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Shell is a global company.

It's a blue chip company.

It recruits the best so I wanted to be part of the team.

I work as a reservoir engineer in Shell Gabon in Gamba.

Our work is forecast on a yearly basis as well as working on

how are we going to develop a field

and how are we going to develop a well

in an optimum manner.

Gamba is an untouched place where you can see elephants,

where you've got beautiful landscape with no building, just nature.

My little child can go and play and I won't be worried about

the stress of a big city or just crossing the road.

That's what I enjoy about Gamba.

It is a remote location so you won't have big shopping malls,

you won't have any cinema.

So you might have to take a plane to do that.

In Gamba, the social life really depends on what you like.

You can do some sports, indoor, outdoor.

During the weekend you meet friends.

What I do, outside of work, is exercise.

I got to the gym a lot. I use the swimming pool.

Sometimes I just like to feel the wind.

My partner, my child, they enjoy it over here.

They love being over here.

There is an international school, the Yenzi School.

There are two streams.

There is a French speaking stream and an English speaking stream.

You will be living ten minutes away from work so no traffic jam,

no stress.

So, it's all good.

Shell people are nice, they are personable

and they are enthusiastic.

People full of energy.

They want to learn, they want to share.

They want to achieve.

I'm not working on my own in a single room.

I'm working with a team of petro-physicists, of geologists

so on a daily basis I learn, I learn so many things.

I'm so excited every day about what am I going to do tomorrow.

What am I going to do next?

The opportunities that Shell offers are working on different

and exciting projects, working on new technologies.

Shell attaches a lot of importance to safety.

Safety comes first.

A human life is very important to Shell.

Shell puts a lot of energy on development,

a lot of energy on people.

So that's why I think people should work for Shell.

This is an opportunity to seize.

It's a good place to work.

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