Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Marcel Wanders about his famous Knotted Chair

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Within the context of Droog Design we did a project

named 'Dry Tech'

We focused on composite materials.

What became clear that it

was basically textiles and fibres

That were mostly applied in weaving

and the production of plates

but the fun of the material was,

that it was basically textiles

that you could make a rope out of it

I soon decided to make a chair

which had to be a lightweight thing

in order to do so, you only put the material

where it's needed, not at places where you don't need it

I wasn't interested in making a fabric

as I wanted to work with rope

it felt somehow logical to make a space frame

macram seemed

a nice way of knotting.

Which nobody did of course.

It was considered terrible tacky

I bought some books

you would find macram next to the porn section

so I started making knots

Eventually we decided to develop our own rope

which would knot easily and was strong

After many tests we used carbon for the inside core.

It was made in a rope yard.

from it we constructed a chair

with a decorative character

and had a different look and feel

than most items of those days

the next problem we met,

while we impregnated the rope

we needed to fix it into a certain form

for instance by using a mould.

sharp jotted ends appeared

where the mould met the epoxy

So I decided to make a product

without using a mould.

hanging it instead, like a net.

gravity needed to be included in the proces


like Gaud made his models

we did the production of this chair.

You'll notice the basic strings.

They were attached to a wooden frame

In between is this net

The model is fixed at the outside

After drying the chair is picked from it's rack

So we came up with a remarkable chair

it sounds like a technical story. On the other hand:

It's nice to see that the chair looks so visually different.

And tactile different

I remember quite well the first prototype

which was presented in Milan

I had it hanging slightly above the floor.

I really did not yet know whether you could sit in it.

Or not.

And there was only one prototype.

So we needed to make sure it wasn't

destroyed at the presentation

Following Milan we were finally able to test it

The textile character is very interesting to me.

It's not to easy to design using a weaving technique.

you cannot draw it. Instead you need to make it.

The complexity of the weaving makes it interesting.

Everything in the structure is essential.

most of the time you make a drawing

But this is made; built, constructed, crafted!.

The Description of Marcel Wanders about his famous Knotted Chair