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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 동물이 극도의 스트레스를 받으면 할 수 있는 끔찍한 짓 l Horrible Thing Animals Can Do When They're Extremely Stressed

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In this peaceful place,

came a misfortune.

"It was horrible"

"Someone plucked was.."

The white chickens' hair was all plucked..

What in the world

is happening in the place..?

Owner : There are black chickens and white chickens,

but only the white chickens are going bald...

The black chickens and

the ducks here are totally fine.

Only the white chickens are balding..?

Looking over here!!


One chicken is dead..

Until the chicken's death..!

We can't let this go on

With an expert, we visited the site

and took a look at the chickens..

Wild animal expert : If they are balding because of a skin disease or stress

it's not just the feathers but the whole feather including the roots that fall off

This means

someone physically pulled it.

Did someone pull it on purpose..?

Right then..!

A silky fowl attacks the white chicken

It starts to peck their tail..!

Wild animal expert : They're not attacking the chicken. In the bald area

there are flies, caterpillars, and maggots.

They knew that and came to eat it.

In addition...

Wild animal expert : Looking at how it's balding from the top to the bottom, a chicken can't do that.

Because their beak is sharp, they grab something and lose it

Then is there something else on the farm..?

We placed observation cameras

and decided to take a look..


The ducks approach closely..?

Attack...? They are grazing the pumpkin leaves

However, nothing looks suspicious..

The next day

"Oh my what's this..?!"

The chickens that were left in their houses the whole night,

their scars got worse...!

They're even bleeding..

They were fine until I put them in their houses last night. strange point?

If the chickens are balding there must be a lot of hair on the floor...

but there aren't any hair..

The chickens are balding...

but no feathers..?

We decided to place cameras here too

and take a look...

Once it became night time...

The ducks are going over the fence..?!

And the attacked begins..!

Then... the ducks are eating something

They're eating the chickens' feathers

Oh my! lo..loo...look at that duck...

The ducks were pulling it!

I didn't even imagine!

We didn't know! We didn't know so even when they were grazing..

If we knew we would've separated them...

While everyone was sleeping, the moves were made undercover

When we were here they were fine.

When we're looking or around they were good.

Avoiding the people's eye

they waited for the right time

and went inside tall grass where they couldn't be seen

and the ducks were bullying the chickens...

Vet : When they receive an extreme amount of stress they either pluck other animal's feathers

or peck the red part of the anus that stimulates them

which is caused by an extreme amount of stress.

The stressed ducks

visually attacked around the red top part of the anus..

Originally my father in law took care of this farm..

but after he passed and visited the farm after a while

they(white chickens) were all bald.

the farm that couldn't be taken care of

and that had to be left

The unusual farm conditions

were the reason the ducks were getting stressed..

but why the white chickens..?

Vet : They lived together since they were young, so they already knew their personalities

and the white chickens were easier to look down on so they could've been the victim

First, the hurt white chickens were taken care of

and the open areas were securely closed

to separate the space

and for the ducks' stress relief

we even made an area for them to swim...!

I want to make a good environment for them to live happily!

"I hope the ducks and the white chickens have a happy life!"

The Description of 동물이 극도의 스트레스를 받으면 할 수 있는 끔찍한 짓 l Horrible Thing Animals Can Do When They're Extremely Stressed