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Have you ever wanted to rule the world, but be cute as hell while you do it?

Then, have I got the game for you!

Little King's Story, a game about World Peace, through world domination.

Because who says you can't teach the ways of peace with excessive aggression?

Lookin' at you, Ghandi.

Take the reigns *heh * of King Corobo- oh my god!

He's so fucking cute!

Look at him!

I mean, I normally hate children, but this kids adorable.

Who's a little tyrant?

You are!

Whose gonna commit genocide?

You are!

Anyway, the game stars with Corobo finding some rats in his home.

After chasing them out of his home and into the forest, he finds a magical crown that

gives him the power to command people and rule as king of Alpoko!

Too bad Alpoko is a tiny ass little podunk kingdom with almost nothing in it and citizens

that don't do anything.

So, Corobo's first mission is to whip his kingdom into shape and expand it's borders!

This is done by adventuring into the wilds to pilfer natural resources and kill of it's

natural inhabitants since the have the gall to try and exist in this world without the

approval of the king!

As you murder your way through nature, you'll collect items that you sell when you get back

home to collect the game's universal currency, Bol.

Because, as we all now, the only thing powerful enough to conquer-er unify the world

is with that sweet cash money!

If you're the collecting sort, you'll love this part of the game, as there is always

something to destroy and sell off.

Is there a hole in the ground?

Dig in it and find some treasure.

Some bush nearby?

Kick the shit out of it, then treasure.

See a garbage can, a well accepted icon for refuse and things of little to no value?

Holy shit, treasure.

There's some sort of primal, greedy joy I get for exploring the corners of each area

and collecting anything of value, so this is great.

The problem is, the natural world is full of evil creatures that want to stop your righteous

and holy quest to claim the world for yourself.

Overcome this by commanding your pawns- citizens into fighting for you.

As for how the combat and exploration works, imagine Pikmin meets... cumbersome chess?

Let em explain.

As you expand the kingdom, you get the ability to build more and more different buildings

that let you give your citizens different jobs, which provide different functions in

the wild.

You've got soldiers for fighting, farmers for digging, archers for arching, builders

for building, and so forth.

You have to juggle between the different jobs that are best suited for the situation at hand.

When you have the correct job, your throw you citizen at whatever obstacle is in the way.

In the form of combat, you just end up mashing the throw button as hard and fast as you can,

getting as many of your guys to pile up on an enemy as possible.

When the enemy is about to attack you'll see puffs of smoke rise from their head, at which

point you should withdraw to avoid damage.

The problem with this is that you have to shuffle between all of your jobs to get back

to your warriors.

This means that the more jobs you have, the harder it is to continue the offensive.

You have to just mash the organize button until you get to back to warriors.

And god help you if you and the poor fools who follow you if you click one too many times,

because you'll have to go all the way back around as your citizens panic and run around

trying to please you.

This doesn't ruin the game by any means, but it does get annoying.

Now, to the story.

Simply expanding the kingdom is not enough for the ravenous little king.

He must also ensure that other kings cease to exist.

Which means, war.

Now, war means, going directly to the enemy kings' doorsteps and fighting them head-on,

because fuck subtly.

I'm Corobo, bitch!

The first king you face is the Oni King.

Pretty straight forward fight; just pile enemies on him until you beat him.

Second is Duvric, the drunken king.

He vomits fire, ice, and, well, vomit.

Aside from that pretty standard.

Then, the king's get weird.

Enter, Shiskebaboo.

Rather than a straight up fight, you have play pinball with this dude's fat ass, causing

him to burn calories and shrink, so that you can impale him on a fork and cause...

this to happen.

Next is king Omelet.

He sits inside a giant egg, and makes you go through a weird quiz.

Upon completion of his quiz, you find him contemplating the deeper questions of life

on the toilet, which, I mean, we've all done at one point or another.

Then there is king Long Sauvage.

He sits atop amount coated in his facial hair, which, ew.

To beat him you just have to get to the top of the mountain he is on, which is bullshit,

because he has these weird, hair, tentacle things that one shot kill you party, and the

only way to defend against them is to hide in a small cave next to them, which is bugged

in the steam release.

This battle took me quiet a few times to complete because of this bug, since I'd get to these

bullshit tentacles and lose most of my party.

Anyway, by sheer luck, I get to the top of the mountain, with like one-tenth of my original

party, and find that I simply have to have enough citizens to be taller than he is at

the end.

After that is, no shit, TV Dinnah of the Broadcast Kingdom.

His battle is pretty interesting.

You have to find where he is on the large world map on the ground by the clues he gives


The problem with this is, I am uncultured, white trash, so geography is not my strong


If you are correct, the king himself appear and you can pummel him for a bit.

If you are wrong, which I was a lot, you get punished.

One of my favorite punishments was FUCKING KNIVES EVERWERE!

When you defeat him, you find him just sort of sobbing in front of a TV before disappearing.

And now the last, but certainly not least in creepiness, Jumbo Champloon.

He is... this thing.

He speaks in gibberish and is made from a vacuum cleaner and various other peaces of junk.

He's terrifying.

His fight consists of beating him up and making sure his minions don't give candy to heal


About a third through the fight his head just pops off and is replaced with this weird carboard

chicken head that shoots lasers.

Wow, that sentence.

The biggest problem I had with this fight is that the smoke puffs that have appeared

throughout the rest of the game to warn you of danger just don't appear here, so I end

up taking damage since I can't tell when he's going to attack.

I'm almost positive this is a bug in the steam port.

Another thing that's annoying that isn't a bug, is this friggin marque that is hovering

over you for a large part of the battle.

It makes it difficult to see your health, which is important to keep note of since Corobo

can only take three hits before he dies.

Either way, after beating all of the kings, your supposed to go into space to reach god

to stop these earthquakes that have been happening every so often because they are going to cause

the world to end.

After a short minigame where you fly through space, you pop out of a carboard box into

what looks to be a child's room.

Then a giant rat boss appears.

So, let me be honest, I didn't beat the game.

Not the steam version, anyway.

Little King's story was originally a Wii game that was latter ported to Steam.

And, lets be frank, the Steam version is not good.

The framerate is terrible, bugs hinder the experience and it just isn't as fun when you

have to slog through the game.

I attempted the final boss, which took a long time to get to, and found that the whole thing

was littered with bullshit instant death attacks and obscenely long invulnerability times for

the boss.

It takes what feels like five minutes of running around to get even a chance to attack.

Factor in that directly before this is three other bosses just like this, then a fourth

fight against the three previous bosses, and sprinkle in some low frame rates and a heaping

spoon of tedium and you got yourself one home made bullshit pie.


So, I just gave up.

Don't worry, I did beat the game on the Wii release, and the ending isn't spectacular.

Turns out your whole world was just a game being played by the real Corobo, and the Real

Corobo meets the fake one somehow, then credits.

That's it..

It may seem like I'm being unfair to the game, but that's just because I never really delved

into my issues with it.

Fighting in the game isn't bad, but it's not exciting either.

It's kind of boring after a while, and kind of annoying if you use a controller since

it hard to aim.

Not to mention, that so many enemies have moves that instantly kill your citizens in

very large quantities, that most of the time combat seems unfair.

Also, the game just doesn't run well.

At some of the lowest settings I could set, the best I could hope for was 20 frames per

second, and most the time it was worse.

I mean, look at this.

15 fps. No.

This just causes the whole game to start to feel like a tedious grind, and the fun slowly

starts to fade.

Don't get me wrong, Little King's Story is a great game, just with a bad port.

Exploring is fun, and that fact that you can collect loot almost anywhere makes it seem

rewarding to take your time with the game, which keeps you playing.

Not to mention, that building up your kingdom and army is pretty fun, and it's also pretty

fun to see the new, crazy characters the game is going to throw at you.

So, I recommend the game, but not the steam port; not now anyway.

I'd wait until the steam version gets fixed up, or even go so far as buying it for the


A used copy copy is only about 20 bucks.

So, if you are interested and you own Wii, or if the Steam release has been fixed by

the time you watch this, I'd definitely give this game a shot.

So, thats that.

Thanks for watching!

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