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[dramatic music]

So what we'll do now is we'll go down there.

We'll pull this guy out.

AARON PORTO (VOICEOVER): What did he do to obtain

the charges that he has?

BRIAN DAVIS (VOICEOVER): He was already in jail.

He was an active Sure o.

AARON PORTO (VOICEOVER): He killed an officer?


AARON PORTO (VOICEOVER): Oh [bleep] The most significant

experience that I've had so far with gangs is with the Sure os.


I was working in housing in 3A.

When I showed up to my unit.

And that entire pod was completely separated.

They sent inmates to other facilities.

They sent inmates to other units.

And I was told that there was a hit on my life

with the California Sure os.

And it's mainly due to the fact that they just didn't

like the way I enforced rules.

The way I look at it, though, is if an inmate likes you,

then you're really not doing your job.

You know what, I don't think you could ever be sure.

So it is a very--

it's very scary.

Can you sit down right there?

AARON PURTO: Davis is interviewing

an inmate to determine if he's still dangerous.

I had to hang back because, you know, I'm not an STIU member.

But Ariel is in charge of the unit.

So she can help with the interview.

I really would like to be in there.

It would be very interesting to me.

But I believe that day'll come eventually.

BRIAN DAVIS: I'm doing an assessment here.

I'm going to determine how good you

are to come out in public here.

All right.

The gist of this program is that everybody

here is at the end of the line.

They're done with the gang [bleep]..

They're not good with their gang no more.

Whatever the case is, this is the end of their line.

So I need everybody here to be on the same page,

which is come out, get along in a general population setting.

I need to know there's not someone here that's

going to [bleep] that up.

Do understand that you are going to be coming

out in this population with people who are in active gangs


You feel good about that?

Do you have an issue with that?

What I'm more concerned about is where are you going to be,

and where your head's at, if they

put another Sure o in the pod.

Do you have an issue with active gang members as it is?

You don't?

Then you have a [bleep] issue.


You planning on assaulting anyone?


Come on.

This inmate seems to be pretty worked up and agitated.

BRIAN DAVIS: No active Sure os, no nothing.

No nothing.

Well, I'm going to roll his cap back.

[bleep] Why would you say something so [bleep] stupid?


BRIAN DAVIS: If I could smack you with this book,

I would do it.

Sarge, this [bleep] [inaudible] acting aggressive--

BRIAN DAVIS: I'm going to roll his cap back.

Come on, man.

That's an issue.

[sighs] You're killing me, Purto.

I haven't been able to do my job at all today because of you.

I was just looking out for your safety, bro.

I was hoping you wouldn't have done that.

Purto, he wants to go out there and get the bad guy.

But as far as STIU is concerned, the super cop mentality,

it could be a hindrance.

I wanted the inmate to feel like he could

talk to me about anything.

I didn't want him to feel pressured,

as far as who was in there or anything else.

When he sent the sergeant in, it broke up the dynamic.

To be part of this group, you have

to be able to use your head.

You have to have a certain demeanor that keeps you calm.

That's a growing experience for him.

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