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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Best Surprise Present For Jordan Wins A Mystery Prize / AllAroundAudrey

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- [Jake] Bro.


- Oh!

That was so...

(Jordan screaming)

And we have $50 each to find-

- A decoration, that's actually so cute

and the best part of-

- Logan really shredded these!

Hi guys! It's Audrey and today we're with my brothers:

- Jake and...

- Ty!

- [Jake And Ty] From Jake and Ty!

- And Jordan from JustJordan33!

- Today we're playing the best present wins challenge.

So how we're gonna do this is one person gets the presents

and everyone else has to go to to the store

and pick out a present that they think

that person will like, wrap it up

and then present it.

The person doesn't know whose present is whose though

and then they have to pick it

and the person that gets the picked wins

(bell dinging)

a mystery box, so we'll see what's inside that.

All right but first we have to determine

who the person is that's going to get all the presents

and to do that we are gonna be playing

pin the tail on the donkey.

The person that gets the tail closest

to the tail on the donkey, wins.

So everyone put your blindfolds on, let's go!

So I guess Ty is going first.

- [Jordan] Wait we need to spin him around, right?

- [Audrey] Spin, spin!


- [Jordan] OK, now go.


- Uh that's not the wall, sir.

There you go, oh, hello.

- [Ty] Is this it?

- [Audrey] Yeah.

- How tall is it?

- I can't give you any hints, you just have to do it.


- [Jordan] That is so close.

- [Ty] I got a bit!

- [Jordan] That is so close.

- Really close, Ty!

OK Jake, it's your turn.

- No! Ty's gonna win! That is so close!

- My turn!

- [Audrey] All right, Jake's turn!


Oh no!

- What?

OK I'll stick it over here on you!

- No!

- Where am I?

- I don't know, go pin it on the donkey.

(upbeat electronic music)

- What?!



- You stuck it there!

You stuck it right there!

I was trying to put the blindfold over his nose

to make sure he wasn't cheating

but obviously he was not 'cause he stuck it on this wall!

Jake, I don't think you're gonna win!

- [Jordan] I don't think Jake's gonna win!

- I think I'm gonna win, 100%!

- OK, Jordan.

- My turn, I'm number three.

Oh, OK.

OK, help me, Sisto.

- OK.

- Uhhhh...


Oh I can't even touch it.

I don't wanna go! I don't wanna go!


- That was so close!

- Oh my goodness, Ty!

It looks like you and me are gonna be in competition.

- Ty has this much so far but Jordan,

I feel has a bigger chunk.

- Oh my goodness, I actually did not think

that was gonna happen.

I thought I was gonna hit on the face.

- [Audrey] OK my turn.

- I'm so happy, I'm so surprised! Wow!

- I win because mine's way over there!

- I'm gonna lead you, so come right here

and then you, you spin!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh, oh, OK come back!

Right there, stop!


Missed the poster, Audrey!

- I was so close though!

So Jordan, I think that means you win.

- Wait, really?

- So Jordan won.


And she gets to stay home and we all have to go to the store

and try and find the best present for Jordy.

- It's my birthday, 'cause I get presents!

It's not really my birthday but.

- You played pin the tail on the donkey.

Right, let's go see.

OK guys, we're at the store but we actually have

a time limit, we have 20 minutes.

And we have $50 each to find

(cash register sound)

something for Jordan.

Jake, do you think you could do it?

- Mmm-hmm.

- OK we're all going separate.

So my dad is going with Jake, my mom is going with Ty

and I'm gonna go by myself

and I already found something that I wanna get Jordan

but there are other people by it so I'm gonna wait

for them to leave and then I'll come back.

But I just found some cute rings.

Jordan likes her jewelry, so I might look in this section

'cause there's lots of jewelry options.

Guys, I kind of wish the shopping challenge was for me

because I really like these travel earrings

and Eiffel Tower necklace, like that's so cute

and then there's this moon and star one

that I would really like, so I think it'd be pretty easy

to find something for me.

But Jordan, I have no idea!

Guys this is Audrey and these shirts, Jordan loves.

Like, I think she's gonna really like this.

Maybe not purple, I feel like white.

They're like the fuzzy jackets

and Jordan was obsessed with these earlier,

so I feel like she's gonna really want one.

The only thing is it's $20, so it doesn't leave me

much room for other things but I think it'd be worth it.

Guys, there's one thing Jordan loves and that's candy corn

so I'm gonna get her candy corn,


OK I'm realizing I got a lot of fall things so far,

like candy corn, sweater,

it's a fall day and I think I might get her

like, a craft kit

'cause I know she loves craft

and I found a geode gemstone thing.

There's also slime so,

I don't know.

It doesn't really go with my fall theme,

so I don't know if I wanna go for a theme.

All right guys, I ditched the craft aisle

and now I'm in like, the furniture, decoration aisle

and I found this and I feel like this would go perfect

with her room, so I might add it to the basket.

It's like $8.23.

I actually have no idea how much this is.

I hope it's not that expensive but

I think I'm gonna add this to the pile.

And I only have 10 minutes left so I've gotta hurry.


- OK so I'm gonna get a Chicken

and a Biskit for Jordan and perfume.

OK, why am I getting her the Chicken and Biskit?

Because it's her favorite snack.

I'm getting her the perfume because she's little reeker.

First item down.

OK I'm gonna pick the perfume.

OK which one should I pick?

These like dumb.

This one!

Cherry Bomb!

OK, now I'm gonna get her some nail polish.

Let's do...

I'm gonna get her two.

Hopefully this is good.

OK we're going to the skateboards.

OK, which one would Jordan like?

OK I'm gonna just get this one.

I think that's all I can get because tax.

I have $12 left, I wish I could spend it on myself

but I can't.

OK for my last item I'm getting animals.

Where's a whale?

Is this a whale?

No it's a koala.

Is this a whale? No it's a koala!


- I'm in the makeup section

and we're gonna see what Jordan would want.

This looks good.

I got Jordan lotion because she uses that every day

and also nail polish because well,

girls like nail polish, right?

I'm getting Jordy some slime stuff!

Let's just go.


OK we're going original and nobody else is doing this.

We're getting Jordan a loom set,

so she can start making scarves.

So we got Jordan her final item, Kit Kats and-

- [Dad] To sweeten the deal, right?

- Yeah!

And also we got her a pink bag

and this is going to go on top because I think

pink and blue are gonna go nice together.

- [Dad] And pink is what?

- Jordan's favorite color.

- [Dad] All right, do you think we're gonna win?

- Yeah!

- [Dad] Good luck.

- I found the boys because I got this ginormous mirror

for Jordan 'cause she goes into my room

to use my mirror, so I thought she needs her own mirror,

so I found the boys so I could put it in their cart

'cause it wasn't gonna fit in my little basket

and so they have five minutes, then we're gonna go home,

wrap them all up and show them to Jordan.

I'm so excited, I think she'll really like what I got her.


OK guys, we are hiding in Jake and Ty's room,

that is currently being renovated by the way.

Check out that video on The Williams soon.

But we're wrapping up our presents

so we can present them to Jordan

and I bought this cute wrapping paper

and I also have a bag, just in case I run out

of wrapping paper for my other items.

So I'm gonna wrap this up but I'm so excited

for Jordan to see her stuff.

Hopefully she likes it and hopefully she chooses me!

We have this.

- [Jake] It's so long!

- [Mom] Audrey, what's your next item?

- OK look, I've wrapped the mirror.

Mom's in here, I think she's gonna wrap Ty's

'cause Ty is working on his homework.


I love the way she has something similar to this

but it was the only color at the store in her size.

So I think it's gonna be perfect

for fall and winter coming up.

And then I've got my other items.

I only have a tiny bit of wrapping paper left.

- [Jake] Just gotta...

- I don't think Jordan's gonna expect me to wrap things

'cause usually I'm lazy and I just stick them in a bag

'cause wrapping takes way too much time

and I'm not good at wrapping.

But I'm trying to trick her.

I wanna get bonus points 'cause I know

she loves a good wrap.

- I've finished loading my bag up, now it's time to

put through the wrapping.

- [Audrey] Oh my goodness!


OK Jordan's out, we wrapped our presents.

- What!

- And now it's her turn to judge which one is the best.

- These presents are huge!

I'm just saying.

- Happy late late late late birthday!

- Or very early! Jinx!

- You already said it, aah!

- You gotta say stop.

- Are you ready for your first one?

- [Mom] OK here is the first.


- Mom, you let them buy one?!

- Logan is like I'm coming here too.

- What!

What! A skateboard!

Mom, I'm so surprised you let them buy one

because literally, I've always wanted a skateboard

just 'cause I think they're really cool

and I've always wanted to try it

and like Mom has always told us no just because,

I don't know why, she just doesn't want us

to get hurt or something.

And I'm so surprised you let them get one, wow!

Whoever bought this one knows me very well.

Oh my goodness, Chicken and a Biskit,

that's also one of my favorite snacks.

This person knows me very well.

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

Luxury perfumery that's sparkly pink?

Let's take a smell.


Oh smells good!

- I'm trying to smell it, where is it?

- Well now it's gone.

Nail polish, oh probably.

And... oh it's one of the chargers!

Oh my goodness!

OK so I have one of these,

my friend gave it to me for Christmas,

it's a little polar bear but I have two chargers

and this one can go with my other one!

Aww, OK.

This present is really good.

This is like a really nice gift and whoever got it for me,

thank you so much.

I'm guessing Ty, I think Ty would've picked this up.

But I don't know.

'Cause I remember specifically, no one else out of these two

would've known about these except for Ty

because Ty and I passed by this in Walmart

like a month ago and I was like,

oh these are so cool! I love these!

And Ty was like, wait what is that?

And I was like, oh it's a little charger pack thingy.

So he is the only one out of you two

that would know about these.

Anyways, all right, on to the next gift.

Well I feel so fancy, it's like my birthday!

- [Mom] Present two.

- Oh this is so pink, this is so cute!

Logan, are you gonna come?

- [Mom] Yeah! Logan loves presents!

- Look at, oh it's so cute.

Here doggy, here doggy.

- Oh boy, he just sticks his face in.

- [Mom] Where'd Logan go?

- Whoa!

What in the world?

Wow, what!

Round loom set? So I can knit slash crochet.

- [Jake] Logan's ruining the wrapping.

- Logan!

Oh my goodness, oh.

This is not cheap, these are good quality, oh my goodness.

And they got a lot, wow!

Oh my goodness, there's so many things in this one, wow!

OK, here we go.

Oh they're so fuzzy, I love them.

Wow this has so many things.

Huge bag of Kit Kats, I love Kit Kats.

Oh my goodness, wow.

We've got

some, ooh an eyeshadow palette.

Oh, Logan!

He wants the presents.

Nail polish, this is like the glittery, shimmery matte,

that's so pretty.

- [Jake] He's taking the! He's taking presents!

- [Audrey] No!

- We got makeup remover.

OK, this is like super specific,

this is actually really helpful but also this is the brand

that Audrey likes, so I have a feeling one of the boys

got me this present, because I like the cheaper

Sam's Club brand just because, I don't know,

this one like, hurts my eyes but this also could be Audrey

because maybe she bought this thinking that

when I opened it I would give it to her

because she wants more makeup remover wipes.

But I don't know, we'll see.

Wow! Oh my goodness, wow! That's a lot of glue!


- [Jake] For slime, probably.

- Wow! I got so much glue

and lotion, actually we're all out of lotion

so that's really helpful.

- Yay!

- Woo! OK, wow that was-

- That's a lot.

- That was a lot of stuff.

- Logan, are you looking for a present?

- This is so nice, literally they're all so good.

Like, I love my crocheting.

I forgot how to crochet but I love crocheting.

Aw this is such a good one too.

I'm gonna say this one is from Jacob.

But I don't know, I don't know, I feel like

it could be from Audrey too because, I don't know.

No I think I have to open up the last present

and then tell, then decide.

OK on to the last gift.

Now this one is different because it's wrapped,

it's not in a gift bag.

That could be a clue.

Oh my goodness! Oh wow!

Oh there's so many things.

Oh Logan's going for it, he's gonna open up

my present for me I guess.

- [Audrey] Logan thinks it's his birthday.

Logan thinks it's his toys.

Logan! This is not your challenge!

We should have Logan next, whose present

Logan likes the most!

- Oh we should do that, that'd be so fun!

OK, come on Logan, you need to speed up this process.

Good boy, good boy!

Come on, rip it open!

Oh, what is this?

Oh it's for my room!

Oh it's a little decoration thing.

Oh my goodness, Logan's going for the next thing.

It's for my room, a little decoration,

it's actually so cute and it fits perfectly with my theme.

- He got it!

- Oh Logan!


It's so cute, I love that.

Oh this one's... OK.

Next up.

Oh there's candy corn!


Wait, hold this, Jacob.


I love candy corn, you guys don't even understand!

I love candy corn so much

and whoever says they don't like candy corn

that's not OK!

Oh this is so cute and then I've got a blank-

oh it's not a blanket.

Oh it's one of the fuzzy hoodie thingies!

Look at that!

Aw, this is gonna be so good for winter!

A mirror?!


- Logan, don't step on it!

- A mirror!


- Logan is way too involved in this challenge.

He's like, presents?!

- They're all so good, I love all of them.

You guys are so nice.

- Logan really shredded these!

- OK, it's time for me to make the final decision.

Oh which one's the best?

Oh no I like them all!

OK we're just gonna go with number one.

Oh I like them all, OK, OK.

Whose is whose?

- Mine was number one.

- What, yes Ty! I got it right then!

OK whose was number two?

- Mine.

- That's Jake's? I got it right!

- I was going to win!

- OK I was literally torn between all three of them

because they're all three like, so good.

- OK everyone come into a group hug.

- I was gonna do a celebratory this.

- Group hug! Thank you!

You guys are so nice!

- Ty that means you win whatever's in the mystery box.

Do you wanna go open it?

- I forgot!

- I think Ty is really observant because I feel like,

I don't know.

- Yeah everyone else is like,

she doesn't want a skateboard.

- What!

- OK let's get the mystery box!

- Mystery box time!

- Guess what it is?

- I don't know!

- It's Ty's!

- What is it?

- Wait how much is this?

- Hey, it's mine!

- Is this 50 ones for how much he spent?

- [Mom] Yep.

(cash register sound)

- He got all of his money back from the challenge,

now you can spend it on whatever you- oh, oh.

- He's gone, bye!

- All right guys, that is it for today's crazy challenge.

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- [All] Bye!

(upbeat pop music)

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