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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 手编山草凳子,既暖和又结实【滇西小哥】

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Mountainous-grass Stool

A type of mountainous grass grows in Yunnan

whose leaves are as long as about one meter.

It is commonly found in barren mountains,

between stone cracks or sheer cliff. The frost-bitten mountainous grass is firmer after the Winter Solstice.

After the Winter Solstice,

the frost-bitten mountainous grass is firmer.

Villagers tend to cut some grass from the mountains

to bind tobacco leaves

weave the shoulder ropes of back basket

or woven into grass stools.

The elderly commonly say that

a grass stool is both warm

And firm.

It can be used for years

There are two grass stools in my home

both of which are woven by my grandma years ago.

There are too old.

Before the Spring Festival approaches,

Im going to cut some mountainous grass to weave two stools

Sprinkle some water on the grass to soften it.

Pick out dry grass.

Fix grass at one end and roll all into three braids

Grass is added in each step

Fixing the grass after winding up braids

Three braids

are wound up into a braided rope

Cut off excessive grass

Add in the grass ball and start rolling from the beginning

The Description of 手编山草凳子,既暖和又结实【滇西小哥】