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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Morning Routine To Manifest Success in Life as a Man (1% MIND)

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Alright, so you guys know me like I don't really do vlog style videos. I don't do anything

logging anymore. If you look at my first 234 hundred channels on my YouTube video, that's

all I was about was like vlogging my life and showing people what I do. And now I'm

more just into topic and informational type videos. So here's the thing if you guys liked

this style, too, and you guys want to see what I do on a day to day basis from time

to time or within my business, oh, and that's another thing too, especially if you guys

want to see how I operate within my business and what I'm working on. I want you to comment

that you want to see that below so I know what types of videos to make that you guys

would like to see. But blah, blah blah I'm going to do a vlog today, you're going to

see my morning routine, you're going to see exactly what I do how I think, well, I'm on

retention, how I plan my day how I start to get my work

done. And really the best way to self improve possible. So a lot of men struggle with dating.

And that's what I focus on a lot is becoming your best self. So that way, you know, you

can have options in the playing field and everything but it's like, Guys, this stems

so much further than that. Like if you take two equal guys, actually, I'll show you on

the whiteboard outside quick and then we'll go I'll show you my routine.

So when it comes to facial hair, I personally just don't Like how it feels on me when it

gets to a certain length what tends to happen is my skin gets irritated and an inches and

it turns raschi. So I typically shave after a few days. If you're new to the channel,

what you probably don't know is that you know this this started off as like a fitness channel.

What I was big into is, I've always been big into the body.

Okay, because I'm big believer like, as a man, you gotta strive to have the whole

package okay? If you got one aspect of your life figured out. Let's say you got a guy

in his fitness is really on point, but all of the other points is kind of like, lacking

or not the best The thing is, is that he's out of balance. Okay, you want to really make

sure you have it all what I call it as I call it being the full stack, man. You want to

have your career on point. You got to have your finances on point you got to have your

body on point. Okay, that's the only way to truly get the things that you deserve in life.

Okay, it's not procrastination and it's not neglecting any single area. It's making use

of your time and getting really goddamn good at everything. Let's begin.

Okay, so then in the morning, what I typically do is I typically vlog on the whiteboard,

I typically get ready for the day. I'm not quite there yet. So what I'm going to do is

I'm just going to show you a brief point I want to make as to why you guys need to focus

on becoming full stack. So what most men do if you take guy a and you take guy be gay,

and these two guys are the exact same, right? This guy hates his job. Works nine to five.

This guy hates it hates his job. Works nine to five okay if this guy has average health

or overweight and this guy also has average health

Or he's overweight. Guess what, they're still the same. Like you,

you guys need to really start to understand this and focus on leveling up. This guy makes

50 grand a year. This guy makes 50 grand a year.

This guy is, you know, let's say he's outdoors he. And then let's say this guy also likes,

you know, rec sports too. So they're kind of the same. So this is how most people are

like, this is 99% of the population. They walk the same, they talk the same, they do

the same thing. They act the same thing. And then they wonder why they don't have different

types of results. They wonder why they don't actually have the life that they want. Well,

I'll tell you why. When these two guys try to go to bars, and they try to date women,

here's where it gets really, really messy if this guy is the exact same and this guy's

the exact same and the Both make the same engineer. And they're both into the same stuff,

right? They're basically clones. But oh, let's add one more. Let's say guy number B. Let's

say this guy watches a few videos and this guy has some tactics

he's got he's got tactics. Dude, here's what you got to realize if the only dividing line

Can you guys see this if the only dividing line in life right now, between God number

A, and guy number B, is that this this man right here has tactics and this guy doesn't.

Do you realize how flawed this is? This guy's banking on some pickup lines, or this guy's

banking on some pullback techniques to actually create attraction and win over a woman. It's

not going to work. What is that woman buying? What are you like when you go out when you're

interacting? What's your product? What's your product with What's your message that you're

conveying to the world the product is you. That's why you need to take the time and you

need to focus in on your body. You need to focus in on your finances and you need to

focus in on your health.

And if you can do that, hopefully you can get your spiritual world in alignment so that

way you're not just one of these dudes so focused on all these dating apps. Like if

that's the only dividing line, the whole system's flawed from the get go. That's typically like

that's one thing I want to say. But this is how my morning is typically I wake up I get

ready. And then I I do a whiteboard presentation for you guys. So the next thing that I do

is I typically have a cup of coffee I'd like Starbucks just all black cold brew, it's quick

you can pour it out your house, you don't have to take a lot of time go into a coffee

shop then and I just got a sip this throughout the morning. Now one of the things that you

guys have to do if you take anything away from this video, the key to constant success

in life is planning and selling realization, which is exactly why you need to plan tomorrow

today. What that means is that means every single night, when I go to bed, right on my

desk, what I do is I look over, I grab my notebook, and at 11 o'clock or midnight or

anything like that i whatever time I go to bed, sometimes it's one, I plan the next day.

Now I'm not like a super early riser because I work late into the nights a lot of times

I like to wake up at about eight o'clock and start my day then I usually go to bed around

midnight or one. Now, I do this every day. So what I do is the top is always the date.

The top I have the bullet points of exactly what I have to do today. So like for example

today, it's vlog morning routine. Edit and post the vlog that I'm doing for you guys

today. I have to tweak some of my advertisements that I'm running. I have to make All of my

slides and presentation from my week seven blueprint course that I'm coming out with

for all the current clients. And then I have a call at 9am with a client bration I have

a call at noon with a potential prospect Brittany and then I have a call with client Mike to

4pm. So what you have to do is like I'm telling you guys, you, you have to do this.

If you do not plan exactly what you're going to do, you will never get ahead. And then

also what I do in the top as I say my cash made, I want to know exactly how much I'm

making every single day and I have target goals. Now if you do this every single day,

what's going to happen is you're going to turn into a new beast and a new animal because

then what comes down here is the journal from the journal I talked about what I'm going

through that day and then I talk about everything that I want to improve on and fitness in business

with God and with love. And if you can do this my Gosh, you're going to turn into one

hell of a beast. Let me explain why. If you realize certain things about you, you know,

let's say you think that you're broke and you want to figure out how to make more money

you need to be documenting that every single day. You need to have goals you need to set

them you need to plan tomorrow today, write that down in your if you take anything away

from this video plan tomorrow, today, tomorrow, like when I go to bed tonight, this next white

page of paper will be planned for tomorrow. That way when I wake up, I have a plan I can

get maximum amount of work done. And for a guy like me that likes to work 10 1213 hours

a day, I have to make sure that all of this is dialed in. I have to make sure my body's

in check or my mind doesn't perform right for work. I have to make sure my mind performs

right or I don't make money. You know that's the thing is if you guys want to escape the

typical traps that a lot of men falling into of groundhogs day, you have to be aware of

yourself of what you have to do to get out of it. Now when it comes to things like women,

for the Those of you that struggle in your love life, what you have to do is you have

to journal you have to journal and you have to set those goals. You say I'm very shy and

very awkward like this is part of journaling was Self Realization. I'm shy, I'm awkward.

I need to assert myself and develop my masculinity. You start to write that down. You put a goal

right below that you say in my love life Tomorrow, I will say hi to one new stranger, I will

just add minimum Say hi to one new woman, okay? Something like that. Something very

minimal, something tangible. If you see this realization, what happens is that you can

actually start to develop what you would like to be but it all comes with planning. Now,

there's some people that don't like to talk about money. If you're on my channel, I will

always talk about money because it is important to get your goddamn money, right? I can't

stress that enough. One of the biggest fears and insecurities for men is being broke. If

you can just own that and accept it and start to speak about money so that way you can educate

yourself on it and it can be a thing in a resource that you can make and you can make

happen. It's Going to improve your life tenfold. Not only do you have that confidence and that

self security, but you also feel like you have more value in the world. And what I've

said in a lot of my earlier videos, I'm a big believer in this, I want all of you guys

to try to bank two years of rent that does something to you. Bank two years of rent all

expenses bank, two years of grocery bills, two years of rent two years of car payments,

two years of car insurance, or if you have a mortgage bank, two years of that mortgage,

figure out how to do it. The reason for that is because when your head hits the pillow

at night, you're going to be a hell of a lot more relaxed, you're going to be a hell of

a lot more clear cut and focused. If you can figure out how to actually stack some cash

so that way, you have some buying power to breathe and let your guard down that does

something to your head, you start to feel confident and secure in yourself. So I want

you guys to be a full sack, man when you're on retention when you're doing nofap any of

these things. They're small bits of self improvement. Yes. You're educating yourself to becoming

better. Yes, and But it's all about what you do with it. If you want to take it to the

next level, the next step, what you're going to have to do is you're going to have to start

planning tomorrow. Today, you're going to have to start putting actual thoughts into

moves and into action. And you're going to have to start to actually build the body so

that way you can have a stronger mind this all ties in together. I don't know why dating

coaches or masculinity coaches don't talk about this because like, you got to be full

stack. full stack is the only way to live. I don't want any legging part of my life.

So I advise you to do the same. If you liked this video, comment and subscribe. Like it,

share it. We'll see you in the next one.

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