Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ольга Прокофьева: «Популярность — это хорошо сделанная работа» // Час Speak

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I am very happy when someone buys a ticket

to Janna Arkadiewna performance I'm completely in

other role

I'm leaving in the back of the stage and there

really have a shower i'm renting myself

clothes enter this shower wet bottom

I promise you exactly

with pleasure I cry with pleasure

scratching myself from the inside plays a role so

so that an ambulance awaits you at the theater

actors die from not to praise nasty give

me the reason why i should

upset to get up in the morning and not

have something to do


hello today visiting

program rush hour theater and film actress

TV presenter Honored Artist of Russia

Olga Prokofieva

hello hello and you yourself

call yourself veterans entre

recognized movement of you on the site a

read here let's center prizes and

let's start, or rather let me

quote charlie tones with the tone he

wrote the stage this is the fatherland of the actor and

you need to renew your passport all the time so that

not to lose citizenship but in interphase

actors are more likely citizens of the world or

stateless person

you know now I am very grateful to the magazine

theatrical which he has every year

there is a competition for a theater star

your humble servant is even their

medalist medalist yes so you know

they even combined this year

theatrical performances of state

theater institutions cn3 prisms that is

as if the viewer no longer shares the actor

plays in entreprise performances

or in on a teenager in a professional

some thread of the academic scene therefore

chooses here just from and in that was

some for me and political at that

same time is a very right move because

here you have started now and as in the entreprise

and together with the theater magazine Im very

I was glad because I really want it

do not share because as in the big

academic theater can be seen

poor staging

although it wasnt done as weak just

So the stars converged

happens very bright and very talented

very iconic and there are weak

performances so here's how to somehow respond to

an entrepreneurial question on this and not from 3

a sign can be summarized and simply answered

as if to this question just like a

in the theater, but usually how much I read

articles theater always kite entreprise this

trouble theater actors there only

earn without and easy such

theater sitcoms


not enough depth in them now

its not so, I know that for example you had

Ostrovsky as an enterprise

Yes, I can be proud of my entreprise

my performances will take on such


I have had two island now 1

I was Tennessee Williams I have such

world gavron and this is such a Serbian read

writer and playwright who have their own

festival at home he is so iconic

figure then I have watermelons in entree

prezi gurkin can say our classic

therefore, I am proud of those authors who

in mine but there are antifreeze now

your humble servant pre

how to say touched woody allen

we released before the play

island of lost souls means play

be alina central park west

therefore therefore to say that it

authors of andre recognized movement I'm so

I will not say because now the producers

also very gifted enough

talented people who are educated

who also understand that

need to be taken and in general somewhere not

just entertaining to take without and although

they exist and the glory of god and in theaters

economic you can remember Nikita

number 13 in abkhazia

just hehe hehe most hit their comedic

play clown in my author who

as if the author are considered very light

like a sitcom that someone

hiding someone for someone

gives out but this word in moms though

I think now some second edition

lipstick they still have

so of course there is this this and

entrepreneurial movement and in academic

theaters therefore yes unfortunately

products sometimes travel around the country

not very high quality but here I urge

even distributors to be more alert

and look very seriously at the material and

keep out of their cities on the market

the material that seems under even

their taste seems unworthy of them

viewer of their region cherry garden from

entreprise or is it my island you know

this performance and unfortunately he did not come out

rehearsed now in the mayakovsky theater

lend him he hits unfortunately got sick and

examples of it suspended in the past

season and firm now is not very

let's feel so good and at 85

years we celebrated last year

so how do you say work on it

performance suspended Lena

and no other director who

right now I would put a cherry orchard

seen the mayakovsky theater don't see me

liked your words about him here you are

They said that we rehearse the cherry garden

and we joke that our performance will be

no know-how will be

naked body

not a single swear word but how

in your opinion here motay nudity which

now so popular on stage then from

infuriated the director

otherwise the spectators at the performance can not be lured

or maybe its sometimes necessary

or never at all again we

now a little sabine foot

taste area because it can

be someone in this chair you long

convinced that it was so cool in the theater and

so on you know how again everything

gustatory is determined if you do not

worried about the artists who are sorry

standing naked on stage and you see how

tormented artist is one thing and when you

watch the play turn on

you are interested in then you turn on it

you start to empathize and suddenly

heroes appear

nudes you no longer see them as

artists for you are heroes who

it exists and you only see them

heroes here they are

such a situation appeared here nude

form and then this doesnt arise

terrible feeling when ashamed of the artists

the artist himself learn on stage

so of course my comment is he

ironic but on the other hand before were

last cherry orchards where yes yes

it began very funny precisely or with

naked bodies olya budget someone there

someone solicits necessarily for this

poor cabinet here on this bot heifits and

this is not it goes deep into human

only interested in relations

human soul he is scratching us

all souls just to talk about the soul

about these people what is the matter with them so them into this

going on with him at that moment upstairs

he does not go therefore ladies this is a comment

ironic but really faithful yefimitch

undresses nobody interests him

it interests him in the plays that he

takes already at his age only

spiritual life alice knives if you


and explained the need to eat some

you within the borders in this even if

sit down and would have to

yes of course they are it certainly is necessary

very convincing but now you seem to be

further to ask just woody

Allen when my heroine speaks there

Im going to take a shower as a character

to my return that your spirit is here

I wasnt leaving in the back of the stage and there

really have a shower i'm renting myself

clothes enter this shower and my plays

only silhouette is my figure playing

so Im taking my back there

shower in the foreground another thing happens

action but of course I'm in such

an interesting suit that only

emphasizes my figure but the suit

bodily and how would the viewer guess

that as if I undressed a nude entered

in the shower that's what I allowed now

make themselves director since it

deep down it's a silhouette that's exactly hope

that it is somehow aesthetically pleasing because it

here is a hint that connects everything

action around yes so here on your

age turn

I also stepped into this water

clothes go to the shower

but if I reveal a secret in such

bodily suit who just

emphasize figure and sensation

head silhouette even emphasize the figure

theyll let the post and the costume anyway

you need to save the figures

and stand on perfectly you see thank you

I have some recipe

the hardest and cheapest diet the most

less difficult is the cheapest

it does not spend money on these products

yes just eat less and figures

my part of the profession so I kind of

I understand perfectly well that theater

aesthetic perception is certainly better

look at handsome men on stage not

pot-bellied women of certain forms yes

there are of course such women donuts but

it's a rare personality to whom it

goes away from the questions that you still

about the classics here you are the cherry orchard

we mentioned you play yet

Igmalion Chekhov show it is clear that the authors

eternal viewer goes to the classics not

bored with it and or need some

here way to lure him with these here

naked bodies I do not know anything else

yes there is no single question every

up clicks on some kind of mechanisms

someone sets up supports for himself

the point of directing in this but here is the viewer

right you said he is very

selective you called a work and

show and here's a miller i play at the branch it's

again the productions of finca heifitz tapes a

who chooses a play for a very, very long time

and choose only what is valid

interesting already in it as i said in

age to put on what topic does he want

to talk

even he always doubts even he


how to say whether it will wait for the premiere

the viewer on whats going on, well, you know

no this is the eternal story of the pygmalion with us

the highest grossing performance in the theater now

Mayakovsky miller at the branch is also very

deep story too which viewers

really appreciated how to tell you

every time you take it when the author is always

wonder if this will be

interesting well

we are getting recently we

talked with a translator very

interesting translator grigory circles and

I asked him, see for example

shakespeare how many times has it been translated

if something is better than translating parsnip

he said that every time

translates shakespeare something new yes can

bring something new into it

for example, your Igmalion

take a different look at the show yes one

all of course this piece of raw with my

beautiful lady is with such an easy

hollywood story

where it means everything must end

ok they are in love they are together and so

further but in the play of bernard the show is completely

everything is different and he had big there


gentlemen artist and director is very

carefully consider the finale that he is not

wrote a story there that he doesnt have

he writes precisely writes about this misalliance

and then what cannot happen in life and

just such a final will strengthen our heroes

they are not together and this cannot be

Higgins completely different mindset

different character his other social

status means the heroine is different and left

no in history he does not have this ending and

we really all end with

big question mark and they are not together

just at home the viewer can do something else for

imagine yourself to fantasize or

analyze therefore of course we

of course, the play has its own show and translation

your translator but some things

are discussed more specified because

Now there is His Majesty the Internet here

it seems to me that somewhere somewhere humor is here

no exact i type this google in

the Internet is there for me 45 translation of this phrase

arises and of course there is a more accurate

a whiter translation of this phrase I to

I turn to this and sometimes replace the author

text more reprise on if in this

case with prizes and more ri admit

exact phrase co-authored with copyright

but its not poetry thank God so here

you can afford a little bit

liberty because there are many synonyms and I

I think that no translator

a synonym if it will be a lot of fault

Im in an interview

you were called a co-author in some she

even anfen loops are still weighted last

just a co-author but not a translation


I just graduated from the directing department

sometimes journalists even confuse us

First of all, the closet is wrapping in on acting

group but since master 1 he typed

and the director's group and the acting and we

studied at the directing department but in

an acting group but we attended

all classes since the directors

trainees shared with us their

experiments we attended all their classes

and all the analysis of their studies took place in

us time so if you wanted something

learn at this moment it was possible

make therefore we are of course a little

loaded with some directing

not occupation them how to say the topic

lectures that were held for

directors so of course i compose

I love my characters very much sometimes

brought something leontius finchu and something

he even affirmed a lot of things

what I brought and he is nowhere

boasts don't say it's his

he is vice versa year i thank you

Prokofiev that you did it like this

convinced me that it should be so I

I do not once give glory here because

that I adore the very director-directed leader

outstanding directors with whom

work i love to be how to say on

co-authored if suddenly I go

for personalities very interesting me and

fantasy works more he never

I wanted to take a pen and become no

co-authored a full-fledged author actors

actresses often write books these are memoirs

can and arts

God forbid, you need to somehow approach

this, too, how I burn a branch because

it is necessary to write something worthwhile

make a little man

read no I'm not ready now

fashion trend like writing your books

the ball is asked whether they are ready to take with

No, I consider my profession

bottomless and I want it there now

open all sorts and corners in it

more occupation and so on and be in


about the bottomless profession Slonim

plaintiff from a good actor

not even brilliant directorial

design when did not solve brilliant

directorial design brilliant no

never come out no shiny yes yes well

what to do compromise also has

attitude to our profession i'm more

faced this in the movies

when suddenly

directors of a particular picture or

series turned out to be a little bit in something

helpless or how can he not say

enough to cover the whole

and of course here then

probably like a maughams theater in his novel

when my goodness what his great how

great, but I corrected it here

tuta and decided to play like that

here with only zara compromises

wrap all such we have a phrase

into the cocoon of goodness anyway even somehow

make amendments or some

inner need anyway in good


anyway, you dont have to indicate that you

wrong and you are there and there that is on someone

assert myself I have not

I do, I think that this is not a lot

smart people all temporary room

need to be dragged to create

some kind of creative atmosphere and

then it is already possible with a person when he is in

good he can already say a little bit

bend yours in the best sense of this

your line we talked about the pygmalion you

said yes that turned to how it

Sheva wrote such a little more

dramatic approach and I remembered

that the cherry garden is the same comedy so the Czechs


here is your cherry orchard which unfortunately

until it came out it was delivered exactly

Potter's like a comedy and what's closer to you

drama or comedy

you know I dont know how it will be delivered

this cherry garden really hope that he

will be delivered because anti film

scientists rehearse nothing like comedy this

already so to speak the author then through heifits

and makes his way as I joked the same and the show

still got through heifitz and in

in the best sense of the word because

what if we already put the show as a show

so in quotation marks then probably some

lost the depth but through the depth

what did heifitz already this

ironically the intonation of the show erupted in

Chekhov is also there but not necessarily

need all comrade this is a comedy set

comedy does not need to get to the bottom but

the author himself later

talented talented phrases they suddenly

Then they themselves begin to sound talented

here's how to this definition

Im probably already come to my

to some kind of this branch as I like

repeat that the drama of the face is closer to you

Doctors you know everything I love I adore now

very glad that I have dramatic

one tragic role even has a role

I adore them with pleasure I sob with

pleasure the best sense of it

words how to say scratch myself inside

rest day understand something is necessary

you have to play a lot of fun with

the audience to have a fun evening again

some kind of comedy takes place 5 s

pleasure diving into some kind of drama

this is the range that we were also taught

teachers yes lament potters with us should

to be a lot of everything and than as a potter corner

more well done inside of you

say the actor is probably 100 more talented

then I try in my profession

expand and expand your range and

I am very glad that they meet me in the regions

as an artist of the series my fair nanny

since he is mystical he still

does not go off the screen, he goes from the channel

on the channel and weve definitely met

yesterday watched the Syria mountains wait

yesterday it was so many years ago to 1 on

one channel end begin

friend and so for over 10 years he

such a life and fate

I am very happy when someone buys a ticket

on the genre of arcade

another role and then I get in the networks

some very nice reviews on this

topic that is, I how to say not only in

I have this role and Im very glad that

someone opens me up on the other side

no offense when they go to the genre no

well what are you what is popularity for

me it's a job well done

thats even within the sitcom

unpretentious of this format we are not now

we will say it as some kind of mine

very much in art left behind but in

within the sitcom it was well tight

the work that I liked here

millionth viewers and

thanks to her, I got this

popularity and now she is very

helps this popularity is very

grateful to this aunty here I am with her

I am also friends, your earring is you so you are jean

arcade such a storm and all pyrite

what word will she give to the house or

be sure to talk and talk and I'm all

I remember and by the way the truth is that you are still in

at the very beginning of filming, we learned how

the series will end we order they on well

it's tracing

American he's already over there and it's over

same sony pictures pre-production that's all

already the story that happened to them and

the highest quality ratings

TV shows they sell around the world there and

Greek don't they have u turkish and

Argentinean that is, this series goes to

many countries

adapted to each his own jean ark yes yes

yes, but what kind of one they had now

I again boast a rating here Ali at sony

pictures and they are from the best jean ark one

chose me give my image liked

most of all my aunt is someone me

transmitted such social polls

let's say at the time when they realized that

woke up for mercy here beautiful

phrase yes I don't know how this happens

when you are at work you do not notice only

suddenly if someone grabs your hand on

Does the street suddenly children start around you

first you dont understand why

then Im shooting in the series now

I dont know in the morning, but its very

pleasant feeling when you are there

10-15-20 act in film you do not understand how it is

will it be in the basket because it is

also a lot of work and suddenly if the series

so imperceptibly will pass of course to the artist

sad from there suddenly does not pass and suddenly


viewers suddenly fans and I understand that

you work still like it yes it

nice feeling that someone appreciated your

work and wings appear from this

I want to do something more understandably

so that time has passed after the series that

the moment at that moment when

there was such a fear but to become

hostage this way shurik up

hostage to this image

you didnt think that it could be something like

put an end well here comes the mineral

always jean mark yes it is i understood this

the question is in the sense that you know how

artists of rome when goes to the series long

and I understand that if u develop in any

case will be held hostage if it

the audience will like it and so on but I

I call it a business card more

because as chosen said shurik how

Natasha Gundareva already has a sweet woman

nickname simonova ordinary miracle

after that the actress did grand

work just

Oscar-winning for me in our

cinema and how to say well like that

people choose a business card for

artist I got it too series

long walked still coming from the series a lot yes I

something like a business card genre

I dont feel sorry, I worked

honestly over this role that there is

different but this is the viewer doing such a

Of course, when the director was invited

such roles

where she refused somewhere something

duplicated but slightly changed

naturally but anyway if

director talented he is the kind of artist

there are other facets and how could you not

exploit only in this capacity

so of course it was more selective

but no, on the contrary, I read a lot

thanks to the journalists for writing that

Prokofiev did not become a hostage

many, many celebrate theatrical work

works where no relation even

intonation not a single

could not read from my heroine this

pleasant compliments outstretched read

more side

about studying you studied in githis here

what from the interview

quote my wonderful teachers gitis

Mark Anatoly Zakharov and Andre Alexander

potters were taught how to bring themselves

in a creative state without turning

attention to fatigue is not far from

ideal working conditions as you need yourself

bring in a creative state

share a secret yes but it can

look for a fight acting cuisine that doesn't

likes artists to speak because it

it is not clear where what happens at what moment

suddenly youre going under but there are some

already such a more complicated roller me to

Uncle's dream i'm also playing on Moskalev

this is of course such a performance for me

shes practically no survival

a second doesnt go off the stage for three hours


Dostoevskys monologues says how

say a lot and therefore of course in

this day I try of course

save yourself a little and so as not to

get tired physically because there and

physically very much but hearts on stage

I already install some kind of this day

more sparing mode for yourself

there is a play where often enough

so as not to get together and play one or

another story about 2 hours and I can with

am also to work as much as necessary there on

set to rehearse a whole

day and so on well how is this process

happens when this chemistry

here she is so individual well what are you

without even knowing to say well to some

artists to fit in some beautiful

the dress may be needed even a day

starve in the evening do not have dinner but it

that's all such some kind of kitchen

collective here is deeply dramatic

I have a role I want less on this day

communicate i try minimi

minimize your communication because

that's for me

some of my only certain

composure but these are the conductors, then I

I wont tell you this is such a kitchen

and when you rehearse roles from branches

the question is I dont know, sometimes I cook a salad

and i can

suddenly pony oh my god so this scene

need to decide so I can go down the street or

somewhere to freeze, I dont know if

just then comes or all of a sudden

insomnia at 4 am begins to torment and

you start to sort some monologue of him

twist in my head and suddenly think

experience only like this

this is unpredictably the only thing

at night in marc anatolic light bright

bright memory unfortunately he just

passed away it's just thinking more

about this profession whenever that is

not only come like this for dinner or

birds so who am i and i think in this now

at rehearsals no you left rehearsals

over and you constantly think you're walking along

street and you constantly think why it

so it is so that is they didnt teach it

this hamburg account for the profession

what cant be impossible somehow by islands

Do not jump, you need to somehow plunge more

it probably wont be, but now I

looking at youth given talented

young people are now tempted more now

so much that they have a radio and

television and even TV shows let

unpretentious but they are acquired there

equal to some kind of self-confidence even

if their face appears on which tibor

where is it in the city it's still the same on

profession and that is such confidence

purchased here I am already on the board I

it means something I can and its always very

felt on stage come

confidence so professional

skills i like how many

exist now in the process well someone

runs in but it's people then I ask

in a year or two where Ivanov oh that is not

only Ivanov yes yes yes God forbid

unfortunately he will think about himself there already

doing something else

here you are and so it happens in the profession to me

really liked your word that not

performances for survival

I asked you about how

creative state and now I will ask about

I remembered how to go out

in a small theater that is, in my opinion

Ivan the Terrible I do not know who it is now

plays then the actor won the actor

Mikhailov and here he is every time he

went out of the aspects he called an ambulance

the fact that the ulcer worsened so he

the glade tormented him

have been in the first place you had such

painful role that somehow you

internally up forced you somehow

worry or did something with you and

this time and yes how to get out of such

here are difficult roles to answer there


also very subjective but you are me

you ask but the addresser of the potters too

always my teacher

always also need to play a role so that

ambulance was waiting for you at the theater

also his words somewhere I even said

addresses night thank god help soon

I'm not waiting for the address. neck already

turned to already addresses at night which is not

with us but wet underwear i to you

I definitely promise yes that's why to the bottom

we often play wet underwear almost always

this is normal I dont know, probably

sounds like this one wouldnt go

such a profession yes I also have this one

performance all my sons where I play

very deeply dramatic role

performances tragic end that's why

I also can not immediately

get out of this state because

Of course he wants to say to hide in a corner

so that no one touches you but thank god

you already understand that this role is your psyche

she also understands this very much she does not give you

not how to say go crazy well some

I still arrange her relaxation, I go

near favorite shop after the performance

distracted by buying any product

whales back to the car back then

so I drive

Ill cover the food from the branch to my home

beautiful streets somewhere easier somewhere already

a play that you play for 8-10 years

5 already easier you jump out of this


it's also some kind of very acting

kitchen yes but it does have a place to be yes and

pressure can jump

but I dont supposedly thank God so far for this

not suffering but how can I say in the morning

feel that you are yesterday in general

somewhere somewhere much spent

but this is not a murmur

voluntary hard labor is the same

artist collocation and that's fine

ok, Ill give you another quote

there are no interesting roles there are women

which I do not play principled

in a different way i can't say it

rude word for literary bastard

characters explain to us who they are

the neighbor interfered with and whether it happened

you had to read such ones

it seems that word that you voiced

yes but then you see something at the end

still the playwright or screenwriter taxied

to some other and and

how to tell a fateful story at the end

that is, she can be justified for everything

then I take actions for it and there is to

unfortunately such sketches of street and usually have

screenwriters are no longer with playwrights

playwrights work more for me here

seems over his works a

a screenwriter I have what to do

production said write a series there

in a month, something like this sometimes happens

upstairs it happens and suddenly some me

invites again to play a woman with

negative character traits i

I think that I do not see

In Denmark, I see that this scheme is sketched

screenwriter firstly talking

completely non-Russian language man

already impossible nowadays when

youth and so cannot sometimes connect

sentence words are very short


talking this quote somewhere i

read from one good teacher than

you study with students in the classroom

literature in the ninth tenth 1st grade

I teach them to speak sentences

that is, before that, sometimes our language is beyond

idle talk and then you read it unicellular

talking she does things

by which I dont see the script to the end

excuses I see that the screenwriter

he faked drew such a scheme so that


to someone from the eyes because of the positive

heroes with some kind of windmills

and written out superficial character who

nothing is taxiing out to himself

the end of the series does not acquire

human face fate somehow him so

not so much that he beats later

to humanize

and you have to refuse this

from circuits to me it's just such

the bastards who give children who

throw them there some kind of orphanages would

cheating on husbands destroying relatives

and then the scriptwriter throws this line

just leads the main characters along them

there are goodies and I do not see

exit and for me it's just a diagram

such a bastard was written

excuse why he lives in this world

and Im not interested, I cant convey

to the viewer this pain for which he is so

tortures loved ones for which he does not like so much

their children

something must happen for him

humanize and fell at the feet of his children

and there was this great insight of the assets

wall red no me

uninteresting of this scheme play scheme

I understand, but the negative characters

like to play bad people even

do they have motivation for this date

something that can be justified with

pleasure even Sergey Zhigunov all

time on my lovely not for much

Prokofiev is lucky for you, here you are playing

negative characters on such

it's q and touching and it's okra

positive hero here he is positive

so that not a decree and the year is not enough for me and you

you can get angry and shout something

and this is not characteristic of the positive

I am a hero and I need it

according to but still the palette of

negative character she is richer

you can really cry somewhere

when you are offended suddenly become

touching man and right there again

go yes and how to do some

little disgusting stuff

negative character until they are more

bright here and if they are correctly composed

are obtained and that the viewer starts them and

empathize not only gotti fufufu these

run fu what prokofiev what

played a role no she becomes

touching you are really higher and he suddenly

negative character becomes

also a pretty viewer in the series

they didnt speak, theyre not your only

series yes tell some

a series that may be closer to you

just after it turned out well, heres one of

the last one was a boomerang somewhere series 16

it was that woman who suppressed

her love and husband and daughter knew her

only she how to live like

do the right thing and how would I show that

she does so good indeed she

just destroyed her loved ones

suppressed by its authority

intellect by its quantity

love and in addition to suffering and and neighbor

the circle experienced nothing though she

felt love for everyone and only wish

good, but only as she sees and

so on like this often happens

By the way, in our life women dont

it was interesting although she performed very

many deeds are more than bad

about the movie 40 films wikipedia you

written there is a very long list i

I dont know many

some movie that you remember

most where it was harder could be

just play well, I will honestly love everything

there is an iconic whale picture but me

affordable small episode but I walked or

were years familiar with the director or how

say companies are very good where not

ashamed right in a very small episode

teachers taught me to do it too

that not that there are no small roles but in

in any case, somewhere is not shameful even

play a small role and adore andrey

Eshpaya there any serif in his films I

played very pretty roles somewhere

smaller but for me in any role

would invite me eshpay i will go

act because its the director

whose first friends with this family

secondly just love everything he does

how he relates to life to the profession as

he exists

just some iconic people for me

teachers that's why for all the work is not

ashamed but they have a mini lucky more

successful soul invested in some more in

some less so happened

there is also production when not

of course the artist must

work and suddenly the series you understand that

as it teaches discoveries in it will not be but it

will be a decent job and from catrice and I

should work sometimes I agree here on

such work but there is one category

where is a very weak scenario and if

some aunt as we said quite

negative no i really can't imagine

let go of the movie and

theater I know what you worked said that

we enter very famous Polish there

film director what is it like to play in the theater

under the direction of the filmmaker

it's complicated it's interesting than something i

very grateful to fate that he me

met with such a person we personally

are familiar and he was on some of my

performances in Moscow show high

appreciation I am very grateful to him for this but

anyway in

theatrical performances he has for me

turned out to be a little cinematic look

some scenes he is a little bit for me

decided yes yes yes a little bit

cinema didnt seem so far as I

I can afford to talk about it

so what's there after hes already

everything stood a little bit we left something

corrected since in this performance

still working in my colleagues many alone

one of them is valery garkalin who

professor githis has his course puts

their performances on the course too with a very

strong directorial brains

puts on plays himself but anyway

that intonation and what should be

performance and these warm relationships and about

that it must be very sensual

it was precisely asked for a drift that is exactly what we in

we saved it, we traveled around the country a lot

I know a lot and what is the difference

which great do you like more

province by you or the capital as ours

meets yes yes yes you know the halls have

Ill say more about my viewer

of course there are also more cities

theatrical there are less theatrical which

then we drive less but there is one

concept yes that you are going to this city

what is he theatrical what is this who is it

installed it is very still

tried to investigate but it is very very

its hard to understand why this or that city

regardless of population

is more or less theatrical

there are halls like in Petersburg you know

come there are such sites where suddenly

like Petersburg but some kind of viewer

another and you go and play docs

Vyborg there as we have a hall such

another concept of artist

Well, this hall is namul different there are spectators

really come and they are already with

by some biased attitude they already

some kind of wave of love

still you didnt have time to say a word

they already cover you with some very

with your positive emotions and how

to say with my own some

deserved applause here

therefore cities

yeah theatrical love really ride

regions there really is a public too

very interesting but also very

selective so that thanks

arrived no no no need them too


need to bring quality products about

which we spoke at the beginning and very

you need to try to be very worthy

win their love and their attention

applause gathers more tours

Mayakovsky Theater or Entreprise

collects into the hall and the hall and it depends already

from distributors producers to viewers

invite to the hall now a lot

cities come and all walls all

the bards there are so many many now

musical and dramatic groups

travels and therefore very, very cities like

would such a notion mines and even

sometimes entertain

entertainment here is already very, very necessary

try first producer

distributors to convince the viewer to buy


and already we all see the full hall, I know how

its hard to do, not because

i have to do with the producer i have

the attitude towards my observation is already very

long when you see a full hall

now you just need to do very

well its up to everything to coincide labor

and these people your work turned out 100

for the sake of what actually exist in this

profession abroad our

wonderful state touring in

This is the CIS Europe which depends on you there

there meet good on everywhere too

very different baltic too

selectively it comes

of course more Russian-speaking population but

they nostalgic they often go

thankful in the united states this too

naturally more our who moved to

permanent residence but they are very

love Russian television they are all

they always inspect all that

going on they are very warm always happy

but also very, very, we try to carry

everything is very high quality and selected and so

further and so on because differently not

I want to exist in this profession

so run something

not easy to do already somehow no

installation after that and empty on the soul

empty and somehow ashamed even sometimes

it happens but somehow already thank God I already

selected type carved performances and I

Im already trying to be responsible for everything

what I do and abroad everything is very

touching and any copper trip though

they are crazy on schedule we

when they were in the united states

the last time we are somewhere in six days not

on tour we had 7 flights six

performances that is, we managed the first

plan to enjoy the city where

were we

let washington let there miami somewhere

even run into the ocean will also run out

quickly from him to forgive and cheers and further

deal with the topic for what we came

I understand perfectly that the grain we are here on

always always very tight

it's very stressful

but again, the main thing as Mars said on

rock vazochki us shit with what

side to see

because you can always suffer and how hard

and how are time zones in general?

equal to enjoy every guest

every bush every wave every

the sun is the relationship of your life on

such a positive attitude towards life is power

need where to get them

where if everything works they have strength

this again feat all the look of the head a

how come the strength of the deputy conviction

why it should be bad that you

makes me think in the morning that the day is not

your what is bad yes if you are only jordy

cutlets go with them to the hospital and someone

sick of your loved ones yes it

really is suffering and if

your loved ones all right they

also work here what then why am I

should have been grumbling in the morning today


what can it mean what is snowing

or slush on the street, this should be

work because of what i have to get upset

give me a reason why should

upset to get up in the morning and not

to have something was such a moment

when was the reason

of course you grumble when sick

mother when it understood that with what you are not

you can handle you can no longer there

four months we could not deliver to her

diagnosis and why am I in such a city with

the best doctors and four months nobody

can determine what is so suffering

man therefore from this it is possible

waking up with bad thoughts but again

But you wake up, too, maybe somewhere

move to 5 you can dial the phone you

can you go somewhere again for

help yes something doesnt work someone

roughly answers somewhere from some

the hospital even answered us tough

to us that let's all take away from here and

an elderly person doesnt want to

answer him but it seems when

human indifference rudeness up from

this spoils the mood but but it

again no reason

then you have to do it right then

thank god let's get back to acting like

the Vatican at least let's professor wanted

difficult moment i no no no all

ok it's not a tough moment it's like

say this is what our life for knows

Yes, and therefore I am now for myself

some chose this

yes the sadness of my life is there is joy

and I don't want it to be a zebra

striped want it to go my life and

parallel if my choli boobs

chagrin if any problems let

they go right next to some

positive feeling I said setting

tala so let it go my life

parallel and no need strip let it

every day will be parallel to one

small nevertheless family issues on

about how to play it how much time is enough

its clear touring performance

series and so on and so forth so on

he is generally a theatrical boy

theatrical family happens when the son for

backstage and then or vice versa

try to protect him from all this

no special settings no he in childhood

played in the Mayakovsky theater and in inter

prezi have Leonid Trushkina as I am a child

he was very much in demand then he

I thought about going into this profession

I started to do something, I entered

Higher School of Economics

Well, for some reason, I just decided again

that it wasnt him who entered easily into githis but

and there for some reason decided that its not quite

its like hes hammering nails

and deliver to finish my studies, I did not choose

I dont know such tactics

about it or not maybe and as they say

then the children then say something

thanks but I didnt pour it in

his feminine logic, he exists so

lives on see you yesterday literally

talked all about how to say

network things for example some I have

there were problems skid with passwords again

who moved something because of me

what threw me at the airport now and

women who lost their phone and

I had to find her through my phone

phone of such a search engine but for

it was necessary to change some and hell

whose password they really understand and in

In general, I did it not so shorter

saying everything had to run to my son

so that he sets everything up again year mom I

I understand that I cleaned my karma

helped the woman but what have you done there

On the phone, we did yesterday and a half

hours to see you again

to establish from scratch a little philosophical

a little bit forehead pleasure graham green

as the actor said success is all

only delayed failure

what do you think about this phrase and

did you have any failure

probably share from the same area

Konchalovskaya there is a phrase I somewhere its already

brought me it really liked that

success must rest that's why if

until the next job is not very successful

then just success needs a little


like a marcon soil teacher wrote his

Pete Grick wrote me about their books

I put on very good performances

sometimes just good ones but not bad ones

I put therefore probably there are

successful performances are good

successful roles are just good roles

Well, somehow its not particularly bad

sometimes dad wants dad to his teacher on

when to live well still statue now john


american actor 30 was very

popular such classic role

performed over the years of his work in the theater

less than I regretted more than that

I cant sit among the public and see

myself I would like to see you

you know this is something from the kitchen again

acting I always look at myself not

I know what's working for her here

astrologers are numerologists yes in numbers

who is fate fraternal numerologist right

Nazarova must be, this is the same with

recognized and even some here I see myself

from the side I am because I have a twin

happens sometimes myself in a good way

split personality it's upset

brain lord something like that to me

probably gave here so I believe in it

I can see myself from the side and when

I compose my role and play in it or

rehearse i can analyze myself i

I see myself from the side it is amazing then

only the twins have no way I can somehow

through this only then justify it if

you asked why I omitted it because

that i am twin

one twin is on stage another is sitting hall

watching how everything happens

the roles that you dreamed

so that though you would like to

you know, I only send these into space

signals that give me this role which

maybe I didnt read, I dont know

Well, yes, and please God, but

these are my conversations with someone there

therefore there is no concrete dream and it is very

sad when there is a very specific

the goal may someone not sad and to

for a long time does not come true and then maybe

this despondency comes

I therefore do not set myself this very

specific only me is such


let's say a wish somewhere there

I want very much I want very much

play the man who lived on this

the earth some historical landmark


even from some royal blood

and although I already had such a touch

to wife of paul 1 played his wife may

Fedorovna in one series

here I really want like my colleagues

Now someone is playing the fate of Gurchenko

played someone played some other

our iconic actresses in love orlov

worse better now we are not talking about it here

some kind of person would I like here

some kind of diplomatic worker

the star may be western may be

the scientist here is the man who walked neither

fictional character

I want a very strong personality but again

the lord has heard my signals now

hand touch woody allen it was

great happiness because I am so

hypothetically dreamed yes if I

lived there in the west if the union would

I would certainly have missed sex

contentment would have known myself so well

English is both of course very

dreamed of playing woody allen but movies

because how to say it practically

its impossible, thanks

Vadim Dubrovitskaya producer and director

of this performance I play very strong

the personality is a very interesting woman in his

play and its just worth it because

that very few directors take up

his dramaturgy and finally let's

according to Chekhovs philosophize a little

I will quote a famous philosopher

friedrich nietzsche do not confuse the actors die

from not to praise nastya ordinary people from

dislike and actors do not have to love

it only needs a ball and a person needs

love but did not boast and praise well

we can argue

or there may be an inaccurate translation with which we

met here woody allen how keenly

sometimes a little translator wrote his phrases

more in their own way translated them and we again

came back as a synonym

praise love yes how would it be

no French at all

like i love you this one this one

it serves those types say man

these i love you you just me

like yes so here you can

cling to translate words because

so far today in this

the most stolen avenue and I can not with you

agree because both

man needs you to constantly

praised and that of course they loved him and

cottages he loses the meaning of everything he does

that with miracles thank you very much and we will

Nikita doesnt tell her pleasantly to me

out with you very nice thank you

visiting rush hour today

was a theater and film actress

TV presenter Honored Artist of Russia

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