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Fiberon superior decking and railing systems designed to make you look as good as the

decks you build.

Fiberon means superior craftsmanship.

With our innovative composite materials,

you know you're building top-quality long-lasting decks that meet your high standards.

Our decking and railing systems are easy to install with forty percent fewer deck screws

and a thirty percent faster installation time.

That means fewer crew hours and lower material costs.

Fiberon utilizes a harder board surface for better protection against scratches, stains,

water absorption and mildew.

Saving you from warranty problems.

Plus take advantage of FiberPRO, the most comprehensive professional customer support

program in the decking industry.

Trust your decks to Fiberon.

Low-maintenance, durable composite materials that combine natural looking beauty

with top-quality construction.

Fiberon - it makes good sense!

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