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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: away

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when something or someone is a way that

person or that thing is not here you can

use the word away as an adjective or as

an adverb he's away

this means that he is not here right now

this is the subject this is the verb and

this is the adjective describing the

subject he went away this is the adverb

describing the main verb this describes

how he went he went away

a person who's away is not here or not

in a location so in this example she's

away from her desk this is a

prepositional phrase that describes

where she isn't she's away this is the

adjective and over here he's away on

vacation this is a prepositional phrase

and this is the adjective that describes

the subject he

you can go away or take something away

or fly away or get away these are all

adverbs that change the meaning of verb

or you can keep away give away throw

away or something blows away

don't confuse the word away with way

when the article appears before the word

way this is a noun and a way is a method

so this is a now and this is an

adjective or it's an adverb


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