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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Man Attempts To Assassinate Obama, 'But Not Because He's Black Or Anything'

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Welcome back. We have some breaking news for you this morning.

The FBI is now releasing new details about Alex Croft.

He was the man that they arrested on Tuesday

after it came to light that he had plans

to assassinate the President. -An FBI spokesman

told the press the plot was slowed down largely because of Croft's fears

that the assassination would seem racist

when in fact he meant it to have nothing to do

with President Obama's skin color. -Now we understand that the FBI

was tipped off in part by a videotape that Croft himself had made

and distributed to major media outlets. We have a section of that tape

to show our viewers right now. -I will personally destroy Barack Obama

and it's not because he's African-American.

It's because of his socialist policies. Look, my sister is married

to a black guy, it's not a black and white thing.

And then he went on to list all of his other African-American friends.

In the small town of Hewitt, Vermont,

Croft's neighbors are all expressing astonishment this morning,

saying that Croft was quiet and mostly kept to himself,

except when encountering a black person

when he would become exceedingly chatty,

going so far as to invite complete strangers to hang out.

Today Now's very own Jane Carmichael is right now standing by live

in Washington DC with the latest details for us.

Good morning Jane. -Good morning.

Jane tell us about this anti-government militia group

he tried to get to help him. These guys seem pretty scary.

Yes but apparently they turned Croft down

because they were quote "a little uncomfortable with some of the language

Croft was using." -He'd come to one of our meetings

and says 'Obama must be killed, he's got a dark soul.'

And everyone was like 'whoa what does that mean, dark soul?'

And he's all like 'no no, that's not what I meant'

but I've got to tell you, it just didn't sit right with me.

Now the FBI is saying Croft actually conceived and then abandoned

several plans to kill President Obama. -That's right.

Croft's journal revealed that he had ruled out explosives

for fear it might conjure up memories

of the racially motivated Birmingham church bombings,

and he discounted using a gun because... -Martin Luther King. -Exactly.

I see. -Ultimately to allay all suspicions of racism

Croft decided to shoot the president with a crossbow

with a list of important black historical figures taped to the arrow.

But the FBI apprehended Croft while he was parked

outside the White House in a car blasting Sly and the Family Stone.

Well thanks for being with us Jane. -Thank you.

Now Croft has also released a statement through his lawyers today

and I quote "It's Obama who should be in prison, not me.

But I don't mean all black people belong in prison, I mean just him.

Well, unless you've committed a crime. I mean, it should be equal."

And that's the latest on that. -Well later in the hour

we'll have details on how you can enter to win a date with Jim Haggerty

for your 18 year old daughter.

The Description of Man Attempts To Assassinate Obama, 'But Not Because He's Black Or Anything'