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Welcome to day three of Finding Dory week everybody.


>> Finally a whole week of shows about me.

>> [LAUGH] >> Finding Dory comes out

in theaters on Friday, and I can't tell you too much about it.

It's rated G which is great for a movie, but terrible for a restaurant, really bad.

I can tell you that Dory is trying to find her family, that's what the story is,

and obviously there's a lot of swimming and a lot of challenges along the way so

I thought in honor of the movie that we would play a game.

I would challenge two of you to swim an upstream

special version of finding Dory Sorry Spin.

All right so you're going to get suited up.

You've seen this game before.

>> Yeah. >> It's a whole lot of fun and

it's harder than it looks on TV.

While you get suited up I'm going to show everybody our Sorry Spin Hall of Famers.





>> Are you ready, Mason?

>> Okay.

>> All right. >> Okay.

>> And only stay on the black.

You can't go on the red, only the black.

>> Okay >> Be safe. Go!





[APPLAUSE] >> Well.


>> [APPLAUSE] >> Okay.

Apparently we could all only afford

four balls. >> [LAUGH]

>> So when we lost one we didn't get this.

That's not fair, I'm gonna deduct 10 seconds from cuz that's not fair.

Come on down here Macy.

It is your turn Carleen.

And- >> [APPLAUSE]

>> Are you ready?

>> I'm ready Ellen.

>> Make sure you aim it first and just drop it in.

>> [INAUDIBLE] first?

>> What? [SOUND] >> Yeah yeah.








Six, five, four, three, two, one.




>> You seemed so much faster.

>> How was your, how did that happen?

[LAUGH] [LAUGH] >> How did your

pocket turn inside out from doing that?

>> Actually I'm athletic.

>> I know you're very athletic,

which is why you won't be as sore as you should be tomorrow.

>> [LAUGH] >> Wow Carleen.

That was sad.

>> Terrible [LAUGH] >> It really was.

But you know what?

You're winning, and you're gonna win too.

You're both are getting a 55 inch TCL Roku TV.


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