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- This week, we uncover some of the unknown of Star Wars.

- Plus, BB-8 gets even cuter.

I know.

It's crazy.


- This is "The Star Wars Show."

From the Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco,

here's your hosts, Andi and Anthony.

- Hello, and welcome to "The Star Wars Show,"

the only Star Wars show on the internet

celebrating its 150th episode.

You know what that means, Gutz.

- Please, not another song.

- Hit the music.

- No, we are not doing a song this time.

- Come on.

We've got to give the viewers what they want,

what they really, really want.

- No.

And not with the '90s references either.

Let's go to the news.

- Zigazig ah.

Do you love Jedi and secrets?

Well, we have the book for you.

"The Secrets of the Jedi" is a new book

that takes a closer look at the Jedi Order

and how it changed over the eras as told by none other

than Jedi master Luke Skywalker.

I guess he's real.

- Written by Marc Sumerak, the book is filled with history

of the noble order of peacekeepers,

secrets of the Force, the art of mastering the lightsaber,

as well as in-depth information about our favorite Jedi,

including Ahsokatano, Anakin Skywalker, Plo Koon, and more.

- What about Kit Fisto?

- Yes, Kyle.

They have Kit Fisto, too.



- You can pick up "The Secrets of the Jedi"

starting November 19, 2019.

But to find out more information now, you

can head to

- Star Wars Kids, the official Star Wars channel

for the younglings in the house, has

debuted a slew of brand new series that

are fun for the whole family.

- One series, called "Let's Draw Star Wars,"

is hosted by Lucasfilm artists and will teach you how

to, you know, draw Star Wars.

- Naturally.

These art troopers are joined by droid R3-A-3, who

draws along but usually ends up with a silly version

of what the artist drew.

- If you aren't interested in drawing Star Wars

but instead want to make Star Wars,

there's also a show for you, and it is

called "Let's Make Star Wars."

It's hosted by Sean, Marissa, and helper droid R3-A3,

and they'll walk you through easy and fun step-by-step

instructions that show you how to make

exciting Star Wars crafts.

- Both shows can be found on on Mondays.

- Plus, an adorable new series starring BB-8 is coming to Star

Wars Kids called "Star Wars Roll Out,"

animated by Hideo Atoyinagi.

The lighthearted, bite-sized shorts follow Rey, BB-8, Finn,

and others on their adventures.

- Each episode has a mix of humor, scares,

action, and surprising oddness.

Let's take a look.








- You can catch "Star Wars Roll Out"

starting Friday, August 9th on


- Our friends at ILMxLAB will be bringing "Vader Immortal"

to D23 Expo with a panel that will

give attendees a first look at episode two of the VR series.

- Panel guests Director Ben Snow,

Senior Experience Designer Jose Perez III,

and Lucasfilm Story Group Member Matt Martin--

never heard of them-- will take the stage on Friday,

August 23rd at 2:00 PM to deliver

all that Vader goodness.

- You know, speaking of ILMxLAB, they recently

had an interesting visitor who looked very

similar to a character from their newest

VR titled "Vader Immortal."

Let's see who it was.


- My name's Jai, and I made Admiral Karius out of "Vader

Immortal" episode one.

And I've come here to Lucasfilm and ILMxLAB

to have a tour around and to show off my costume

to everyone who worked on "Vader Immortal" episode one.

I saw the trailer for "Vader Immortal," and I was like,

I need to make this costume a reality.

I posted my progress on my Instagram,

and then a couple of weeks later, I

got a message from the ILMxLAB's Facebook page

saying that they've been watching my progress

and wanted to see me at Lucasfilm.

I had a tour around Lucasfilm, and I loved every single thing.

Seeing the costumes and where stuff's made and produced

has been a dream of mine, as well.

It's been amazing.

I don't have a Rift or Quest at home,

and this was my first time experiencing "Vader Immortal."

And seeing Admiral Karius up close in the experience

was amazing.

He's a lot taller than I thought.

Well, I'm quite short, anyway, so the height

is definitely there.

You feel his presence as an admiral in the Imperial Navy.

So, it's a lot more intimidating than you

actually think once you're watching it on a screen.

And once you're in the experience,

it's a lot more intense.

I couldn't believe that any of this

would be possible just by making a costume from Vader models.

And getting to actually experience

it myself for the first time, it's

been an amazing opportunity.


- Electrical wires hooked up to a queen's dress.

A Cola can on Naboo.

The words New York on a light saber.

While these real world objects may seem out of place

in a galaxy far, far away, they're there in the background

making unannounced cameos.

Believe it.

Join me these next few minutes as we

explore the unexplained, the uncredited,

and the Star Wars unknown.


The Star Wars saga has been filled

with cameos for generations.

Some are more well-known than others.

Some go unnoticed.

And a few are hidden in plain sight.

Dating back to 1977, the original trilogy

featured the likes of Boba Fett designer

slash director of the horse classic "Hidalgo"

Joe Johnston, who played an imperial technician.

A similar role was later reprised

by the director of "The Last July," Rian Johnson.

- Wasn't he also the writer of the short film "Evil

Demon Golfball From Hell!!!"?

- That's right.

But those weren't the only famous filmmaker

cameos in Star Wars.

Sofia Coppola found time between directing "The Virgin Suicides"

to appear as one of Padmé Amidala's handmaidens.

Edgar Wright, the director of such films as "Shaun

of the Dead," played the role of a resistance fighter

in "The Last Jedi."

However, directing wasn't always enough for some filmmakers.

Some even made cameos in their own films.

- I created this great world, but I

didn't have the fun of being able to run around in it.

Now that I knew the world and I could see it,

it brings up all kinds of ideas of things.

- And running around that world he did.

George Lucas and his family all made appearances

throughout the Star Wars prequels.

- It's pronounced prequels.

- They grow up so fast.

Whereas "Return of the Jedi" director

Richard Marquand played Major Newland

and provided the voice of EV-9D9.

"Rogue One" director Gareth Edwards appeared in his film

along with "The last Jedi."

Another blink and you'll miss it cameo in "Rogue One"

was our very own Chopper.

Here's what he had to say about his time on set.



That sounds like a great time.

And you know who else had a great time on set?

Photoshop co-creator and 10 time Lucasfilm Company picnic egg

toss winner John Knoll, who showed up multiple times

in different roles.

However, there are other cameos that are hidden in plain sight,

like when the Jar Jar and C-3PO actors were allowed out

of their restrictive costumes and into something

more casual when they showed up in "Attack of the Clones"

and again, in the case of Anthony Daniels, in "Solo"

or when Mark Hamill's children showed up in "The Last Jedi."

One great Star Wars unknown that remains unsolved to this day

is whether Daniel Craig was smiling

inside his stormtrooper helmet, but some mysteries

are best left unsolved.

Until next time.


- You're-- - --watching--

- --"The-- - --Star--

- --Wars-- - --Show."

- Who knew that Star Wars was filled with so many mysteries?

I love how many times John Knoll popped

up throughout the movies.

- Yeah.

- Also, 10 time Lucasfilm picnic egg toss winner?

- Yeah. - That is a man of many talents.

- Seriously.

My favorite, of course, has to be

when Chopper made his big appearance in "Rogue One."

- Sure.

Yes, that was very good, even though it totally

went to his head and he does not return my phone calls anymore.

But I am not bitter.

- OK.

Well, we want to know what your favorite Star

Wars Easter eggs are.

Let us know using the hashtag #swsunknown

and we'll feature our favorites here next week.

- And, as always, remember to like the video,

subscribe to the channel, follow us on Twitter,

Facebook, and Instagram.

And for every mystery, there is someone

somewhere who knows the truth.

Perhaps that someone is watching.

Perhaps it's you.

- Thanks for watching, and may the Force be with you.

- Seriously.

He sits at a different table now in the cafeteria.

- Chopper or John Knoll?

- Both.



- Until next time, good night.





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