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- Previously on "God Friended Me..."

- The Friend Suggestions,

I found a connection between all of them.

- We figure out who's behind this,

and then I tell them to replace me,

and we can be together.

- If it doesn't work out, my heart would be broken twice.

- We know you hacked New York Sun.

- I make most of my money playing online poker.

I was hired by New York Sun to infiltrate their system.

- Who hired you?

- Guy by the name of Alphonse Jeffries.

- I did some more digging into Alphonse,

and turns out he's a veteran of the US Army.

- That's my dad's battalion.

- Alphonse is coming to the wedding.

- Ali, are you okay?

- No.

[soft pop music]

- ♪ Mirror

- For the past year and a half,

I have been searching for who's behind the God Account.

This weekend, I might come a step closer

to getting some answers, and if I do,

I can finally walk a new path with the woman I love.

- ♪ Night sky ♪ - ♪ Night sky

[music cuts out]

- Yeah, spoke with my attorney this morning.

He's sending over the papers this afternoon.

All you need to do is sign them,

and, um, the divorce will be official.

Yeah, we'll tell 'em after this weekend.

Okay, see you soon.

[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[cell phone chimes]

♪ ♪

- Thanks for cutting your run short.

- Yeah, no problem. What's going on?

- Um, can we sit?

- Yeah.

- A few days ago, I...

I felt a lump in my breast.

So, uh...I went to the doctor, and she ordered a biopsy,

and I should get the test results back

in the next day or two.

Yeah, I know it's a lot.

I wasn't sure if I should tell you or not.

- Of course you should have.

Hey, hey, hey, listen to me.

No matter what the doctors say...

We're gonna get through this,

and I am going to be with you

every step of the way.

- That's exactly what I needed to hear right now.

Will you come with me when I get my test results back?

- Absolutely.

[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- How's she doing?

- I think she's still processing it all,

but she seems good.

- And you? - I'm scared.

Ali was too young to remember

what our mom went through, but I do.

- Has she told your dad yet?

- No, no, she's going to wait until after the wedding.

- That makes sense.

- Speaking of which, Alphonse Jeffries

is coming to the wedding.

- So do you really think that he could be

the person behind all of this?

- Well, I mean, the guy owns the insurance company

that all of my Friend Suggestions are coming from,

not to mention my dad saved his life in Vietnam.

- Yeah, but even so,

he's not just gonna come out and admit it.

- Which is why I have Rakesh digging into him,

seeing if there's anything that proves he's behind it

because when I confront him, he'll have no choice

but to come clean.

[punchy music]

- I am so excited that the two of you

finally get to meet my daughter Julia tonight.

- I still can't believe we haven't met.

- I know--she and her husband live in Westchester,

but you would think it's the other side of the world

for as often as they get into the city.

- Trust me, you're going to love her.

- Hm.

- Hey, what are you guys doing here?

The party doesn't start for another hour.

- We're fashionably early.


- And we wanted to congratulate the new couple

before everyone gets here.

- Thank you. Well, we need to finish up.

- Mm. - Yeah.

[cell phone buzzing]

- Oh, excuse me a moment.

- Mm-hmm.

So, Rakesh, you find anything out on Alphonse?

- Plenty, but nothing that would indicate

he's behind all this, especially since

I couldn't find the link between him and the tech world,

which there should be, you know,

considering the complexity of the God Account code.

- Well, we have two days before he arrives for the wedding.

We just need something by then.

- So that was Alphonse.

He decided to come into town early,

and he's gonna stop by tonight.

So, Miles, I know that you think he could be

behind the God Account.

Do me a favor. - Mm-hmm.

- Tread lightly.

[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Alphonse is gonna be here in an hour?

Well, what do we do now?

We don't have any proof or anything.

- No, but if he's arriving into town tonight,

then I might as well talk to him

and see what I can find out.

[indistinct chatter]

- Your dad and Trish look so happy.

- They do.

- Dude, Alphonse is here.

I can't believe we could be staring

at the man behind the curtain.

- What are you gonna say to him?

I mean, if he is behind the God Account,

he's not gonna just come out and tell you.

- Maybe take a page from your playbook--

talk first and figure it out second.

- [laughs] You're not ready.


- Miles, this is my daughter Julia.

- Oh, hey! - Hi.

- It's a pleasure to finally meet you.

I've heard so much about you. - I know, me too.

I can't believe it took their wedding

to finally bring us together.

- Uh, these are my friends Joy, Cara, and Rakesh.

- Hi.

- There he is.

- Miles, I want you to meet my husband Sam.

- Hey, it's nice to meet you.

- Yeah, y-you too.

- I'm gonna grab a drink. Can I get you something?

- Uh, you know what? I'll come with you.

I'll catch up with you guys later.

- Sam and Julia have been best friends since they were kids.

It's like they were meant for each other.

Oh, excuse me.

- You've gotta be kidding me.

- What? - I was on a run this morning

when I overheard this guy talking on his cell.

It was Sam, but I didn't know it at the time.

He was talking to Julia about signing the divorce papers.

- Wait a sec-- they're getting divorced?

[Julia giggling]

- Do they know that?

- Well, clearly they're trying to hide it from everyone.

- They probably don't wanna ruin the wedding.

What are you gonna do?

- Nothing, I mean, what can I do?

- Oh, hey, Miles. - Hm.

- Alphonse is alone.

Here's your chance to go talk to him.

[phone chimes]

- Wait, I--

I just got a new Friend Suggestion.

- Hold up, did he just send you a Friend Suggestion

from 15 feet away? Man, that is bold.

- Or he was just texting someone.

Rakesh: No, I don't think so.

Like, a Friend Suggestion is the perfect way

to keep Miles occupied while he's in town.

- I think you're right.

My new friend suggestion is Trish's daughter.

- Trish and I would like to thank all of you for coming.

I'm looking around the room at so many of you

who are willing to drop everything to be here.

I can't think of two people who are more blessed

than we are, but we had to go through a lot to get here.

And in the words of Miss Etta James...

"At Last."



Cheers. - Whoo!

Look at him.

He's toying with us, guys.

You know, we need to get his phone.

- Hmm? - "Get his phone"?

- Yeah, yeah.

If he sent Miles a Friend Suggestion,

it's probably still on his browser history.

- Rakesh, stealing his phone

at Trish and Arthur's cocktail party

is the very definition of not treading lightly.

- Look, she's right, and I should probably

go talk to Julia--I mean, she is my Friend Suggestion,

not to mention Trish's daughter.

I just need to figure out what it is I need to do to help her.

- Yeah, go right ahead.

Play right into his hand. Do it.

- Just sit tight.

Keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't leave.

I'll talk to him afterwards.

- I'm gonna go say hi to Ali. I'll be right back.

[light music]


- Why do I get a feeling that we're not

just gonna sit tight and keep an eye on him?

- Because we're not?

- I had a feeling you'd say that.

- Hey, you guys having a good time?

- Oh, absolutely, man. To your dad and Trish.

- Ah. - [laughs]

- Hey, I know you've got a ton of work to do,

so it's totally cool if you wanna head home.

- You sure? - Yeah.

- I'll see you tomorrow at the rehearsal.

- Sounds good. - Yeah.

- [chuckles]

- So, Miles, how's the podcast?

- Good. Have you listened to it?

- Sorry, no, I haven't. [chuckles]

But I've been meaning to check it out.

It must be great helping all those people though.

- It is.

That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about.

- What do you mean?

- You are my new Friend Suggestion.

- Mr. Jeffries?

Hi, I'm Joy. This is Rakesh.

- I know exactly who you are, Joy, Rakesh, both of you.

I'm a huge fan of Miles' podcast.

- You are? That's...that's interesting.

- I love the idea of Miles out there helping people,

getting people back on track where they're supposed to be.

- Wow. - Mm-hmm.

- Well that's a lot to take in. - Yeah.

- How do people usually react? - Kind of how you are now.

- Okay. - [laughs]

- Joy, how's Chicago?

Must feel good to be back in the PD's office.

- It does.

In fact, I'm here in town on a case.

It involves your insurance company, actually.

Someone was trying to defraud New York Sun.

- I'm aware.

Luckily, we were able to prevent that from happening.

But if there's anything you need, just say the word.

- Actually, I would love to sit down and talk.

I have a few questions about your servers and security.

Oh, Rakesh is a bit of an expert.

Maybe he could join us?

5- I think we can arrange something.

- I'm never usually this direct, but...

I know what's going on between you and Sam.

That you're getting a divorce.

- How could you know that?

- I was on a run earlier today, and I overheard Sam

on the phone talking about the divorce.

- Okay, let me get this straight.

You just happened to be in the same exact place as Sam

and overheard our conversation?

- Let's just say the God Account

has a way of putting me where I need to be.

- Okay, listen, Miles, we haven't told anyone.

- I get it, and I promise I won't say anything.

- Thank you.

- Your mom mentioned that you two

have been friends since you were kids.

What happened?

- Everyone always told us how we'd end up together.

Turns out, they were right, and, uh...

at first it really worked.

- What changed?

- Sam and I wanted to have kids.

When we started trying, I found out that it probably

wasn't in the cards,

and so we threw everything that we had into IVF.

And when that didn't happen,

it just ripped us apart, and we never recovered.

- I'm so sorry.

And you are sure there's no chance

of working things out between you?

- I wish there was, but there isn't.

It's over.

- I'll tell you what, how's lunch tomorrow sound?

I'll have my office set it up.

- Um...

Hi, Mr. Jeffries, I'm Miles.

It's a pleasure to finally meet you.

My father's told me so much about you.

- Please, call me Al, and we've met before, Miles.

Though the last time I saw you, you were just a little kid

running down the pews at Harlem Episcopal,

and now look at you... out there saving the world.

- Al's a big fan of your podcast.

- Is that right?

- I've been listening since before

you began getting Friend Suggestions.

The podcast really took off after that, didn't it?

- Yeah, yeah it did.

- I was especially happy to hear

when you helped Henry and Simon.

- Wait, wait, hold on.

You know Henry Chase and Simon Hayes?

- Insurance is just my day job.

My true passion is technology.

I've been a silent investor in countless startups

including Henry and Simon's first company.

- Small world.

- And I'd always hoped Simon and Henry would reconcile,

though I knew it would take something extraordinary

to make that happen.

Anyway, it's getting late, but it was nice meeting you.

I'm sure we'll talk again soon, Miles,

and I'll see you two for lunch tomorrow.

- Mm-hmm. - Great.

- Wait.


- Yeah, talk first, figure it out second, remember?

- Hey, so how'd it go with Alphonse?

- Goes by Al, actually.

- Okay, do we think Al is behind the God Account?

- It definitely feels like he could be.

We just need to prove it.

- That was Al's office.

We are set to have lunch at noon.

- All right, you sure you can pull this off?

- We're gonna clone Al's cell phone,

see if he actually sent Miles that Friend Suggestion.

- Yeah, that should be simple.

- Um, actually, it will be. Trust me.

We're gonna get our smoking gun.

- Mm. - Hey, so...

any thoughts on how you're gonna help Julia?

- I think I'm supposed to save her marriage.

She seemed open to it.

- That's great, but they're getting a divorce.

I'm guessing Sam isn't.

- I need to talk to Sam and see if there's a way

to bring them back together. - By the way,

I was able to confirm that Julia

is, in fact, a client of New York Sun,

just in case anyone was wondering.

[typing] Huh.

- What's wrong?

- According to her records at New York Sun,

there was a claim filed last week

for a visit to the OBGYN,

and one of the charges is for an ultrasound.

[dramatic music]

What if she's pregnant?

- Wait, I think--I think you're right.

Last night at the party, Sam got her a glass of champagne,

but she didn't drink it.

- Wait, that means Sam doesn't know.

- Wait, this doesn't make any sense.

Julia told me not being able to get pregnant

is what tore her and Sam apart.

- Then why is Julia hiding it from him?

- That's what we're gonna find out.

- Thank you for coming with me to talk to Julia.

I know how you feel about the God Account

and not wanting to work Friend Suggestions.

- Yeah, you know, I've been thinking

a lot about that, actually, and my issue

is with the God Account, not with the people that we help.

And if we're gonna figure out

who's behind all of this together,

chances are Friend Suggestions

are gonna be the key to doing that.

- I'm glad to hear that.

- I just have to remind myself

that it doesn't mean we're back together

and that it seems like the God Account

is telling us that's how it wants it to be.

- What do you mean?

- Miles, it basically sent you a version of us--

two best friends who fell in love

and might lose each other.

- Yeah, but that won't be us,

and it won't be them either.

We're gonna help them, Cara.

- Your dad already left for the church,

and my mom's just upstairs getting dressed.

- Actually, we came to talk to you.

- Huh, let me guess, this is about me

being your Friend Suggestion.

- We just wanna talk.

- Uh, yeah, I appreciate you guys wanting to help,

but can't we talk about this after the wedding?

- I'm not sure that's fair to Sam.

- What do you mean?

- Look, we--we didn't mean to pry, really.

But we know what you're keeping from him.

- Well, I don't know what you're talking about.

- Yes, you do.

- What--this isn't possible.

I haven't told anyone that I'm pregnant.

How did you find out?

- Julia?

You're pregnant?

[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Yes.


- I can't believe it.

After everything you and Sam have been through,

you're gonna be parents.

He must be thrilled!

- Um, well, I haven't told him yet.

- What? Why not?

- Well, you know how Sam and I have been going through

a hard time these past few months.

We're getting a divorce.

- Sweetheart... [sighs]

I am so sorry.

But maybe this is a sign, a way for the two of you

to find your way back to each other.

- No, it's not.

- How come?

- Well, after...

after two years of going through IVF,

we only ended up with three viable embryos.

After the first two didn't take,

it was just--it was too much on either of us.

That's when we separated.

When you start IVF, you sign a clause

stating that if you ever get divorced,

that any remaining embryos would be destroyed.

And so I made a choice.

- And you had it implanted.

- Yes.

- And you didn't tell Sam.

- Julia--

- I know.

I know I shouldn't have done it,

but I didn't think it would work.

And by some miracle, it did,

and this should be the happiest time of my life,

but all I feel is so much guilt over what I did.

- I know Sam,

and when he finds out he is gonna be a father,

he is gonna be so excited.

This is something the two of you

have always wanted.

- And this could bring you back together.

- Yeah, maybe you're right.

I need to tell Sam... [sighs]

but after your wedding, okay?

I just want this weekend to be about you and Arthur.

- Al's gonna be here any minute.

You ready? - Oh, I finished

setting up the cloning program like ten minutes ago.

I've just been playing "Fortnite."

- Very funny.

So we haven't talked about Jaya since I've been back in town.

How you holding up?

- I'm trying to stay positive, you know?

Especially since I'm close to beta testing

my soul mate app. - A soul mate app, really?

- I know how it sounds, but it's the only way

I can prove to Jaya that we're meant to be together, you know?

[phone chimes]

- Oh, it's Alphonse's assistant.

He said something came up, and he needs to cancel.

- Great, so he brought us all the way

down here just to ditch us.

- Then why agree to meet for lunch?

- Oh, actually I think I know.

- What are you talking about?

- Well, if Al's really behind the God Account,

I think he brought us here to see that.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Looks like Julia isn't the only one keeping a secret.

- Reverend Carver. - Bishop Finer.

- Thank you so much for doing this.

I mean, I can't imagine getting married anywhere but here.

- Harlem Episcopal is your home, Arthur.

I just have a few things to finish up in the rectory,

and when everyone gets here, we can start.

[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- When you were a little girl,

you would sit in that exact spot

when you came to pray.

- Old habits, I guess. - Mm-hmm.


Whatever it is you are praying for,

know that God is listening.


And so am I.

If... you wanna talk about it.

- Hey, sorry we're late.

- Well, you know... [ahem]

you can't have a rehearsal

without the bride. - Huh.

[cell phone buzzing]

- So I would say you were right on time.


- Hey, give me one quick second.


Hey, Rakesh, were you able to get anything from Al?

- Uh, no, he never showed up, but Sam did.

- Sam, wait, what are you talking about?

- He was here with another woman.

- Yeah, and by the looks of things,

I'd say he's definitely not looking to get back together.

- Okay, uh, thanks Rakesh.

- Something wrong?

- Um, actually, yeah.

I was just on the phone with my friend Rakesh, and...

- And?

- He saw Sam with another woman.

- Sorry I'm late.

Is everything okay?

- No, it's not.

How long you been seeing her?

- Julia--

- You know what? Actually, it doesn't matter.

I can't believe I was ever naive enough

to think we could get back together.

- Get back together?

You were the one who pushed me away.

- Me? How did I push you away?

- You were so consumed with getting pregnant,

you forgot about us.

Truth is, we were broken

long before that, and you know it.

There's nothing left between us.

- Actually, there is one thing.

I'm pregnant.

- Wait, how is that possible? We haven't--

- Okay, Sam, let me explain.

- I don't believe it. How could you do that?

- I'm sorry, Sam. - Are you?

I knew you wanted a child more than anything...

But I never thought that you would go this far.

[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry! - Julia.

- Thanks for meeting with me. - No problem.

I was in the mood for a drink anyway.

- The, um, woman

you were with-- is it serious?

- It doesn't matter.

I told her today that I was moving

to San Francisco. - Wait, you're moving?

- I got a job at a tech startup in Silicon Valley.

It's what I've always wanted to do,

and since Julia and I decided to get divorced,

I went for it.

But I had to turn it down because of the baby.

- Look, Sam, I, um... I can't imagine

how you're feeling right now,

but you're going to be a father.

That has to count for something.

- That counts for everything.

You know, when Julia and I were going through IVF,

I dreamt of the moment I'd hear I was gonna be a father.

I just never pictured it going like that.

- Yeah, I get that, but I have to believe

that if two people are in love, they can work things out.

- No.

After what she did, there's no going back.

Our marriage is over, but, uh...

The worst part about it is our friendship is too.

[soft dramatic music]

- Miles. - Hey, Dad.

Is Julia around?

- No, she just stepped out to clear her head.

- Do you know where she went? I need to talk to her.

- What's going on, son?

- I should have told you guys this sooner,

but, um... Julia is my Friend Suggestion.

- That's why you and Cara were here earlier today.

- Yes.

I thought I was supposed to save her marriage,

but I just spoke with Sam, and he seems pretty adamant

that there isn't a way forward for them.

♪ ♪

- This picture was taken the first day they met.

They were ten.

They were pretty much inseparable after that.

Just made so much sense when they became a couple.

- Hm.

- Is this Marcus Garvey Park?

- Yes, that's where they first met.


- I saw Sam there yesterday.

I was running in the park, but my AirPods died,

and now I think I know why.

- You're saying the God Account wanted you to see Sam there.

- Yeah, can you call Julia and have her meet me there?

- Of course, but I'm coming with you.

- Okay.

- Thanks for coming to meet us, sweetheart.

- Yeah, of course, but why are we here?

- Your mom showed me the picture of you and Sam

on this bench the day you met.

- You know, I still remember that moment.

I was sitting all by myself, and he walked

all the way across the park just to talk to me.

You and Dad had just gotten a divorce...

And he made me feel like I wasn't alone.

I wanted our friendship to become

this great love story.

We both did.

So much so that neither of us wanted to admit when it wasn't.

And Sam was right.

My answer to fix things was to have a baby.

And now they're gonna grow up with two parents

that don't even speak to each other.

- Maybe not.

Sam was here yesterday.

This is where he wanted to talk to you about the divorce.

He still remembers where you two started.

There's still a chance to fix this.

- How?

- Sam was going to move to San Francisco.

He got a job in Silicon Valley.

- [laughs] That's what he's always wanted.

- Yeah,

but he turned it down.

- To be here for the baby.

- Your child is going to have two parents who love them.

Look, it doesn't matter if you're not married.

You can still save the thing that is most important.

Your friendship.

- You're right.

And I think I know how to do that.

[soft music]

♪ ♪

- Hey. - Hey.

- Did they say anything?

- No, just that my results are in.

I'm glad you're here.

- Thank you for coming in, Ali. - Of course.

- I'm sorry. The biopsy came back positive.

You have a ductal carcinoma in your left breast.

- What does that mean?

- It means we have a lot of options to discuss

moving forward, and we need to move fast.

- Dr. Chang, could you give us a minute?

- Take all the time you need.

- Hey, hey.

[John Milham's "Arden's Garden" plays]

- ♪ Brand new to this world

♪ ♪

- Hey.

- ♪ A beauty shines so bright

- Thanks for letting me crash at your place last night.

- Of course, anytime.

- Ya clean up well.


- How are you doing?

- I'm okay.

I mean, obviously I'm scared,

and there will be plenty of time

for everyone to worry about me,

but I want this last day before that happens.

I wanna see Dad marry the woman he loves

and celebrate that with all the people I care about.

Just for today, I wanna pretend

that everything is right in this world.

Is that okay?

- Yeah.

Yeah, it is.

- Is there any way you can pretend as well?

- [breathes deeply]

- That's a start.

Maybe we can work on that though.

- Shall we? - Yeah.

- Arthur and Trish will now exchange their vows.

- Arthur...

From the first day we met,

I felt in my heart that we just fit.

Like a perfect melody

that only the two of us could hear.

And that melody, I wanna share with you

for the rest of my life.

- Trish, I never thought that I'd find love again.

Then you came into my life, and not only did I find it,

but I keep finding it

in ways that continue to amaze and humble me.

[romantic pop music]

♪ ♪

- By the power vested in me by the state of New York,

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

[both giggling]

You may now kiss the bride.



♪ ♪

[Etta James' "At Last" plays]

- ♪ At last

♪ ♪

My love has come along

♪ ♪

My lonely days are over

- They're so beautiful. - Right?

- Yeah.

- ♪ And life is like a song

- Are you still gonna talk to him?

- Yeah.

- Miles, I'm sorry I couldn't find anything

connecting him to the God Account.

- No, it's okay.

- Oh, speaking of the God Account,

you never told us what happened with Julia.

- We're about to find out. Give me a second.

- ♪ My heart was wrapped up in clover

- What's going on?

- Miles told me about the job.

- Well, doesn't matter.

- It does, which is why I just spoke

with your new boss.

- I'm sorry. You did what?

- I told him that there had been a miscommunication

between us, and that you are absolutely taking the job.

- Julia, I can't.

As much as I wanted that job, I want to be a father more,

and there's no way I can do that in San Francisco.

- I know, which is why I'm coming with you.

We're kind of a package deal, as much as

that probably doesn't appeal to you right now.

[tender music]

- You serious?

- Look, I know our marriage is over,

and I know that it is for the best,

but I can't imagine my life without you.

You know, yesterday I was reminded of the first time

that we met, how you walked across the park

just to make sure that I had a friend

when I really needed one,

and it's about time I returned the favor.

- I can't believe you'd do that for me.

- You're my best friend. You always have been.

- Dance?

- I'd love to.

♪ ♪

- Thank you, Miles. - Please, we're family.

["Cheek to Cheek" plays]

- ♪ I'm in heaven

♪ ♪

And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak

♪ ♪

And I seem to find the happiness I seek

- Miles, you got them back together?

- I got 'em back to where they first started.

As friends.

- ♪ Cheek to cheek

Cheek to cheek

Cheek to cheek

[melancholic piano music]

♪ ♪

- Hey, I was looking for you.

- Sorry, I just, um...

I just needed some time to think.

- Is everything okay?

- Ali's test results came in.

It's cancer.

♪ ♪

- Miles... [sighs]

I'm so sorry.

- You know, I would've given up the God Account for you

in a second, but I can't walk away,

not now, and if Alphonse is behind the God Account,

then I need to strike a new deal.

- Wait, you think that the God Account

could help Ali somehow?

- We all know that the God Account

can predict the outcome of an event.

What if that also includes

the best treatment options for Ali,

or at least bringing someone into our lives

who's been searching for a cure.

If there's any chance

that could happen for Ali, then...

I'll agree to become its prophet...

Even if that means giving up love.

- Then that's what you need to do.

And I'm not going anywhere, Miles.

We're in this together, always.

- Alphonse.

- Miles. - You have a second?

- Of course, I've been hoping to talk to you

before this was all over.

What's going on?

- I know you're behind the God Account.

I don't have any proof, and I don't need it,

because we both know-- - Miles--

- No, just let me finish, please.

I am willing to do this as long as you want me to.

I will be the God Account's prophet,

but I need to know that Ali is going to be okay.

- I don't understand. What's wrong with Ali?

- She's sick.

- I'm sorry.

I'm not behind the God Account, son.

I wish I were.

- No, no, no, you have to be.

Your insurance company, my father,

he saved your life-- you owe him a debt.

- Yes, I do.

And if it was in my power to help Ali, I would.

- This--this doesn't make any sense.

Why would you hire someone to hack your system

when you bought New York Sun?

Why would they leave you a way to look at files

if the God Account wasn't using that

to choose Friend Suggestions?

- Miles, what are you talking about?

I didn't hire anyone to hack my system.

[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪


- Hey, it's Miles and Rakesh. We need to talk.

♪ ♪

- Whoever this guy is, he is gone.

- Look what he left us.

[lightly suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

Queen of hearts. He said he played poker.

- Miles, he wanted us to find him,

and then he led us on a wild goose chase

after Alphonse. Meanwhile, he took off.

- Who?

What the hell are you guys talking about?

- The Hacker.

- Wait, you think he's behind the God Account?

- Or at least knows someone who is.

I mean, we had him.

We were standing right in front of him,

and he played us.

[dramatic music]

- Hey. - Hey.

- Hope it's okay if I crash here again.

- I wouldn't have it any other way.

- Good.

I am exhausted. Think I'm gonna head to bed.

I saw you and Cara on the dance floor tonight.

- Mm.

- Look, I don't know what's going on with you two,

but life is too short.

You need to do whatever it takes for the ones you love.

- I couldn't agree more.

- Good night. - Good night.

[Wrabel's "Flickers" plays]

- ♪ But I try to

Believe it's true

Is it better

To have loved

And lost

You grow up

Paint a picture of your life

Like a fixture in your mind

And it tricks ya once or twice

Or three times

And I know it's not love

Sometimes it's not there

It flickers

- Greg, move your head.

The Description of BFF