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Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to Crashworld. Now Crashworld is a game where you're a pizza delivery man

Sorry yes right on to the hospital

It's a game where you're a pizza delivery guy, and you're trying to make every possible delivery possible fire exting

What does that even mean alright anyway? So there's it? You'd love a pi- okay? You know what I'm just gonna go for it

I've never played in today. Hi. How's it going? I'm gonna. Call you. Oh Uncle Bing

Oh, is that Bingipliers dad? Can I change my name? Oh god change name, okay? Ah?

You're so into me. Okay, although...ahh

Okay, all this crashing aside and explode. There's a tire oh

There's screaming though. Oh god. Can you stop?

Just leave him alone

He's already dead the thing that tree have sent alright. Good thing that tree of censorship

It's right there in the way, so nobody knows. Okay. I'm gonna call myself


Where did I go blasts team?

Plodey, that's me baby. Hi player goddamnit. My name is Blasty McSplodey

Just call me blasty come on please I'm begging you

Call me blast me and uncle Bing open up a pizza place get rid of hotdog vendors

But your turf in this endless delivery run

Why is it endless?

I'm gonna look at this button cuz weird and questionable, and I like does nothing. Oh god. What did it do?

I'm sorry if I blew anybody up. I'm gonna change my ride oh fastest pizza car in history pepperoni powered

I don't believe that I think you're lying suspicious limo this car looks rather suspicious

Is it cuz there's people banging in it or there's dead bodies in it?

Or there's dead bodies in the pizza or uncle ping actually isn't my uncle Stang pizza. Delivery. Just got seriously

I thought you just said excuse my beauty I thought you just said that that was the fastest pizza delivery truck all right whatever hat

That no, no hat you going naked maybe...Oh

Not a hat for me I have for the car well of course. I should have no-.. that's a human


Jesus friend hat don't go alo- bring a friend

*again laughing*

Funniest thing I've seen all day. Oh well All Right see ya well, then okay, all right, I guess...bye friend

oh what the hell I feel like a flamingo today

Beer keg never leave home without your beer keg yeah, I mean that's my usual policy cuz

At any moment I could take a drink while I'm driving and die

Both from the alcohol and from the driving and drunk ladder act going up

gravestone act the land of the dead

extra exhaust hat

So my car can vape I understand I see what you're doing here

Alright gas at its gas bottles on your head press space to activate

I don't know if I wanna do that

I don't know if I wanna reenact that episode of mythbusters' friend hat

friend hat boink aohh

is he dead? friend? how many friends can I spawner Oh God?

Never ending friends it's an avalanche of chairs. This is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life by the way

I don't know if you guys knew, but this is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life alright well

I gotta go I gotta I gotta go with the friend hat

But I just can't not go with the friend hat I have to right. excuse me My god actually this game

Isn't just about putting my friend on my car. I got to deliver some pizza

We're open for business, and we made all these pizzas, but these hot dog vendors are killing us

So let's kill them

trash them and watch out for the cops

I'm going up going God, okay?

See you uncle Bing no mercy sure thing okay alright, then I'm not pressing a button

I guess alright. Let's take it nice and easy I got my what up homes. How it do

Let's take him nice and easy I got a friend on my car

Shoot me. I haven't done anything

sir I

I did nothing I did nothing I had nothing to do with that

I had nothing my money long hey darling. I am doing nothing

I just want to say I got a friend on my hat and that's it. I'm not resisting. I am complying sir

Ma'am all right here

We go hold on friend get these nutritious apples cuz that's what's important there wreck the hot dog guy

Why I'd I tried you know I actually tried, but my instinct was just like I shouldn't mer-

What is happening to that dog? Are you shooting me?

Okay, now. It's just so

That was just self-defense at that point. Oh, I am

so sorry ah

Sorry, oh. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah, I am so sorry okay

That's a dent. I think I went for a wrench which helped apparently

All right

Man this game this game is fun, but it runs like a potato Wow

Wreck you hotdog man

Hello sir don't mind me why is everyone so angry. I'm just trying to deliver pizza well actually

I'm not but you know happy god. This this game has like two frames a second. What is going on

Boink okay all right then yeah, I got ya yeah

Yeah, let me change some settings the graphical fidelity is just too extreme hello hotdog man. excuse meh

Sorry, okay, all right. I'm gonna actually try to play this game. Well now I mean by well

I mean I'm I'm gonna go around town and murder hot dog vendors for some reason

Sorry excuse me what up homes all right. Good pardon me all right yiii where my friend go my friend

Oh not worth it

I'm sorry. You'll be back your back is halfway across the city

That's good. Joke alright

God is running late potato again

I hope that when I'm meeting my imminent demise I have enough wherewithal to say

Shout at the top of my lungs fool. I'm gonna. I'm dead aren't I

Well then scores yeah, let's see how I did woo, oh, that's why it was saving replays Oh


You see me you should see me you practically crashed through my window to see be so funny

Hey, I gotta go get my friend. I gotta go get my friend before I do any of this profile

No, not that not that okay

Play... get my friend there is

Darius that's mobile while please hotdogs fondos are calling me

Truce them and woot shoot for the coops poop in the boots of couch cushions and smoosh

I'm going I'm a smash Uncle Bing. Don't worry about me. I'll worry about me

Oh right, the hot guard. Oh good. Good. Good. Oh come get some iron. Got some. I didn't like it. Oh

Repair don't hit me don't hit me I'm a ticking time bomb oh

Well, I'm probably gonna die how can I I'm gonna? I'm gonna make this conflagration the most

Epically damaging possible ah good yes there comes my no frames flap

Thank you. Sorry. I really I'm not sorry at all actually in fact of the matter is that?

Yeah, I better get these apples fix up my car

Excuse me sir a nice striped shirt. I loved you in undertale. Hey gray

Well doesn't help when I get the repair thing and then immediately hit something else sorry nice mohawk

I got no frames

I got no frames. Oh God

Wrench well pit wolf that wrench was completely negated

Yeah, I'm not sorry at all

Where's my stripper

It's the fire truck guy like the fire truck got there too late. He's a friend. What ain't friend?

You know I forget I was saying anything friend who's just look shut up mark God

Adam you proud of me Uncle Bing

I'm murdered

You're out of me uncle Bing all right. Sorry. Sorry my friend is a very apologetic corner my poor friend

Ah, hey, hope you're insured

mr., policeman, huh

By the way this game is difficult all right good. Ah no a wrench II you know what forget it

I can't even wait I gotta get this guy never mind

I did neither of things that I wanted to do please you want pizzas

No Juke yuck, I'm dead Duke. You're riding to death

Jesus okay buy it please officer

Taking the hot air balloon Express up to heaven anyway. That's enough for this game. That was super fun

I had a great time with that one alright

So this game is super fun and unintentionally hilarious for absolutely intentionally Larry's. I highly recommend it

I'll put a link in the description below. I believe it was free

I'm pretty sure but obviously it runs like a potato so if you have a potato computer. It's like


What my luck my character duh, oh there I go

Okay alright see ya, so thank you everybody so much for watching if you want to play this game for yourself

It's down in the description below. Let me know what you thinking if you want to see more games like this

Let me know in the comments as well. Thanks. Everybody so much for watching and as always I will see you in the next video

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