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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: WHO IS MEAT SUIT? | An Anti-Tutorial

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[telephone ringing]

[picks up]

Take a moment to have an immersive experience here

from my mouth, to your ears.

A conception of thought patterns

brought to fruition, in the form of

skin and bones.

A perception of lines birthed from an idea

begging to be brought to the pupils

of yours and mine.

Meat suit is a vehicle for creation

to bring forth and hold a reality

in what we call


Who is meat suit?

The wrong question to be asking.

If you say "I", you have not opened them.

To ask a paint brush who it is,

is to not expect, nor truly want, a reply.

My mother,

my father,

my child,

my lover.

A giver,

a taker,

but most importantly,

a creator.

Physical make up creation

creating a physical makeup creation.

A god of my own two eyes

but not I.

What is meat suit?

Meat suit is right in front of your eyes.

My eyes,

but neither you, nor I.


A soliloquy.

A message.

A tool.

Tell me...

Who and what are you?

[hangs up]

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