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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to

another snapshot video.

It is 17w14a

and I believe I just found an amazing

easter egg in this snapshot.

Now I want to say, no, it is not this fella down here.

There is now a silver or white parrot,

whatever you want to call him,

and if you're not subscribed to my second channel, you wouldn't have seen that

last week there was another snapshot 17w14b

and I covered that one on there

because there wasn't a lot to talk about.

But this guy was added in that snapshot so I

was going to troll you all.

I was going to say that these fellows are now able to dance.

Hey, wait! Get back down on the ground!

I don't know why he's now flying off.

Right, I'm gonna hold down right

click and you can see that this guy is

showing us his moves and doing a little

bit of a dance, so I thought it would be

funny to do that while we played them a record.

Let's play them a record and see what happens.

*Xisuma exited laughter*

Oh! That guy's changing color!

Wait! They're all changing!

Ah! This is the best thing ever!

Look at it!

*Xisuma gasps from cuteness*

Oh it's so adorable!

It is so adorable!

Now, I don't know if they're supposed to change color

*gasp* Let's find out they do something different for each music disc!

Where's the music discs? I can't remember!

Hang on, I can't even type properly!

Let's grab a few different ones here.

Okay, enough of that one, geez.

Calm down you fellas, right.

Haha! They are all dancing again!

I don't even know if this was added this snapshot or last snapshot

but that is the coolest thing ever!


Distractions aside people,

the point I was trying to make is that you can let

these fellas sit down, so if I wander

off in this direction he'll choose to follow me.

If you don't want your parrots

following you, because they are pets,

you can right click on on them and get them to sit down.

So previously, we right click

on them to get them sit on our shoulders.

Now all I can figure out so you've got

to walk into them whilst holding down shift

and there's no exact science to this that I

can figure out, and I think you might have

even had to have right clicked them as well.

There you go. Okay, so now I'm going to hold down shift,

and he's on my shoulder.

But I don't know exactly how you are supposed to do that

You can also do it when they're not flying as well.

So let's do another one.

Okay, oh up in the air okay,

You just went and sat on my shoulder.

Trust me, I've done it where they're just sitting around there on the ground

and you sort of walk in to them and they get up there,

but holding shift now seems to be the key to get them to go on your shoulders.

Do you hear the sound of a creeper about to hiss?

That's the parrots doing their wonderful work.

Now, unfortunately, at the moment, when you press spacebar,

they go off your shoulder

which is an important part of caving: being able to jump.

But these guys will imitate the sounds of other mobs.

Now, that wasn't a new feature this snapshot

just that a bug was fixed where they would do that when they were on your shoulder

like they were a moment ago.

So, hopefully, if we can keep them on our shoulders when jumping up and down in the future

we can bring them caving with us

and that means we will be able to hear creepers while they are on our shoulders.

Next up is advancements

because there have been some advancements to the advancements.

Yep, it was a terrible joke I know,

and by the way, these parts love to just fly

and sit on your shoulder.

I've noticed that happening quite a lot.

Anyway, let's go into the advancements.

We will see that a new tab has been added to the system called "Adventure."

So, this one right here kinda guides you through the general progression of the game.

This one gets you to do some specific things

and I think the idea here is to teach you a few things or two,

as one of them is to change your spawn point,

which is an interesting thing to learn about.

So, another one of those is to do a trade with a villager,

and there was one nearby but he appears to have wandered off.

So, do you have a trade for emeralds? You do?

Okay, let's do that.

And at the top of the screen, there it is

advancement made with a nice animation there popping on to the side of the screen.

So let's go back to the advancements menu and see if there is anything else after that

"Kill all the mobs." Wow! Okay,

of course that one was sort of,

was it there? I can't remember.

Anyway, let's kill a mob, let's shoot something,

and see if any more pop up.

Alright skeleton, get rekt!

We did it, we killed a mob.

Let's now shoot something: this skeleton.

Hi, don't run away!

There we go, we've shot something as well.

So let's see if anything else has popped up there.

Cool, "sniper duel."

That's the achievement that we saw before, right?

I think that is going to be the same thing.

Okay, now let's make it night time and change our spawn point.

Well, it took me a really long time to get those two done,

but I've killed all of the mobs in the game

and done the sniper duel.

Actually, no.

I just used commands to get those in,

so it looks like this is just a placeholder for what will be to come.

I don't know if these ones are staying or changing, but there are just a few things there

for testing in the snapshot.

So if you wanted to know the commands, by the way,

I haven't show this off before.

There is an advancement command

where you can grant, revoke, and test for advancements, as well.

So this means with command blocks you could test at a player

and see if they've got one of those advancements yet.

I've brushed over it a little bit there,

one of the new things in this snapshot, though,

is the popup in the top right of the screen.

So, you can see there, "Advancement Made! Kill a mob"

I like the way it slides in; it looks very cool.

And you can revoke these as well.

I'm just wondering if you can spam it over and over again

No, so you've got to revoke it to give it.

But yes, I like the sliding animation very much.

So, those popups in the top right of your screen,

you won't see them for unlocking crafting recipes,

but some great changes have been made here.

As you can see, we've just opened the crafting bench,

with that already open.

You can see the knowledge book has now become the icon of the crafting thing right here.

So you can leave this open or closed,

per crafting bench, which is really cool.

And then, there's another feature where you can shift click the recipes, as well.

So if I click on that,

it is going to take some out of my inventory.

If I shift click it, it's going to move all of them in,

which is just amazing for speeding up crafting.

I mean, I think this system is absolutely brilliant.

Oh, come on now, you knew this was going to happen,

because we pretty much reached the end of this video,

so if you have enjoyed it, leave a like and be sure to check out my second channel

if you wan't to keep up to date

with all the little bits of information that Mojang tells us about

on a day to day basis.

There will be a link to it in the description box down below.

I'm here to give you what you want.

You want to see the parrots dancing.

*small chuckle*

Why only this guy?

Why are you not dancing?

Come on now, that's it,

fly over here and get your boogey woogey on

Seriously, only one of them is dancing now.

Hey, there we go!

Check it out, they're doing the boogey now.


That guy's boogeying while he's flying!

*Xisuma chuckle*

Oh I love it, I love it.

It's ever so cool. I really hope you've enjoyed this video

And if you haven't seen this feature anywhere else,

please let me know in a comment

because I think I might be the first person to discover this.

I haven't heard of them dancing before this video.

Anyway, thank you for watching, and I'll see you soon.

Bye, bye.

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