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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DinDin woke up the earliest only to lose XD [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.02.02]

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(Two Days and One Night)

(Real Wildness Variety Show)

For those of you who slept in the tent,

how did you sleep?

It wasn't easy last night.

I couldn't sleep because the whole thing was frozen.

We can talk about that later.

That's not important, is it?

- He got goose bumps. / - We survived the night.

Let's continue.

You can personally ask that later.

- Keep going. / - Today's morning mission is

"Standing long jump".

- Oh, come on. / - What's that?

Hurry up.

What is this?

I have the best costume.

No, this part is included as well.

That's right. Your entire costume

and the items with it...

will be counted.

We'll record where the end of your costume lands.

The four farthest jumpers can go home immediately.

The remaining two will go

- to the Employment Agency. / - The remaining two?

What is this?

I don't care. Who wants to go first?

I don't want to wait for my turn.

- Let's do rock-paper-scissors. / - Okay. Hurry up.

- Rock-paper-scissors / - Rock-paper-scissors

(They play rock-paper-scissors to decide on the order.)

(Standing long jump order:)

(Woodcutter, servant, general,)

(Chunhyang, queen, Korean folk band member)

Let's play fair and square.

- Let's do that. / - Yes.

- Let's be fair. / - Let's do our best.

I don't think it's fair from the get-go.

I don't know why I had to wake up early today.

I woke up the earliest and got the general.

(He was elated to have picked the general.)

The servant has the best advantage.

He's carrying so little wood.

What kind of woodcutter carries

just that amount of wood?

What do you mean?

Wherever the wood falls is his record.

- Really? / - Okay.

- It fell. / - Okay.

Are we counting that as well?

- You're unbelievable. / - Okay.

You and I are safe.

I have to jump from here?

- Jump. / - Okay.


(He feels nervous.)

I feel anxious.

This is hilarious.

How did you come up with this kind of game?

Can I even jump?

Okay. I'll start.

(The woodcutter begins.)

(The wood drops as soon as he lands.)


I'll start.

(What is his record?)

(He leaps a great distance)

(and leans forward)

(so that the wood will fall frontwards.)

That was a long jump.

- That's where I landed? / - It was around this area.

- Goodness. / - You jumped so far.

(Next up is the servant.)

- I don't think I can do well. / - He jumped so far.

Why did you jump so far?

Did I jump far?

(Jongmin jumped farther than Seyoon's height.)

- You jumped so far. / - It's a great distance.

I'm not good at long jumps. I'm in trouble.

(He looks like an instructor.)

All right. One, two.

When do I jump?

When do I leap?

Do I jump from down here? When do I jump?

- No. / - I crouch first.

On the count of three, stand up and jump.

This feels like a gymnastics class.

- Okay. One, two, jump. / - Jump.


(He gets ready.)

- One, two... / - Hurry up and jump.

Viewers, I'm doing this

because I'll need to work

for three to four hours later. I'm sorry.

Please understand.

It's because I need to work for three hours. I'm sorry.

- He sounds like a servant. / - Okay.

I've been working all my life.

- One. One, two, three. / - Jump on the count of three.

- Jump. / - One, two, three.


- You did it! / - Good!

(Grow, grassroots)

(Fly higher)

- You jumped quite far. / - It was here.

- You jumped a long distance. / - My heels landed here.

(He's only a foot away from Jongmin.)

This headpiece is too heavy for me to jump that far.

I need to jump while spinning.

(He's touched.)

- Really? / - Who is that?

Thanks. Who are you?

(After giving alms to the servant, he leaves.)

He's an angel.

Even his jacket makes him look like a servant.

(These are prints.)

He just looks like one all the time.

It feels like he picked it up.

Who's next?

It's me.

(The little general is next.)

We'll record where your tail lands.

Your tail will be included.

We'll count the tail.

- Where's my tail? / - It's in the back.

It's far back.

I won't come last.

Stay still after landing.

- I think you'll come first place. / - Right?

- You need your sword too. / - Oh, right.

He threw it away.

You said I didn't need it.

(When the others were talking)

(about playing fair and square,)

(he quietly threw away his sword.)


(How could a general dispose his sword?)

All right.

I can turn the horse sideways.

(He tries to be smart.)

He's being smart again.

You're being so sly. I won't allow it.

- What do you mean? / - Right.

Then he would've carried his A-frame frontwards.

But he didn't.

He didn't carry it like that.

Tell him.

(The general obeys the servant.)

I can't even see the line.

The horse's head went over the line.

- Back up. / - Back up.

- How can I do that? / - Like this.

- Come on! / - Back up.

The horse's head should be behind the line.

This is hilarious.

- This isn't right. / - This is hilarious.

Don't you dare come close.

- You need to reach this line. / - Don't come close.

- Where's the line? / - He won't make it.

I just need to beat Seyoon.

- Hey. / - Remove my glasses, servant.

- I don't want to drop them. / - Right.


We'll let the horse's head slide.

I got these glasses for free.

My gosh.

- You're so poor. / - You'll stretch the legs.

I worked hard and got these in return.

I can see clearly.

I can't jump.


What are you doing?

- Take off my gloves, servant. / - Your gloves?

I even got a pair of gloves.

I worked hard and got a pair of gloves as well.

- You're going to rip them. / - I think they'll fit.

- You'll rip them. / - No, I won't.

(He's determined to fit his hands inside.)

Stop it. You'll rip them.

This part is warm.

This part is warm.

All right. Here I go.

(The little general starts.)

One, two...


(He sets one foot forward)

(and rolls.)

One, two...


- Stand up. It's cold. / - Where did I land?

(Seyoon gets it accurately.)

Don't lie.

You didn't move much?

- What a shame. / - You were trying to be smart.

- Next up is Seonho. / - I just need to beat DinDin.

Lady Luck is always on his side.

There's even Chunhyang.

There's Chunhyang.

(It's too heavy for him to stand up.)

All right.

(The queen starts.)


(It looks like he's jumped quite far.)


This is it.

- This is where it ended. / - Your train ended here.

- It ended here. / - Don't be ridiculous.

- I'm right, aren't I? / - Your train touched there.

It touched this part when you landed.

- It did. / - I'm serious.

- Jongmin and Seyoon / - Darn it.

- can go home! / - Can go home!

(They can go home right away.)

(They hit the jackpot.)

I have so much energy but nowhere to spend it!

Who's next?

Since jumping with the plank can be dangerous,

we've prepared a customized one.

It's made of sponge.

(It's made of Styrofoam.)

That's too light.


I'll see you on the other side.

I think he'll jump quite far.

Let's go!

(He jumps far.)

(He jumps as far as Jongmin did.)

This is where your train landed.

It landed here.

- Is this right? / - It was here.

It landed here.

Ravi will go home as well!

- Yes! / - Lucky him.

I don't think I can leap this far

even without my costume.

- He jumped far. / - He did.

You need to spin.


- You have to spin the other way. / - Right.

- Is it wrapped around my body? / - Goodness.

It's going to be difficult.

- All right. / - Do it like that.


You need to spin it to jump better.


- I see. / - This feels strange.

He requires a great deal of care.

He does.

- I thought he was perfect, / - Goodness.

- but he requires a lot of care. / - Right.

How did he play picket-pot yesterday?

What is he doing?

Let us know when you're ready.

DinDin is pretty much set to work,

and then, there's Seonho.

- Seonho is another candidate. / - Let's see.

Seonho is anticipating.

(Will it be Junghoon or Seonho?)

How am I supposed to do this?

- Don't hurt yourself. / - Right.

- That's good. / - That's good.

(He twirls the headpiece.)


(Will the champion from last night appear once again?)

- That's good. / - Jump!

(Sadly, only the Silly appears.)

I jumped farther than him!

This is exhausting.

(Junghoon: sixth place, DinDin: fifth place)

The results are clear. Junghoon and DinDin

will head to

the Two Days and One Night Employment Agency.

It's DinDin and me?

- Twirl it around as you work. / - While twirling it?

What's the point of waking up early?

- Gosh. / - Sound the music!

- Go to the Employment Agency! / - Get in line.

- Let's go. / - Go.

- Climb on my horse. / - Go.


(Like so, the servants' emancipation song was made.)

Two Days and One Night Employment Agency

This is exciting!

We're going home

(Let's turn back time!)

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