Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Configurer Public Wi-Fi sur votre appareil Android

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You want to connect to the internet

outside your home with your Android phone,

but without using your mobile internet plan.

This is possible via Public Wi-Fi in a public place,

such as a shop or café for example.

You can use it freely

if you have fixed Internet at Proximus

or if you have activated the Public Wi-Fi paid option

in your mobile subscription.

Is this the case?

Then open your MyProximus-app.

You don't have it yet?

Click on the link that appears now to install it.

Are you ready? You are in the app?

Click on "Products"

and then on the product on which Public Wi-Fi access is activated,

usually 'Internet' or 'My mobile phone'.

Go to the bottom of the screen

and press "Proximus Public Wi-Fi",

then "Configure your device".

If you are asked,

select the account you want to use.

That's it!

It's simple, isn't it?

From now on,

your Android device will connect automatically

And free of charge to the internet via Public Wi-Fi

Convenient, isn't it?

Have fun surfing,

and feel free to watch our other videos

if you need more help.

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