Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2 SIMPLE TIPS TO TRAIN MEMORY AND FOCUS

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two simple tips to train memory and focus while you work welcome to life cure the place

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then a simple tip you can use is to move your mouse and put it on your left how

can this possibly work you ask well for starters it forces you to use a

different part of your brain the right hemisphere to be precise which controls

movement in your left side over time this can help encourage ambidexterity

and that in turn can have a number of positive benefits for your brain by

increasing your spatial awareness your memory and possibly even your creativity

it improves memory communication between your brains two hemispheres which has been

shown to be useful in a number of studies as you create more neural tissue

to learn this left-handed dexterity of course you'll put it on the right if you

are left-handed your brain becomes better at adapting and changing

therefore making it easier to learn other new tasks at the same time though

putting your mouse on the left side will make it more annoying to use this is a

bad thing if you are sending work emails or doing other important jobs that

require a mouse but in other cases it can actually be a good thing that's

because controlling a mouse with your left hand will likely be enough to put

you off going for a wander online or browsing YouTube this in turn means that

you'll probably focus more on the work you're doing and get it completed more

quickly all those benefits just from putting your mouse on the left what else

can you do this easily to have profound effects on your ability to work

productively and efficiently stand up just as using your left hand can enhance

your creativity and memory standing up may be able to improve your focus and

help you to stay productive for longer that's because standing up will help to

encourage your heart to work harder which will promote the delivery of

oxygen and nutrients around your body into your brain at the same time

standing up while working can have other beneficial effects outside of your

productivity it can help you to burn more calories for instance and can help

to improve your posture and eliminate back problems that many associate with

working in a desk share studies have shown however that

promotes focus when engaging in difficult tasks so the best way to work

is to answer email standing up and then to sit down when you want to sink your

teeth into the meat of your working day oh and getting more exercise has been

shown to boost memory across the board too