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- I'm a little crab, I'm a little crab.

(pop, pop)

I'm a little crab, I'm a little crab.

(pop, pop)

I'm a little crab, I'm a little crab.

(pop, pop)

I'm a little crab, - Two

- I'm a little crab, - Two

(pop, pop)

- I'm a little crab, - Two

- I'm a little crab, - Two

- I'm a little crab, - Two

(drum beats)

- I'm a little crab, - Two

(pop, pop)

- I'm a little crab, - Two


(boing, boing)

- Play with me.

Hold and leap.

- So, what should we play today?

- I know, our new shark game.

- A new shark game?

- Mmm-hmm.

- I don't remember a new shark game.

Is it in the closet?

- Mmm-hmm.

I see it.

- Holy cow.

- I'm gonna open it.

- Okay.

- How do I open this?

Punch it.

Oh, I did it.

Oh, here's our instructions, Mom.

- Instructions.

- I'll get the shark out.

- Holy cow, that's scary.


- It's not real.

- Oh, that scared me.

You're putting your hand in his mouth.

Oh my gosh.

- He doesn't have any eyes.

- Oh, oh you know what

that's the first thing we have to do,

it says "the first time you play,

put stickers on his face for eyes".

- I see his fin.

Look at his fin.

Whoa, he's bouncy.


Bouncy, - Oh

- Bouncy - He's a bouncy shark.

- Whoa, there's lots of stickers.

- And then those ones go on the dice.

Okay, this one goes right here.

- I want a sticker.

- Whoa.


Now he seems meaner.


Now we gotta find the dice.

- I found it.

- Okay, you gotta put

little fishes on the dice. - It's naked.

- It's naked.

- Here's a sticker.

Put it on the dice.

- Swimmy, swim.

- Here's another one,

Put it on another side.

Good job.

Did you find a spot?

So how we play is we have to open up the shark's mouth.

Push it back

'til it clicks.

Then we have to stick all these fish

in the holes.

Can you help me?

- Yep.

- This one looks like a scorpion.

Maybe it's a crab.

It's probably a crab.

Oh, this one's a crab.


I'm a little crab, I'm a little crab.

- And I found another crab.

- You found a red one.

- I found a fish.

- There's a spot right there.

- We have lots of them.

Here's my fishing pole.

- Here's my fishing pole.


Okay, we gotta roll.

Are you gonna go first?

You gotta roll and see how many fishies you get.

- One

- Okay, you're first.

You get to do one fish.

Don't let the shark get you.

Get him.


- I did it - Good job

Okay, mom's turn.

Oh, one.

Ooh, I'm scared.


Ooh, I got him.

- Hurry.

- Okay, I got him.

Your turn.


- One.

I always want to get two.

- I know you want to get two.

The green crab.

Pull hard.

Whoa, you did it.

I wonder who he's gonna bite.

Me or you?


- One.

- I'm gonna do a red.


Oh, oh, oh, don't use your hands.

He could bite you.

- I got it for you.

- Thank you.


Whoa, two.

- I already got two.

- You're gonna get two more.

Be so careful.

Oh, you're going for the crab.



- It almost broke my fishing pole.

- It almost did.

Okay, you have to get another one.

Oh my gosh, I'm nervous.


- Whoa. - Whoa.

I got two.

Oh my gosh.

- Yeah, I got two, too.


- Ooh, one.


- Two. - Two.

Oh my gosh.

- Uh oh, my turn.

- Your turn.


- One.

- He's gonna get you.

He's gonna get you.


- He almost got me.

- My turn.

- Wonder if he's gonna get you.

- One.

- I wonder if he's gonna get you.


My turn.


- Two?

- Two.

- You get the last ones.


(boing) (screams)

- It got me.

- It did get you.

- Let's do that again.

- That scared me more than you, I think.

- Let's do that again.

Put all the fish in it.

- Okay, put all the fish in.

Oh my gosh, I didn't know

if he was going to get you or not.

- I thought that was scary.

- That was scary.

- I sorta got pushed the tooth

and then it bites us.

- Yeah.

I wonder if he just eats you on the last time always,

or if he could eat you in between, you know.

We still need

two more.

- I got two. - You got two?

- I got them.

- Okay, stick them in.

- One.

Where's the last one?

- Right there. - My turn.

- But who should go first?

- Me.

- Okay, go.

- Let's do rock and papers.

- Rock, paper, scissors - Rock, paper, scissors

- Shoot - Shoot

- Rock, paper,

- You do paper, and I do scissors.

- Okay.

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.

Ah, you cut me.

You win.

- I win.

- Roll the dice.


- Two.

- Oh my gosh. - I bet

the one shark is gonna bite me.

- Is it gonna bite you?


Oh. - Oh, it didn't bite me.

- Okay, you gotta do another one.

- Okay, let me stir up.

- Stir it up.

Wind it up.


- I did it.

- Oh, you did it.


- One.


- Oh.

- My turn.

- Your turn.


- One.


- Oh.

- This one's a scary game.

- This is a scary game.

- One.

- Fine, let me get the dice.

- Oh, he could've gotten your arm.


- Woo.

- My turn.

- Whoa, that almost went in the shark's mouth.

- It almost did.

- And then I will have to grab it

- Oh, watch your hand.

- Yeah, and I will almost have to grab it.

- Yeah.

- This ones gonna

bite me. (boing)

- Whoa. - Whoa.

- One.



He's stuck.

I got all greens.

Two, again?

- He's not.

- He's gonna bite you.

- Nope.

- He's gonna bite you. (dramatic music)

He's gonna get you.

I think it's gonna be this one.


Oh, he got you again.

- He should not bite my hand.

- He got you twice.


Last round.

Are we brave enough?

- Yes.

- Okay.

- I'm gonna put my hand in.


- Last round.

You have to use your hands.

- Okay, my turn.

- You gotta roll.

- Hey, where's the rolly

Whoa, it fell on the ground.

I got two.

I got two.

- Two, are you sure?

Wait, nope, no fishing rods this round.


(boing) You have to be quick.

I'm nervous.

- I wish I was gonna have three.

- I'm so scared.

- I wish I could do this.

- Which one should I get?

Oh, okay, be careful.


- I do this.

- Flick it.

- Whoa. - Two

- Two.

No I want a three.

Whoever grabs one with their fishing pole gets three,

with their hands.

I got three.

- Three, there's no three on the dice.

- Yes, there is.

- Must be invisible.

Go fast, so he doesn't bite you.

What, you're crazy.

You're crazy, you're crazy.

(screams) Whoa.

It got you.

- It got me.

- Oh my gosh,

are you okay?

- Yeah.

- He bit your arm.

Did you get all the fish though?

Holy crap, that was crazy.

Should we end the blog?

- Yes.

- Okay.

- Thanks for watching.

Bye - Bye.

I'm a little crab, I'm a little crab.

(pop, pop)

I'm a little crab, I'm a little crab.

(pop, pop)

I'm a little crab, I'm a little crab.

(pop, pop)

I'm a little crab, - Two.

(pop, pop)

- I'm a little crab. - Two

(pop, pop)

- I'm a little crab. - Two.

(pop, pop)

- I'm a little crab, - Two.


- I'm a little crab. - Two.

(pop, pop) - That was gross.

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