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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 4 Things You Don't Know About Australian English

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good a everyone welcome to the YouTube

channel of English central this is told

over here and we're going to talk about

Australian English today I've been

living in the Australia for the last

four years and I'm gonna share my

experiences with you let's start with

different words that Australians using

every day firstly they start with

friends in Australia we don't say friend

we say Mike it doesn't matter if it's a

girl it's a boy

you always say nice it's like hey mate

how are you going or like hey mate

what's up with you okay second word is

hello or good day you know as an

American English we say hello or good

day but in Australian we say a little

bit shorter version good a very short

version if you gonna say hi how are you

you say it could I how are you talking

about a Volkswagen car let's say you

have a Volkswagen Golf you don't say I

have a lost wagon Gold you say I have a

view that a word is a vide up you say I

have a read of all that's funny and

let's go on with girl see if you're

referring to a girl if you went to a

party and if you in the nightclub and

you have a friend and he is talking to

some group of girls he says I'm talking

to the Sheila you use a wrote Sheila

instead of a girl if you're referring to

a guy they're referring to your friend

you say Lloyd if you see a guy in front

of your house and if your wife is asking

who is the guy you say oh there's a

bloke in in front of the house ok the

other word is should make let's say you

meet with your friend and you like his

jacket and just want to say it's really


you say hey might does should make now

let's talk about abbreviations in other

words shorter version of course that

Australians using there they

so if you want to go to a barbecue you

don't say let's go to barbecue you say

let's go to Bobby let's go to Barbie

might and let's say your friends are you

mighty you over

breaky which stands for brightly you say

let's save a break here or like what

seem to break you today so let's say

there's an emergency what do you do you

call an ambulance no you call an Ambo

let's call an Ambo instead of a menace

what would you call the a molesters name

Melissa Australia okay let's talk about

our little friend kangaroos

you don't say kangaroo you say rude why

would you say a kangaroo and can just

say Ruben get on with it if you want to

see kangaroos you say I want to see


another one is a short version of

language it is lingo so now I'm talking

about Australian lingo not Australian

language all right it's a sunny in here

I'm gonna put my Sunny's not my

sunglasses these are my sunnies so let's

get on with the pronunciations if you

want to say something is done something

is over

you don't say over you say over it's

over we're done

and if you want to say if you want to

get someone's attention you say hey you

don't say hey you say hey and if people

turn left

you don't say left you say left a bit of

emphasis on the elf and if you want to

turn right and if you want to do

something right you say right and if you

disagree with something you not say no

you say no and just a bit of overview on

referring people if you're gonna say me

it's not me it's May and fulness a you

it's not you it's you and also one thing

that I want

is how you need to ignore our or in

verse let's say you have a friend he's

flying with Virgin Airlines you say are

you flying

Virgin Airlines you don't say our egos

let's get on with

areum's one idiom that I heard every day

is she'll be right if you have an issue

if you are nervous about something and

if you tell it to your friend your

friend girls are she'll be right or he

may say she'll be apples that means it's

going to be alright even autonomy to

break down and if you are talking to

your friend if your friend has tabs on

you and if you sure that you tell the

truth you say oh it's bloody ok so that

is the truth just a way of saying bloody

eyes and bloody is the word that

Australians use to make their rows

stronger you can use it in many ways you

can say oh it's bloody good oh it's

bloody nice oh it's too bad you can say

it in every way and let's say you're

going to do a favorite artists concert

and you're really excited about it

you're so keen you say oh I'm sorry

because that you're dying from excite

you go so happy you say I'm strong and

if you're not in the mood to do anything

and if somebody asks you to do something

you say a counter product right that

means you're not in the mood you don't

want to do anything now the last thing

I'm going to talk about is when you like

something when it's really nice and when

you want to refer to that you say oh

sweet ass so let's say you've got good

news you get something sorted and you

tell your friend oh that's sweet ass

that's how Australians speaks in daily

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