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Lena Park: In a beauty parlor edited: akao

From now on, I am a new person

My image reflected from mirror,

looks like a stranger to me

After you left,

I have been crying for a long time

This everlasting waiting...

I think it's time to stop

Maybe in this world,

there are plenty prayers no matter how sincere,

that cannot be answered

Now I will have my haircut,

to prepare for my new life

I will show to my friends around my new trendy hairstyle

that's what I can only do...

I have two lives:

One life was with you

Another life will be me living by myself

Now I had my haircut done

While I prepare for my second life,

no matter how many times, when I close my eyes

tear swelling in my eyes will roll down

you tell me what can I do?

from now on, I will be stronger

so you, who reside in my heart, will disappear

goodbye, dont be sick

and dont worry about me

I will also find another one

If this is what you called freedom

I'd rather be bound by you

it's too late, too late to mend our love

only can comfort myself, because of our memory, I am rich

maybe time to say goodbye

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