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- Sorry I'm late for work boss.

I was running a little bit late.

- You should never run late.

- Sorry. This is my briefcase either.

What is it?

- It's a waffle maker.

- Tada!

Yes. This ladies and gents.


Is my waffle maker,

I bought this about a year ago.

I have already turned it on about half an hour ago

to get rid of that initial smoky smell.

Don't wanna go that way. Do we?

- No.


- I bought it to do a Will It Waffle video with Stewart,

which I will hopefully when this virus all comes down.

Hopefully I'll get to see him again one day.

But anyhow, it turns out waffles,

you can't just make standard waffles in there.

You can make lots of cool things, don't ya?

- Can you?

- Yes.

- What can you make?

- What's your favourite thing in the whole world?

- Pepperoni?

- Yes, we didn't even practise this.

She's gonna say something like unicorns.

Yes. Pepperoni.

And you can make a pepperoni pizza in a waffle maker.

Are you ready for this?

- Yes.

- Let's do it.

- Some pizza sauce.

We got some mozzarella cheese.

We've got a pack of ready-made pizza dough,



- Pepperoni.

- You can make apparently pizza waffles.

This is actually the easiest out of three we're doing,

so let's give this an initial try and see how we get on.

You're ready?

- Yes.

- Roll that out, mate.


We're gonna roll out our dough and get it into two squares

that should hopefully fit in in the waffle maker.

We might even make two pizzas at the same time.

You keep going. Good girl.

So if we just take off this excess a little bit,

and if you just roll it,


Don't die on me.

- Just trying to get my steps up.

- Just tryna get your steps up?

Well you just got your steps up.

Well done, mate.

And in that time I've made us four little squares.

- And in that time, I did 360 steps.

- So you've already put one dollop down,

and then another one.

So this is gonna be the base.

Sort of pizza waffle pockets. Aren't they?

- Yeah.

- We don't want to be too much, but give it a little push

around mate, but leave a little edge on all of it.

- For the crust?

- That's it? Yes you got it.

- I've made so many pizzas in my life.

I know what the drill is.

- Looking good?

- This looks amazing.

- Now the pepperoni.

- Can I've a taste this?

- Yeah. I mean, it's actually salami.

But, that good?

Just get like two bits on there.

- No. Three.

- Three?

All right?

- I'm the boss.


You are the boss Chloe.

To now what we do Chloe,

is we take the pizza dough.


- Yeah.

- And we're gonna layer it over the top like this

and seal it, seal it.

(sings indistinctly)


We're gonna seal it onto,

the other piece like that.

- Can you do that?

That's it. I really think these are gonna explode.

It could use a fork, which you've got there mate.

And you're just gonna crimp it down. There you go.

I think we're ready.


- Yeah.

- So, the waffle maker.

You may open the vessel.

Ready? I'm just oiling these grates a little bit.

So apparently this red light, when it turns green,

we can put the pizza waffles, which are waiting

very patiently over there in.

And we'll see what happens. I don't know if this gonna work.

Oh, it came on.


- Steam.

- You see the steam. Did you see it?

- I can still see it.

- And then we just close this down on it.

And apparently in about four to five minutes,

- Yes-

- Synchronise watches.

- 11

- We should have pizza waffles.

- In five minutes.

It's only been 42 seconds, I need to -

- 42 seconds

- I need to be doing my walking.

- You're walking?


- Oh, they're sizzling.

I think something's burst.

Oh my gosh!

They're looking amazing. Let's get going.

(upbeat music)

- Welcome to Interview with Chloe.

Today I'll be interviewing the Pizza Waffles-

- You gonna interview some waffles?

- Yeah.

How are you Mr. Peter Waffle?

- Peter Waffle.

(upbeat music)

Hello, waffle expert number two.

- Hello.

- In preparation for the next waffle,

which is hash brown waffles.

Ooh, need to grate some potatoes.

Chloe. It has been eight minutes.

Operation commence, magic waffle fingers.

You have a look. I can't look.


That's hot. Ah!

Is it done?

- Yes. Look, look, look.

- Oh wow!

Can you see it? Yes you can.

You've got the brown squares

where the heat element has touched it.

And, this is outer bit of the crust.

It looks raw, but that is actually cooked.

The heat has touched that too.

I think we've done it.

I don't know what the other side is gonna look like.

Look at this. There we go.

Look at that, that's come brilliantly, look at that.

Should check the other side.


- That's way better than the other side.

- It's a lot neater. Isn't it?

Look at that.

- That was so close! It nearly fell!

- Tnis is still quite warm.

So let's just have a little pull apart.

Oh, look at that.

- That looks so cool.

That is what is known as a cheese pull my friend.

- Oh. Nice.

- There's a big bit of pepperoni.

- That's mine.

Give that 20 blows before you eat it.

I love how she listens.

She really does listen.

- 20.

What I had was a bit of pepperoni.

- That is really, really nice.

And it doesn't taste a peach of it,

it's more of a (indistinct)

- Oh look at that!

- Cheese pulling training.

- Mm.

- Good?

- Yeah.

I think it's fair

to say waffle number one is a success.

Now hash brown waffle,

is which Phoebe's already started doing over there.

So whilst Phoebe's just finished off those potatoes.

You done mate?

- Yeah.

- Nice work.

- I'm just getting two eggs,

and doing this little whisky step.

Mix herbs. A little bit of salt and pepper.

When you grate them like that, they got really wet.

Didn't they?

- Yeah.

- And as you said, that's the start.

You wanna get them as dry as you can,

get all the moisture out of it with some kitchen towel.

Are you ready?

- Yes.

- It's gonna be fun. So fun.

- Okay.

( spits)

- That's it?

- You can already see it's turning (indistinct)

- And just squeeze it.

- So it's coming out?

- You just gotta squeeze out. See that?



You didn't have to do that, but you can.

Go for it.


(both laugh)

Just dry out the potatoes.


Look at that, looks like a big potato burger.

Nice one mate.

- A big hash brown.

- Yes.

That bag is about 250 grammes of cheese.

We need about a third of that.

This is some cheddar cheese.

- Love cheese.

- And the best thing about this entire video,

rather than frying an onion and stick it in there,

I decided to get some dried onions.

I didn't even look at the brand.

Massive shout out.

Great Scot.

Back to the future dried onions.

Mighty Great Scot!

Your kids are gonna love it, they said.

Nah. Nay.

We're gonna just get a little bit shimmy of those in there.

But not only are they gonna add that little onion flavour,

which of course we could dry up, fry them, enjoy them,

but it's gonna give it a lovely crunch.

- Crunch.

- We're whisking this for...

You might need to get your hands in a minute,

and just crunch it all together as one big mixture.

While she do that, I'm gonna get the waffle iron toaster

thing ready for round two.

This time, because we probably need to squish it

into the plates.

We are gonna spray all of that.

And it's still a little warm anyway.

But if we try and do it whilst it's red hot,

we're gonna get waffled fingers.

- She looks really nice.

- It doesn't. Doesn't it?

And it's something I did. So gooey and all the juice.

Make sure you get it right to the edges folks.


That's how you used to say it.

- We've turn it on.

And it's gonna take a little bit longer

with it being raw potato.

And whilst that's happening, you can clean your hands,

and I'm gonna fry an egg and some bacon to go on top of it.

(upbeat music)

We got the magic waffle fingers. You're ready?

- Okay.

- I'm not gonna let you look.

- Oh my gosh!

They look like hash Browns, especially mine.

- Oh my gosh!

They look amazing.

- Very, very brown.

- I'm just hoping they're cooked through.

And that is extremely hot.

So with this one, you're right to fully load it.

Like we did that first one we didn't go to the edges,

and it's just found its way in the little grid.

Maximise it on this one.




Look at that!

(both laugh)

- It totally broke over the yolk.

- I've actually had this egg before.

- Well, no, cause you tend to eat one egg once,

and then it's gone forever mate.

Like a life.

- That's scared.

Egg's weird.

- The egg is weird.

But that hash Brown is amazing.

Cooked through. The onion sunk in there.

Little bit of salt and pepper. I would season it a bit more,

but I think we just wanna blast it with ketchup.

Last but not least, Churro Waffles.

The ambassadors reception.



- They look very nice.

We got starter,

we got main,

and now it's pudding.

Churros, cinnamon sugar, chocolate sauce and all that-

- Oh my gosh.

- And waffle.

- Great Scot.

- Great Scot.


- You all right? - I'm okay.

- Sorry.

I do that all the time.

The two eggs in a bowl like that.

So we're gonna do the wet ingredients.

First of all, buttermilk.

Been using quite a lot of that recently on the Bundt cake.

And if only we had some melted butter.

- We do.

- We do? Amazing.

Melted butter's going in there.

This is naughty.

- It's like yesterday's.

- Yesterday's what?

- Recipe. But yesterday's recipe.

- What was that? I forgot we did yesterday.

- Butter spaghetti chicken.

- Oh, if you haven't seen it yet,

that was naughty.

And while you're whisking it through,

we're gonna get some vanilla extract,

and do Vanilla Bae.

- Whoa!

- That was close.

- I think that's enough.

- Yep. Me too.

There you go. Just a little sprinkle.


- That's enough?

- Yes.

- It's all right.

- We're making batter, not the sea.

- The batter's out the vanilla extract that you put in.

- It does.

I'm gonna shimmy in the flour. We might need a bigger bowl.

But we've used them all.

That's a bit better, more space.

So you might also get the other dry ingredients.

In goes the sugar,

and a teaspoon of baking powder,

and a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.

And that is the batter done.

- We're preheating this waffle pan for one last time.

So with this one, we are gonna let it preheat a little bit.

And obviously with the baking powder,

and the bicarbonate soda on it,

it's gonna go (rumbling)

Just wanna spray here in a bowl of sugar,

with a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Mix and mix. - Mix it.

- This will give us some cinnamon sugar to roll it in

after hopefully if it works.

But this is ready for the batter.

- This is some alien.

- We filled it a bit too much.

- I'll get the kids in this programme. Did they?

- No.

(both laughing)

Whilst that's finishing off,

this is some double cream,

we're gonna shimmy in a little bit of cinnamon,

and this is 200 grammes of chocolate chips.

Normal chocolate would be fine,

but it just gonna melt a bit quicker for us.

- Oh my goodness.

- Oh my goodness.

Cause we're gonna melt this in the microwave.

- Okay.

- The cream is gonna heat up and warm it.

It's gonna melt the chocolate chips.

It's gonna about cinnamon twang.

And it's gonna be gorgeous.

- Oh my goodness. (laughs)

- It'll only work if we do this, it's what the girls did.

- Okay.

- Ready?

- Yeah.

Oh, wow.

They are done.

- Oh wow.

- And they are joined together.

- Joined together.

- They look good.

- Although it poured out a little bit,

we scraped off the edge,

and I think we've got the most of it.

- I think so.

- Cinnamon sugar is ready, which they'll get rolled in.

And this, is the ganache. That heat from the cream.

You see that starting to break it down.

There we go. Just like that.


- Wow.

- Look at that.

- Looks amazing.

- Should we roll them in cinnamon sugar?

- Yes.


- It's like a radiator.

- Should I put in the sugar?

- Yeah.

Oh wow!

So what we'll do,

is take the waffle.

Oh my gosh.

And then rest it into about halfway up,

so you can still tell,

that it's actually a waffle.

Shake off any excess.


You naughty thing.

With it being a ganache we've actually got to chill this.

To that it's set on there. I mean, doesn't want it.

I just wanna eat it right now.

- I know. I was thinking that, do we have to?

- The kids are over there shh.

This is for the adults.

- We've put it in the fridge.

It's chilled nicely and it's clung to it.

If you leave it even longer,

it will set like a proper ganache but we just wanna eat it.

My total instinct then was to get down on one knee,

and re-propose to you again.

This is like marriage.

Oh my gosh!

- It's very good. Try it on and see.

- Great Scot dried onions. That's stonking.

Remember folks, a waffle maker is for your life.

Not just for staying in the garage for a year.

There we are then folks our waffle machines first attempt.

Didn't actually make the standard walls.

The pizza one was so gooey and gorgeous.

The saltiness with the bacon, the eggy yolk running through

that hash brown just worked a charm.

And as you've just seen,

these were rather delicious indeed.

The chief waffle makers are back.

Couldn't hold it from them.

Is it good?

- Mmh. - Mmm.

- Like the chocolate sauce?

- Mmh good.

What was your favourite one?

- Pizza.

- Pizza.

- They were all good.

- They all really were good.

- Did you have a favourite?

I like the hash brown with the yolk and the bacon.


- And this one.


- If you guys have got an idea for when I eventually do get

to take this waffle maker to Stewart for a Will It Waffle,

something simple, maybe like a cupcake

that you can put in there, press down, see if it'll work.

He likes doing his videos with me,

and we like making them for you.

I will get there one day. If not, we can do in here.

Can't we?

- Yeah - Yeah

- What would you do? I think we should put a plug in there.

- Yeah.

- Thanks for watching guys.

Honestly, they were all amazing. So give them a go.

And if you do, send me a picture on social media.

- [All] Bye.

Check your level player, ♪

no matter what your style, ♪

the kitchen's for me, ♪

seven smurfs, dash, goatee. ♪

Maybe all three. ♪

- I forgot we had a plug socket there.

- I know that's amazing.

- Yeah. - Yeah.

You are eight years old and plug sockets get you excited.

- Yeah.

- (both laughing)

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