees this as an opportunity to test your clans...

until a victor emerges.

If the Gyushu lose, they must retreat to the West.

But their survivors will retain control in the West.

What's that supposed to mean?


Sure, they'll get the Human Sphere if we LOSE.

But even if we win, they still get half the world? That stinks!

Shukukei! You are overstepping your bounds!

It's uncertain that the Dragon Clan will win.

What will happen if we lose?

The Gyushu will demand that all dragons be eliminated.

Does His Majesty owe them some huge favor?


I assure you, that is not the case.

Then His Majesty is playing favorites. That's even worse.

Mistress, you guard the Heavenly Sphere.

This will be a disaster - for our clan, and for humanity!


Blue Dragon King, this is not simply today's problem.

The greatest repercussions will be felt 3000 years in the future.

3000 years?

If the Gyushu win and humanity becomes their tool...

how will mankind be changed, over the next 3000 years?

Billions of souls could be killed in the Human Sphere.


The Gyushu are planning 3000 years of uncontested rule.

Then they'll move to conquer the Heavenly Sphere, as well.

So, Blue Dragon King, will you risk your life for His Majesty?

I will do as Mistress Seiohbo requests.

The awakening of the Blue Dragon King impressed me.

Of course it did.

Now it's too late to return the Ryudos to Dragon Springs.

But they might ascend directly to the Heavenly Sphere.

Don't worry.

They can't hold their dragon forms long enough.

The Blue Dragon King may have assumed his dragon body...

but he still retains the mind of a human.

He will inform his brothers of his location.

His full powers are still a long way off...

and his brothers can barely sense him.

I'm running out of patience. Shall we assist them a little?

Good idea.

Shall we follow our usual plan, and use the Black Dragon King?

Cool! It feels like every cop in Tokyo is here!

Of course. Terrorists have taken the Prime Minister hostage.


What's wrong, Amaru?


I see you, Hajime. I see you clearly.

Hang on, Amaru!


Tsuzuku! You can see something when you grab Amaru's hand!

Where am I?

High in the sky. See, that's the ocean, below us.

Then why are there boats floating up here, too?

What happened to Hajime?

What the hell is going on here?

It's Hajime! He's trying to tell us something!

He is?

I've got my eye on you!

You should be more polite.

Elders deserve your respect!

Then why do you cut elderly health care every year?

It's just a sympathy ploy!

Lieutenant Mizuchi?

Which of the JSDF's planes has the longest range?

That would be the C-130.

A full tank will take it 4000 kilometers.

Are you planning to leave Japan?

No, we just want to follow Hajime.

He's calling for us.

Fine, fine! We'll give you a C-130, or whatever you want!

We'll charter a flight! Anything to get you out of here!

I'm sorry, but you'll have to come with us.

I will?

Naturally. You are our hostage.

Take him! Too many hostages will slow you down!

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

This is your duty! Do it for Japan!

I've heard that one before, you pathetic windbag!

This is the Prime Minister you're insulting!

Stop arguing!

We'll take both of you hostage, all right?

So what are you three going to do?

I can't go back now. How about you?

I can't go back to living as an average citizen.

We have a beautiful girl with us! This will be great!

Zurich, Switzerland

Atlantic Holding Company (Headquarters of the Four Sisters)

The fourth dragon has awakened.

Then there's nothing more we can do.

Mere humans are powerless against dragons.

We have only one hope left.

You know, I don't think Forrester is a very appropriate President.

Let's make Senator Winfield the next president.

No one's answering! What's going on in Zurich?

They've deserted us.


Why are you taking this so calmly?

Do you think they'll keep you as liaison after this?

Is your position with the Four Sisters that secure?

They've probably deserted you, too!

There's still one chance.

We can attack them before they enter Russian airspace.

We can use the laser satellite.

You want to use "Scarlett"?

Yes! I'm sure the Four Sisters would approve.

But that would reveal "Scarlett" to the world!

Where's the dragon heading?

Blue Dragon, how strange to be flying with you.

Would you indulge me in a conversation, Blue Dragon?

You see, I am part Japanese.

I've always hated that fact. Do you know why?

My grandmother lived in Manchuria during World War II.

At the end of the war, the Japanese troops fled.

They abandoned the Japanese civilians in China.

The invading Russian soldiers raped my grandmother.

That's how my mother was born.

But Japan wouldn't accept my mother's mixed blood.

Only America, the land of the free, would accept her.

Mother emigrated to the U.S. And married. Then I was born.

I hate the Japanese!

I want revenge on them for deserting my family!

And now they're trying to hoard the wealth of the entire world!

I'm going to make Japan suffer for everything!

I planned to use you dragons in my revenge.

But it no longer seems to matter.

An enormous UFO is heading this way!

Use caution!

What's that?

A flying saucer? No!

What's that?

Blue Dragon!

The Dynasty has disappeared!


Commander, I found it! It's in Earth's orbit!

A Dynasty-sized object just appeared in orbit, 300 miles up!

The Dynasty is in orbit? But it's a 90,000 ton ship!

As a guess, the Blue Dragon may control the force of gravity.


That's absurd! It's impossible!

If it's heading toward Kamchatka, it might be trying for Alaska.

Alaska? Then it could move on to attack the lower 48 states!

This is Forrester! I authorize the use of "Scarlett"!

Dragon, do you care nothing for the suffering of humanity?

Why was I born human?

The satellite is operational!

Target the Dynasty!

Wait, Dragon!

Take me with you! I can't bear to be left behind!

I want to follow you!

My eyes!

Blue Dragon! Hold me!

The laser satellite has been destroyed!

The United States is next.

The dragon is coming to attack America!

That's when we took the Prime Minister hostage,

to flee Japan.

We were on our way east, toward Hajime.

Stay right there, my dearest love

With the wind blowing onto you

Just like your hair, blowing into the wind

There is lasting faith, 'gainst an unknown fear

Everyone in this world

Is as lonely as the other

Nevertheless, we all help each other

Every one of us has someone we love

Even across the sky that you're gazing at

We are all overflowing with our hope

I will always be the friend at your side

lt'll be all right; have faith beyond today

Next episode:

Hajime is attacking America!

all right! let's transform too!

What about me?

Don't worry, I'll carry you on my back!

The brothers will finally be reunited.

But a black shadow has appeared!

It's that monster from my dreams!

That's Shiyu! After 3000 years, we can finally kill him!

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The final battle of the Ryudo brothers!

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