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- The leftovers are stacking,

time to get hacking.

- Let's talk about that.

♪(intro music)♪

- Good Mythical Morning.

- Happy Thanksgiving to all you Mythical Beasts in America,

and beyond.

You can enjoy Thanksgiving celebration.

We are very thankful to each and every one of you

who has chosen to make this show

a part of your daily routine.

- Yes, and we have a big episode

up our sleeves for you today.

We're going to go through some Thanksgiving food hacks

that I guarantee that you are gonna need,

but first, a few announcements, episode seven of Buddy System

- came out yesterday, - Yup.

- (Link) so you can watch us don disguises and infiltrate

our ex -girlfriend's evil lair.

Plus, at the end of this episode, right out here,

we're going to introduce a brand new Wheel of Mythicality.

- Yes, we are.

But first, a Thanksgiving-themed question from Coyo Kaleido,

which is the coolest name I've ever said on Thanksgiving.

- Coyo Kaleido.

- "What's the best thing to do with all that leftover turkey?"

- This is a problem,

'cause it's gonna stack up.

You can't get it all in your mouth hole into your stomach bucket in one day.

But, in the subsequent days, you've really got to figure out a way

to entice yourself, by injecting some creativity

into those leftovers via the hacks

that we're going to present to you now. It's time for,

- ♪(bouncy music)♪ - (Link) Got some leftover food?

- (both) Let's hack it, dude.

- So we're going to be taking plain, mundane,

boring Thanksgiving leftovers,

and reinventing them in a way to make them interesting to your mouth.

First up, Hot Stuffed Balls. - ♪(bouncy music)♪

- Okay, so very common to have leftover stuffing,

or, as we call it in the South, - (both) Dressing.

- I know it doesn't entirely make sense, but that's what we call it.

And, if you have a fancy Thanksgiving, you might have some cheese.

My wife puts the cheese out every Thanksgiving.

- What's that? Brie?

- This is brie. Brie is very fancy, man.

- Yeah, yeah.

- So you're gonna put this all together,

and make the Hot Stuffed Balls.

Bring them out, Link.

- Yes, I have them over here.

- (Rhett) Fresh out of the fryer.

Here's how this works,

you take your stuffing, or your dressing, and you flatten it out.

You take some cheese, you put the dollop in the middle.

You roll it into a ball. You drop it in the deep fryer,

and then you pick it up, with your hand, right out of the deep fryer.

No, that's not suggested.

- You're going to want to have some-- - You want to dip it into some gravy.

- ♪ Gravy dip makes everything so much better. ♪

Gravy dip. ♪

But there's a film over my gravy.

- Gravy film, it's my favorite movie.

- It's like a gravy trampoline.

You got to really bury it.

- Oh, you going half dip? Like a half moon.

Like a waning or a waxing?

- Hm mm.

- Yours is waning, mine is waxing.

Let's dink it and sink it, brother.

- Dink it.

- Happy Thanksgiving. - Is this gonna burn?

- Hey, Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

- I'm thankful.

- (crew laughs)

- That you said that.

- (Link) I don't want it to burn my mouth.

Is it hot in there?

- Oh! Eat it, man.

Why are you so timid?

Get in the ball, man.

Bite right into the ball, man. Don't think about it.

- (laughs)

- That's better than cheese, and dressing.

You know what I mean?

It's better than both.

This is a situation where, mathematically, dressing or stuffing plus cheese

became bigger than the sum of its parts.

- Hm mm. Tomorrow, you're going to be saying,

"I wish I would have done this yesterday?"

And then, the day after that, you're gonna be like,

"I wish I'd done that the day before yesterday."

- How about just do it next Thanksgiving?

- Do it next Thanksgiving.

And then, the day after that, you're gonna be like,

"Next Thanksgiving, we should do what we should have done

"day before, day before yesterday."

- Yeah, I follow the logic.

- Hot Stuffed Balls, they're hot, they're stuffed.

- And they're excellent.

- ♪(bouncy music)♪ - (Link) Ham Bam, Thank You Bowl.

Now I am definitely a ham man when it comes to Thanksgiving,

but I'm not such a big ham man that I don't have any ham

leftover to container-ize.

- Yeah. Big ham man.

- And then this is what it typically looks like

when you have ham leftovers.

You got the sliced up pieces in here, do I have to show you this?

- You do. - But there's another aspect

of the ham leftover that, typically you don't see,

and that is the ham carcass.

- That's how I consume my ham.

- (Link) We usually just carve all the ham out,

in order to eat it, and then it just leaves this piece

that, sadly, you just throw away. - Yeah, 'cause I'm scared of--

I don't know what the liner is. It seems unnatural.

- It looks like snakeskin. - I don't want to eat it.

I want to eat around it.

- But it actually tastes good, if it's the outside of a bowl.

- Right. - It looks like a bowl,

so why not make it a hot ham bowl?

- So what do you put in there? - All you gotta add is hot water.

- Oh! Okay. - (Link) Pour some hot water

into the ham bowl. - That sounds great, Link.

- (Link) This is boiling-ish.

Hot water. Not boiling.

I'll just say hot. It boiled at one point.

- And that's it? - Nope.

You let it steep a little bit, and you stir it.

It's like ham tea.

- Okay, now that you cleared that up, it's like ham tea.

- It's like ham tea. You've had it.

- But it's a little bit like a bread bowl. - Except ham.

- But it's ham. - Exactly.

- That's how I understand it. - You've caught on.

You've caught on to this train.

- We could sell this to Panera.

- We could. It's heavy. - (laughs)

- They don't like heavy stuff. They like, like, breads.

- Can I have some of the ham water.

- (Link) Sure, you can have some.

Let's both dip in here. - Is it a soup?

Or is it a tea?

I need to know.

- It's ham water. It's hot ham water.

Let's try it.

So watery.

Yet, there's a smack of ham to it. - Yup.

Just a bit, but very watery,

which you know what? - And you can scrape it.

- Gives me an idea, Link.

- Okay.

- As you know, I also eat my ham exactly the same way.

- (all laugh)

- But, as we have established, I am a gravy fan.

- You a gravy man?

- And I got a whole boat right here.

A boat-load. Look at that.

Oh gosh, it broke the seal. Uh oh!

Whoop, there it goes.

- (crew laughs)

- (Rhett) When the gravy film wants to unload,

let it go.

Don't resist it. Don't resist a gravy film

that wants to get out.

- And I would recommend, not only letting that steep,

but stirring it, and scraping it. - (Rhett) Yeah.

Like an exam. This is like an exam of some kind.

- What do you exam with spoons?

- I dunno. The doctor goes in and grabs some--

- He scoops out-- - He gets a sample.

Like DNA - Oh, yeah.

- I want to get some DNA from the ham, - It's a DNA swab.

- and I wanna mix it with the gravy,

because it sounds so appetizing.

Let me get an actual chunk.

- Now you don't want to spring a leak in the ham bowl.

You'll have a gravy waterfall. - I'm being very careful,

see, I got me a ham piece. - (Link) Look at that.

This may be a little salty.

- The gravy's a bit overpowering.

Give me a little of your ham water and thin it.

- Yeah.

- Use it like a flask.

- (repeats) That's good.

Now I'm just going to..

- Oh yeah. There you go.

- Panera would be into this now. This has gotten to be

a better consistency.

I'm going to get another subdermal piece.

Perfect. (laughs) - Perfect. We got it.

- It got good. - Hot ham bowl.

Scrape, but don't scrape too deep.

- Noted. And, listen, if you get impatient

when you're eating your Wham Bam Thank You Bowl,

remember, the bowl is ham.

- Oh yes.

You've done a thing.

- (Rhett) Now that might happen. - (Link) You've sprung a leak.

- That might happen, but what you're going to do with that,

is you're going to just lean it back, and it will, temporarily stop.

- Rendering normal bowls completely obsolete,

it's the Ham Bowl.

- ♪(bouncy music)♪ - (Rhett) Ice Creamed Spinach.

Now spinach is one of the more healthy offerings

at the Thanksgiving table.

Now, when you cream it, it does get a little less healthy,

and you do that to get the kids to eat it, and sometimes they don't,

and it's still leftover, but what we want to do

is we got to get the kids to eat their greens.

They got to get their vitamins and their minerals.

- And their spinach. - (crew laughs)

- They gotta get that spinach.

We have made Ice Creamed Spinach.

- 'Cause it's already got cream in the title.

- (Rhett) Yes. It's like a Wheel of Fortune,

before and after. - Before and after.

Ice Cream Spinach.

- Ice Creamed Spinach.

- Spinach. - Hold on--

- I know you don't like how I say it.

- Well, 'cause you don't say it-- It's not about what I like,

it's about being right. - (crew laughs)

- Spinach. - Spin-age is something that happens

when you start spinning something.

Spinach is a leafy vegetable that you eat.

- Do you know how you make ice cream?

- Spin-age. - You spin-age the maker.

- No, ice cream maker has spin-age.

- It does.

That's what I've been talking about. - And this has spinach.

- Spinach in the spin-age. - Let's just eat it.

- Now I am very excited about this, because it looks

like legit ice cream.

- And it's cold like legit ice cream.

It smells like frozen spinach.

- (crew laughs)

- (coughs)

- The only thing ice cream about it, is the ice part.

- Eww.

- It tastes exactly like creamed spinach, - Frozen.

- in every other way.

- Tastes like frozen spinach.

- Yeah, this is like, if you just get creamed spinach from Trader Joes,

in the freezer, and you just take it out of it,

and just bite it. That's what this is.

But, hold on,

just remove the expectations that you normally bring to ice cream,

and do it again. - I'd rather not.

- That's not half bad. I like savory.

I really like savory. - I mean, you'll go to ice cream parlors,

and they'll, like, have some cockomany idea, like

(silly voice) oh, it's really spicy. (normal voice) Or it's,

(silly voice) made out of garlic. or olives.

- The kids are not going to like this though.

- With salt. Salt and olives.

You've eaten three bites. - (crew laughs)

- You know what?

I actually just, I totally forgot,

I recently found out that I'm lactose intolerant.

- I know. - (laughs)

And ice cream, and milk are the things that cause

the worst gastric effects.

- (laughs) Hey, man. You're the one who's--

- I have a solution.

Alexa, order me some fart-filtering underwear.

(Alexa) The top search result for fart-filtering underwear

is Subtle Butt reusable gas neutralizers.

Five activated carbon filters.

It's nineteen dollars, and ninety five cents total.

Would you like to buy it?

- (laughs) - Yes.

- (Alexa) Okay. Order placed.

- You'll thank me later.

- ♪(bouncy music)♪ - (Link) And Turksicles.

Look at how boring this turkey is,

just sitting in this--

It's like an aquarium. - I don't even want to look at it.

- I wouldn't buy a ticket to that. And this gravy is still enticing,

but, I mean, we got to get the creativity portion up,

and make something that works for my lactose intolerant friend,

- Hey. - it's a desert popsicle.

It's a Turkey-sicle.

What we did was we took turkey and gravy,

and we just shoved it down into a popsicle mold,

froze it with a stick, and here it is.

Hmm hmm goodness.

Because, like you said, all of the deserts are gone, man.

We got to make foods into deserts.

- Yeah, we got to me foods into deserts.

- Regular foods. Desert is not food.

- Okay.

Everybody eats the pumpkin pie.

Everybody eats the apple pie.

You got to have something to get excited about

on, like Friday and Saturday.

- And, boy am I excited.

- Are you gonna just lick it, or are you gonna bite it?

- I'm a popsicle licker, I'm not a popsicle biter.

You're a biter.

- Savory.


- Icy.

- This is what happens with me, I just want to break it off.

I wanted to sink my front teeth right into the ice.

- Ew. When you get to the--

Eugh! When you get to the frozen

turkey part, it's horrifying.

- Uh oh. - Eugh!

This is much-- I want to go back

to the spinach ice cream now.

- How did it get so salty?

Did you add salt?

- (Chase) No.

- Oh.


- (Rhett and crew laugh)

- Well, it's not that bad.

- Uh uh. These things should not go to--


- (crew laughs)

- Hold on.


- (unintelligible)

- Let it warm up in your mouth, then it will become just like

turkey and gravy.

Let the heat in your mouth warm it up.

Melt it.

Don't try to consume it so quickly, friend?

Close the mouth. Move around.

Tongue it a little bit.

- (gags) - (crew laughs)

- Mm mm.

- Can't get it down?

Now it just tastes like-- - (vomiting)

- You're making it difficult for me.

- Sorry, man.

That was-- Hey, it was worth a shot.

I'm sure the kids'll love it.

- (laughs) Are you saying don't try that one?

- Just give it to the kids.

- I think, if you let it heat-- - Send them in another room.

- If you let it heat in your mouth it becomes acceptable.

You going to be okay?

- Not emotionally.

- Hopefully you're going to be okay.

You can use any and all of these hacks to make the next couple of days

in your life that much more exciting.

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