Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Factions and Chill.. (Plan against AllenCC)

Difficulty: 0

No no bro

If Allen went to the Philippines

Let's find his condo and beat him up

Let's tell him to give us Pyros >:)

Cri cri cri cri

You'll guard the door, we'll beat him up

Metallica.. You'll be the one who will read squire

While we OP ourselves

Then we'll blow up Cosmic

Let's not blow it up

Let's delete AllenCC's account then we'll get the profile of Cosmic

Then we'll shut down Cosmic for a day

Then we'll be the next owners

Allen will be a squire

Hack Allen's PayPal too

The money is in there

Let's say "Before we kill you, give us your PayPal"

Ask the PayPal

"Also your Amazon"

"Also your Metrobank"

Also his Itunes

After we shoot him

Let's feed him to CriZpy

Make Allen a Waffle

Sell it then CriZpy will be rich

Before we kill him

Metallica requested if he can ILABYU Allen

So they will have a baby

But we are the owners eh.

He wants another owner

The Description of Factions and Chill.. (Plan against AllenCC)