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Hey you, wanna make 50 bucks?

Im tomatoanus and I have a deal for you.

See, I speedrun Fallout 4.

This means I beat the game as fast as possible, sometimes using glitches to do so.

Needless to say I really like when we find new glitches.

They make the run go faster, and also further our understanding of how the game works.

Even if they dont make the game go faster, they can still be really fun (like headcripple,

which I have a video on and you should totally watch, link is in the description).

Lets cut to the chase, how do you make the 50 bucks I mentioned earlier?

Well theres this glitch in Fallout 4 that we know about but dont know how to recreate.

This glitch is referred to as theterminal noclip glitch.”

Its caused by exiting a terminal and youre able to fly around, clipping you through whatever

you want.

Heres a video of the effects of this glitch posted to youtube by MercenarySnake (link

is in the description).

Your height appears to be fixed, but we still have some ideas on how to implement it in

the run.

Unfortunately, we have no idea how to do it.

If you can find a way to perform this glitch consistently, I will send you 50 US dollars

over PayPal.

Want a little more information on the glitch and what we know about it?

Well we really dont know a lot.

We do know that this glitch is the result of some sort of interaction with a terminal.

A member of our community has gotten a glitch with similar results to happen to him by standing

up from a bench inside of the institute (if you can find a way to consistently perform

the glitch with a bench or chair instead of terminal, Ill throw in 50 for that).

Unfortunately, the member of our community was not recording when he got the glitch,

so we are unable to analyze footage of what happened.

There is a way to consistently get the effects of this glitch using a minigun storage glitch

and vertibirds on the Prydwen, as seen in this video by Claude F0x (link is in the description).

So are you still interested in messing around and maybe finding this glitch?

Perfect, but were gonna need to downpatch your game first.

Were unsure if this noclip terminal glitch is possible on later patches, but its definitely

possible on early patches of the game, like what we speedrun on.

So how do we downpatch your game?

First, go into your Steam folder.

Make a copy of your Fallout 4 folder.

Rename your original Fallout 4 folder to something likeFallout 4 Patched”.

Rename the copy to Fallout 4.

Go to

Click on the resources.

Scroll down to the1.1.30 backupand download those files.

Extract and copy the files to the new Fallout 4 folder.

Say yes to copy and replace all files.

Congratulations, your game is now downpatched!

You can tell if you did it right by launching the game and clicking on settings.

If it says version 1.1.30 in the bottom right hand corner, congrats you did it.

If it doesnt say that, then start the process over.

If you give up on glitch hunting, you can just delete the new Fallout 4 folder and rename

the patched folder to Fallout 4.

If you want to test on console, then you need to unplug your console from the internet and

delete all your Fallout 4 files to downpatch (you might want to backup your saves you care

about to a flash drive or something first).

To repatch your console version, just plug back into the internet and patch the game.

So now lets say you find a way to do the glitch consistently, how do you let me know?

Well dont leave a YouTube comment, Ill most likely miss it.

Instead, go to the description and click on the link to join my Discord.

In my discord, click on my name and send me a private message saying that you found out

how to do the glitch.

Heres the thing, Im gonna need video evidence of the glitch being done (Im a

visual learner).

But how do you record gameplay if youve never done it before?

Well if youre playing on PC, just download OBS Studio (dont worry, its free) and

googlehow to use OBS studio.”

If youre playing on console, then I dont know, use a capture card if you have one,

or stream it to Twitch and send me your VOD, or record it on a phone.

Regardless, Im gonna want video of the glitch being done.

If you send me just a description of how to do the glitch, maybe Ill be able to perform

the glitch and youll get your $50, but youre most likely gonna have to be really

good at explaining things to get me to understand it through just text, so play it safe and

send a video (preferred video format is a YouTube video, but Twitch VODs are acceptable).

Again, if you just leave a YouTube comment on how to do the glitch, I wont accept

it as a submission.

The glitch will have to be able to be performed without use of console commands or anything

along those lines.

No mods should be required to perform the glitch, all you should need is a vanilla version

of the game.

Thats all I have to say, so happy hunting!

Oh, and if you also somehow find a glitch for negating fall damage from any height without

the use of power armor or the freefall legs, Ill give you $50 for that too.

And if you find a no damage fall glitch thats fast enough to be setup and used in the run

then youll get an additional $50 from Jinjenia on top of my $50 for a general no damage fall glitch.

I've been tomatoanus and have an above average day.

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