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Leaving Barcelona...

To get to A Coruna

So we arrived by car to the beach, behind us is the beach

And now we're walking

through garden

but I don't know their name, I think it was some Joaquim

Ramon or something

And there is an information center right on the beach

where they actually gave us information about the city plan

so I definitely recommend going to the information center as soon as you arrive

here you see me

Beautiful garden

And now we're going to the hotel because we live near the city center

And then we will go to the historic center

Hercules Monument


So last night

our friend here led us through the city

I made some videos, some photos

that you will see or that youve seen

And today we're going for a walk

and shoot

city ​​during the day

We're on the beach right now, you can see behind us

Beautiful beach

And we're having breakfast, here's a restaurant right by the sea

A typical breakfast here is churros con chocolate

But it's early September and it's still warm

you can actually see there is people

on the beach

I have a sweater because we were in the shadows now

but otherwise it's around twenty degrees

and as promised

followed by a report from the center of A Coruña

So now we're actually in the city center

it's called a gallery here - a sea gallery

Galeria Marina

because there are glass facades

that you can actually see right behind me

yeah actually the whole square

is lined facade of glass

and on the right

you have a port

so you see the ships there

So now we are Plaza de Ayuntamiento

behind us the beautiful town hall

And there is a national monument

yesterday a friend explained something to us with the dagger

but somehow I didn't understand

how was it with the dagger yesterday? or with that ...? do you remember it?

No? That she had pierced something there.

So definitely find history

And read in the historical manuals

But this place is very important

In terms of history

And behind me is a monument

Maria Pita

let's go

to a beautiful church called Iglesia de San Jorge

So behind us

Iglesia de San Jorge

Beautiful baroque church

and there is another memorial with crosses behind me

So we're at the Hercules Memorial

it is actually the oldest lighthouse from the Romanesque period in Europe

you can see behing me

so behind me

Torre de Hercules


there is a lot of blowing here, so I recommend you dress well

you can hear it

here it is like a peninsula

that you have the sea on all sides

and there's a park back there

Romanesque excavations

and Celtic excavations

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