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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Our School Series 3 New Faces

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Meet our new Year 7.

- Sick bucket! - It's the most important school year of their life so far.

Haircut, sir?

They're all starting here together.

That level of noise is absolutely disgusting.


This has...seen better days!

You stink, sir.

CBBC have filled the entire place with cameras,

so you'll get to watch Year 7 every step of the way.

Stop waving at me!


Hello, I'm Mr Jones. I'm a maths teacher at Our School

and every time that you're here I'm going to be here, too.

Right now I'm late for a lesson.

Excuse me.

Come on in.

# Our School! #

Boom! Mic drop!



Ah, listen to that.

Peace and quiet.

It won't last.


Welcome to Firth Park Academy in Sheffield.

Every year over 1,000 pupils walk through our gates.

270 of them are making that big step up from primary,

and our new Year 7, they are summat else!

You've got Wayne.

Who gets a bit daft.

And Morgan. Not to be messed with.

Chick-a-chick-a-chick chick-a-boom!

Alojz. Loves to dance.

You're so mean!

But don't call Nimra "cute".

Then there's Abdul.


Well, what can you say about Abdul?

You're on a detention! You've lost your lunch hour.

You are not to climb on these chairs.

And don't get me started on the teachers.

I'm kind of regretting this now.

I teach them maths.

That's me, Mr Jones.

I can lean like this and not fall over.

I'm pretty awesome, me.

We've all got an amazing term ahead of us.

There'll be laughs...

..there'll be drama...

Sit down, on a chair, now.

..and some very bad jokes.

How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts?

Wi' jam in!

- Aaarggh! - You don't get it?

But I reckon we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Can we rewind a bit? Let's go back to the summer holidays,

before all this started.

Who's got the big red button? Hit it.

Right. Summertime.

Bit warmer. Like it.

Over at the school CBBC are putting in their cameras,

ready to film the biggest term of school life, so far,

when it starts in September.

But that's enough of that.


It's the summer holidays.

You want to be outside playing.

What kind of bug is that?

Oh, the bug's so happy he's going to be on TV!

270 Year 6 pupils have just finished primary school,

and now they're a summer holiday away from becoming Year 7.

There are some big changes on the way

and life won't be quite the same again.

We used to be the oldest in primary.

- Yeah. - Now we're the youngest!

That's kind of frightening for me.

I'm nervous about getting along with other people

because they might not like me, I might not like them.

There are always some daft rumours about what happens at big school.

My mum keeps on making me even more nervous

because she keeps on going,

on your birthday they're going to get eggs and flowers - and flour -

and they're going to egg you and then chuck flour all over you.

Yeah, Morgan. I can guarantee

that is not how we do things at our school.

Lots of people feel worried about big school

but I feel confident and nothing will happen.

I like the fact that it's a bigger school,

but there's the horrible feeling

that you just take one wrong turn and you get absolutely lost!

The most thing I'm excited about is

getting lost, because if I'm lost I get to miss all my lessons.

And it won't be my fault.

I'm not sure if that's quite the right attitude, Fareed.

It's going to take me a while to learn everyone's names.

So for now let's get to know just a couple of our new students.

Wah! Thank you!

First, let's meet Abdul.

This is my new school uniform for Firth Park Academy.

So you've got the tie, you've got a jumper, the shirt, and the blazer.

I think it's pretty cool.

It's comfortable and it's representative to your school, yeah.

I think, I think this is a good uniform.

Making the move to secondary school can mean a lot of mixed emotions.

One side of me feels, like, really sad,

leaving all the teachers I know, some of my friends,

but I've decided it's, like, new beginnings.

New friends, new school,

so I'm sad/happy.

Abdul's got a secret weapon.

His big sister.

My big sister's called Iman.

She's 12 years old,

she's, like, the most clever human being I've ever seen.

Have you seen her brain?

It's, like, really big.

So, um, what's it like at secondary school?

It's a lot, lot bigger. It's kind of like Hogwarts.

She's already at Firth Park.

So that might be an advantage for me because, maybe, she can help me.

When you come to school for the first time,

try not to act too like you know it all.

Food for thought, Abdul.

See you at school.

I'm mostly confident, like 75% confident.

But not everyone's feeling so confident.

Meet Olivia.

Olivia doesn't have an older sibling to give advice about big school.

There's my mum and my dad and my two sisters, I'm the oldest,

and I'm, like, kind of the peacekeeper.

So my two sisters don't have an argument.

Olivia was one of the top students at her primary school.

I just really enjoy learning.

I'm a geek.

So how are you feeling about Year 7?

I'm nervous about going to big school

because it's different - new people, new teachers.

Nobody really knows me, so it's like starting again,

because you've got to reintroduce yourself to new people.

But I'm also excited

because I think it's going to be a lot more fun.

It's the first day of term.

The day they all officially become Year 7.

I feel nervous because, like, what if you get something wrong?

They've got plenty of worries.

I'm nervous that I won't make many new friends.

But a lot of anticipation, too.

I'm just excited cos new friends, new teachers, new everything.

It's like a new beginning.

All over town, pencil cases are being filled

and blazers are being worn for the first time.

Smile, then.

Ooh, my baby boy!

Love it, mate.

Olivia's up early.

I've been up since 5:30 because, erm, when I'm nervous or excited,

I always end up getting up really early cos I can't wait!

And Abdul's doing his final prep.

I am going to be very nervous and very worried.

Straighten this out a bit!

Your tie needs to be kind of in the middle.

You have to look smart. Right, chest high.

- Smile! - Smile. - You're done!

But it's not just students getting ready.

- Good luck. - Thank you. I feel a bit nervous.

- I'm sure it'll be fine. - See you later.

See you later. Bye-bye.

We have a brand-new teacher at our school today.

Mr Shore.

Today's my first day.

It's my first teaching job, so I'm excited to see how that goes.

But there's always that bit of apprehension.

I'm a little bit scared as well.

Are the kids going to like me? Are the teachers going to like me?

Am I going to get lost?

Er... I guess it's all those...

similar things to all the Year 7s will have when they start.

Erm, we're all nervous, really, and we'll all get through it together.

And here we are - my new school.

Very exciting.

So the teachers are arriving - all we need now are the students.

- Right, we'll see you later, OK? Have a good day. - Yeah.

- Love you. - Bye. - Have fun!

No more putting it off - it's time to go to school!

- You've got your lunch? - Yeah.

- PE kit? - Mm-hmm. - Your books? - Yeah. - Yeah?

- Aah! - You'll be fine.


- Bye! - Bye, Tom!

I said, bye, Tom!

I said, bye! That's a key word!


All's I've had is a Frostie bar, I'm very hungry,

and I've been up since six.

Abdul's getting some last-minute tips from his sister.

When are you allowed to use your phone?

During, er, break and lunchtimes, but not during classes.

I'm nervous, you?

Confident. Cos I know I'll get used to the school.

What if we got lost? Didn't know where to go.

And then we were late for our lesson because we were lost.

- We'd get in trouble. - It's OK, we'll tell them why we were lost.

Right, good luck.

Right. OK.

- Hope you survive! - Huh!


Welcome to Our School...

Just don't leave a mess, all right?

I was afraid of going in, so I just took a deep breath,

just went in and it happened.

Me and Javonte's old school is like a midget compared to this school.

You're not wrong, Abdul. Our school is massive.

We've got over 1,000 pupils.

69 classrooms.

78 teachers.

Disappear, now!

1,300 lockers.

And about two-and-a-half miles of corridor.

My nerves were, like, up here

because, well, new school, new teachers,

100 different classrooms to try and get to.


Olivia's first destination is the main hall.

Good morning. Good morning.

Head of Year 7, Mr Shabir...

- Shh, boys! - here to greet our new arrivals.

Good morning, Year 7!

- ALL: - Good morning!

I'm excited to see you all in such perfect uniform.

You're looking smart.

First day of secondary school, how exciting is this?

These times, best days of your life, so you need to enjoy them.

Now, you might not know everybody here

cos you're from different primary schools.

So regardless of where you came from, which primary school,

what we will now become... a team, a year group, and a family.

Year 7 is split into ten different form groups,

who meet first thing every morning.

OK, then, 22 - new form room.

Abdul's form tutor is just as new here as he is.

My name...

Mr Shore.

I've not been a form teacher before so this is new to me as well,

so if you've got any questions and I don't know, I'll say I don't know.

That's quite scary.

I've now got 30 people that I'm completely responsible for,

so it's my challenge to get them through, to make sure they're OK.

Get to know everyone in your class,

cos these will be your classmates in the other lessons as well.

- Ah! - Ah! What do you mean, "Ah"?

This is a good group, look at this group. Yeah!

I was like, the only person I know in here is Javonte.


Well, at least you know someone,

and that someone is Abdul's best mate from primary school.

Mm-hmm. We've been best friends forever!

Ow! That actually hurt.

Best friends forever!

Ha! You missed.

OK, moving on to the interview!

- Morning. - Morning. - Morning.

Olivia's also meeting her form for the first time.

I'm sure you guys have been looking forward to these,

but guess what we have? We have our locker keys!


Form tutor Mr Shabir has a brand-new responsibility for his class.

Make sure that it says your name.

If you're not sure of your name,

just check your blazer and the tag at the back.

In primary, you just have everything on a peg.

When I first got my locker, I was like...

That makes you feel more mature,

because you've got to look after the key, it's your responsibility.

I'm just really excited to get a locker! This is a big moment for me!

Last person, turn the lights off!

Here at Our School, there's a locker for everyone...

..but you have to find it first.

Though I'm not sure all the old lockers have been cleared out.

Whoa! You might open your lockers and have a gift.

Who wants a stinky pair of shoes?!

Someone's got a spider, we've got a spider!

We've got a spider!

- Agh! - We've got a spider!



OK, guys, welcome to science. Let's go!

Find a seat anywhere.

Please don't touch any of the equipment right now.

This is ours.

Abdul's got his first science lesson - and there's a familiar face

at the front of the class.

In science -

and you'll get to see this as you go through all your different years -

- we can do lots of cool stuff, like... - Wow! - Whoa!

Mr Shore's not just a form tutor.

- VOICEOVER: - I would say I'm a science geek. I've always liked science.

You do fun practicals, have these big explosions, the colour changes,

things like that. When you put your splint into the flame...

OK? You should get a different colour.

- Whoa! - Oh, man, this is going to be the best lesson ever!

Put it on the safety flame.

So, we close it. Don't start yet, guys.


You open the hole on the Bunsen burner. Please touch

just the bottom. The top is really hot.

I'll only warn you once, OK?


That's red.


VERY pretty. But don't get too excited, boys.

- Abdul! - Careful.


I'm OK, I'm OK.

Do NOT try that at home, anyone.

I burned my hand.

It was REALLY hot.

Yeah. That's why you've always got to be careful.

Yeah. Are you sure you're OK?

There's always one that likes to have a little play with the flame.

Abdul decides he's going to be the one,

and decided he was going to try and touch the Bunsen burner,

after being told not to. Let me see.

Where was it, on the top of your hand, just there?

- Yeah, just there. - OK,

I think we should go and rinse it under the water.

I don't think he'll do it again. I think he's learnt a lesson.

We've dealt with it, he's safe.

We'll see if he's good at listening to instructions in the future.

Are you all right, Abdul, yeah?

- Yeah. - Won't do that again, will you?

- No. - OK?

Stick these on as well.

What do you think is my favourite subject?

- Art. - Art. Yeah. You got it right.

The reason I like art is that you get to express yourself.

Olivia's in her first art lesson with Mr Tipping,

who has a big assignment to announce.

Now, I've called this project an art selfie.

Any ideas what you might be doing in an art selfie?

- OK, Olivia. - You have to paint a picture of yourself.

Fantastic. You have to paint a picture of yourself.

This is your opportunity, your chance to make it about you.

Oh, look at my sexy face in my sexy mirror.

Over the next few weeks of painting,

Year 7 will have to express what they're REALLY like.

Oh! It's so hard!

Told you, told you it's hard!

So it's a good way to get to know your new classmates,

like Wayne here.

This is tight, Mr Tipping, this is tight.

- It's like torture. - Let's have a peek into the future.

Wayne's got a whole load of energy.

But at school, he won't keep a lid on it.

I'm going to ask you to leave, OK?

- You know what? - And it's going to get him in deep trouble.

- Go and stand outside. - I can never get anything right.

You CAN get everything right.

Happened in my primary - I could never get nothing right.

Will Wayne be able to turn things round in Year 7?

There's one side...


There's one side...


Back in art, and after the class's first attempt at a self-portrait,

Mr Tipping is making things a little trickier.

This time, you don't use a mirror.

- Aww! - Oh!

You have to... You have to...

Listen. You have to close your eyes.

- What?! - Oh, no!

And you only have 1 minute 30 seconds.

Oh, really?!

What? Are you serious right now? Like...

Do not open your eyes.

Resist the temptation to open your eyes.

I'm going to draw my eye.

You had to feel your face.

So, like, this is my chin.

This is my nose. This is my gob.

This is my eyeballs.

Don't forget any of your features.

Sometimes people forget to draw their nose and it looks a bit odd.

It was just so hard, but it was really funny as well,

looking at everybody else's drawings.

This looks like a deformed creature.

This is meant to be my eyebrows.

Somebody else attempting an art selfie is Nimra -

one of the smallest in Year 7.

All of my sister's friends are calling me cute and tiny,

it's so annoying.

I'm not a baby and I don't want to be called cute.

My favourite animal's a cheetah and, um...


I was born with a squeaky voice, it's not MY fault.

Maybe Nimra's self-portrait is a chance to show her classmates

- what she's REALLY like. - Have you thought about other things that

- you want to put into it yet? - Yeah.

I want people to look at it and read my personality.

Yes. Because there's more to you...

- Yeah. - ..than your size.

- Yeah. - Yeah. - High five.

Nearly halfway through their first day,

the new arrivals are realising that Our School's

not as scary as they feared.

I thought I was going to get bullied

- but I don't think it's a problem now. - What rumours did you hear?

I heard they were going to flush my head down the toilet.

- Really? - It was very scary for me.

I thought bullies were going to put a sign behind me saying, "Kick me,"

and people are going to kick me all over the place and make me a joke.

Well, we know that that won't happen because you've got teachers around

you and the teachers will, like, stick up for you, won't they?

True that. True that.

But at break time, there IS something to worry about,

when Headteacher Mr Jones is on patrol.

- You've got no tie? - No.

- Why's that? - I forgot it at home.

Go and see student reception, tell them, "I've got no tie."

I know what you're thinking. Two Mr Joneses, right?

Well, it's simple.

I'm the one that teaches maths.

Y, oh, Y, oh, Y is Y six?

And he's the one who's in charge of the whole school.

So, best behaviour, all right?

- Hi, Mr Jones. - How you doing? Where's your tie?

What? I lost it. I'll get one soon.

Well, go and get one from student reception as a spare.

Our current Year 7s have the potential to be the greatest

year group that's ever come through Firth Park Academy.

You know, the world is your oyster.

This is where dreams start and are made.

So I'm really, really positive about what they can achieve.

I hope you're polishing your own shoes, Morgan.

No? Someone has to do it -

has to line them up on a Sunday night, like I do for MY kids?

Very lucky.

Right, thank you. Good afternoon, Year 7.

Good afternoon, Miss Ahmed.

Student support leader Miss Ahmed is laying down what happens

if you break the rules around here.

If we do start getting an attendance issue,

we have special reports and it will start with your form teacher first.

They are a lot stricter here than they are in primary.

Very, very, very,

very, very strict.

- Are you all right? - What?

Are you all right?

If you miss, say, three days in a week, right?

What would I do?

But I'm not sure if it's holding Abdul's attention.

Attendance and punctuality...

When I was in Miss Ahmed's class, I was extremely tired.

Your form teacher will put you on this report...

Keep those eyes open, Abdul. This is important stuff.

It was absolutely completely boring.

What do you have to do? You'll have targets

and you'll have to get it signed.

I tried my best to stay awake but my eyes got WAY too heavy.

..your opportunities for the future,

so if you start getting into bad habits now...

He was literally like this.

If you get some crosses, it comes with a consequence.

He was literally trying to keep his eyes open, like...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Trying literally all the time.

So I might then give you a detention...

- He's awake. No? - Is that clear?

- He's awake! - Any questions on attendance?

Are we all clear? Right.

- He's asleep. - If you do come in late, OK?

Doosh. I was asleep.


Thankfully for Abdul, the day's almost over.

Oxygen helps things burn.

Back in science, I think Mr Shore's enjoying himself.

Light it.

I'm watching it, I'm watching it.

If I put it in there...


Our new teacher wanted to make a good first impression on Year 7.

I reckon it's going pretty well.

I just love their energy. I love their enthusiasm.

I just hope that they feel the same way, basically.

- What colour's that? - Black.

What happens when I drop it in oxygen?

- Oh, Mr Shore. The best teacher. - The best teacher.

- Yeah. - Yeah. - He's got a nice smile. - Yeah. He's funny.

Mr Shore is the best teacher ever.

I think what you're trying to say, Year 7,

is that Mr Shore's the SECOND-best teacher. Right? Behind me.

No? Fine.

Get your books back into your drawers

and stand behind your seats ready to go.

I don't want to go!

So, it's not just the pupils settling in here,

it's the teachers, too. Welcome to the team, Mr Shore.


Well done, Year 7.

The school day is over.

And you've all survived.

I felt so happy to finish my first day,

just to be able to go home and tell my mum everything that's happened,

and how exciting new schools are,

and how good secondary school is.

I think it's gone pretty well because I've made a lot of friends

and I've got used to the school,

and it's been very exciting.

If there's younger kids that are not in secondary school watching this,

there is seriously nothing to be worried about

moving up to secondary school.

So, how was your day?

It was great!

- Right. - I made a lot of friends, I got to know a lot of teachers.

- Just like I said? - Yeah. I did get a little bit lost,

but I managed to get to all the lessons on time.

See if you can survive tomorrow.

Which hopefully I will.

As soon as I got out of school, I was like, "Yes, I did it!

"I survived my first day at school."

Yeah, that was just amazing.

Well done. I'm glad you've got through it.

If I were you, I'd get some rest, Olivia.

Day one is done, but you've got

a whole term to look forward to at Our School.

Oh, yes, look at that.

Our students get a chance to express themselves.

You've painted yourself

with an abnormally sized pen.

I'm one of the math teachers here at Firth Park Academy.

My name's Mr Jones. And I've just walked into a wall.

My favourite part of the school maybe was the woodwork

or maybe even the cafeteria, because have you tried the pizzas here?

They are off the hook. You know, you should.

You should go, get in line, order a pizza and then eat it.

It'll be like Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012,

when he tried his first pizza and then his brain explodes.

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