Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 500 Jabulani v 150 Brazuca v 100 Telstar | World Cup Ball Battle

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With the World Cup upon us today

We'll be testing three iconic footballs against each other to do just that we've also got along with us today

Two iconic footballers. I mean Toby let's take a look at some details of these footballs

First up. It's the Jabulani probably the most controversial World Cup ball ever each day in 2010

This one came with a different goalkeeper complaint and an obscenely good Diego forlรกn goal

If I remember correctly the eight panels on this ball were thermally bonded together for the first time which meant that less drag acted on

The ball this in turn meant a lot of footballers were over hitting it

finally the surface on this ball is

Noticeably smooth even with this raised pattern that's sort of all over it in conclusion

A lot of fun for knuckle balls not so much for Rob green secondly

We have the brazuca very much a return to normality after the Jabulani

But still firmly bonded together instead of stitched

Most noticeable thing about the brazuca is the incredibly finer texture on the surface this meant the ball had a much more stable trajectory

Than the Jabulani and although six panels meant the ball was more round

It acted like a normal football quite disappointingly for most of us viewers

It also had a greater resistance to moisture which seems a strange thing to focus on during the World Cup in Brazil

but perfect for the next World Cup in Scotland

Lastly there's the Telstar fits a Russian World Cup nicely. Absolutely no nonsense taken again

Thermally bonded with six panels, but the panels are a totally different shape on this board

It's got a very similar surface and supposedly it acts very similarly through the air to the brazuca

It also travels 10% less over long distant kicks compared to the brazuca and on less than the Jabulani. That's quite a big thing

So first stop what I thought I'd do is a bounce test. So we're in a bar from high up in our house

But whose are supposed to be at between 8 & 9 so I'm going to pump it up a little bit

It's currently sitting at 3 pounds per square inch


I would well, I thought the brazuca Zacky on 8 to start off perfectly so nice. I've just led a hair out

Health store is also on eight. Let's go

So if the pressures right

I'm actually quite support like that does seem to be quite a big difference there between slightly between the Jabulani and the Telstar

You know, that could be the difference between the ball bouncing in and the ball bouncing out in Lampard's gold. Yep

Still not over it. Okay, moving on to the challenges with Simon and Toby impossible to these challenges

We're going to be using an app called my cakes which will allow us to visually show how accurate these balls are

It's a football app which records your shots anyone can use it in a kickabout with your mates

So it's perfect for today

this challenge is gonna be kind of testing out how much the balls fly and how easy they are to

Play long passes at the same time testing out how good they offer volley

Someone's gonna be stood behind the goal and I check the ball

Hopefully somewhere into the de Toby's gun and goal will be stood inside the D and if you can take as many touches as you

Like it can bounce but you just got to get like a volley - oh my god. I

Say we go jabulani first Africa

All right, first up is the Jabulani, all right

Oh, how have you done that?

All right, okay


Yeah, we didn't score a great catalogue of goals with the Jabulani in this section

We were trying to make it as fair as possible

So like stick into a time limit we make up for it in long shorts, but we have to move on

All right, next up the Brazil World Cup football the brazuca

Ready yeah, I'm ready from


Oh this one just feels more like a football left bay

I like this boy, you know

I've got a no does the way this doesn't hit the back of the net get to anyone else surely

I'm not the only one on the spectrum

All right, this is this year's Russia World Cup the TEL stir or Telstar

At Elstad obviously new so not many people scored decent goal for them and they still haven't

Good one


There does seem to be some conclusions from this at this point

That one's our beach ball, but you know, it's kind of a notorious for that the brazuca feels the best so far

I felt like I could control where was aiming it a little bit more and this one's kind of felt normal. So

Moving on to the section of long shots knuckle balls and curve is the thing. We're really looking for

So how they move in the air when you strike them over long distance. Yeah

That's so sweet, you know

500 pounds the Jabulani cost me on eBay though

I got scammed for it didn't come the first time. So I thought I've been scammed by four one four Nigerian prince

Luckily it came

To make up for the video last year. Here's some footage of it

Oh, it's better than everything I did last year

Yeah, yes, oh we've seen this before


Can only apologize yes

I'm lucky so I won't put it in. Don't worry. I'm gonna put it

Now onto the brazuca this wouldn't cause many problems we obviously got the famous hammer sword Regas volley

We haven't really found it to be an issue so far. So it's really matter. It's just a good football

I get bored and go. Oh

Oh, oh the glove rip look we did the power


Come on


Moving on to the Telstar no one really knows how this ball moves of knuckles yet can be very much groundbreaking

Discoveries this one I can feel this one's gonna be a banger, you know

Well, well you were oh

That's a great save

That was a bang

Triggered Oh


I'm gonna go one more decent goal. Yeah, which is right now

Come on

So after this, I think Toby felt he needed to take me down a peg or two and he did right let me loose

Should be interesting

All right

So at the end of this sort of shooting session we seem to have found the Jabulani as everyone was expecting

It's kind of the one that you really can't predict where it's going at times. I just like this one

You're most consistent wore that one this one seems to like arrow when you hit it. I'm sorry to disappoint

It doesn't seem that exciting

I feel like they've just taken all the goalkeepers complaints and decided they're just gonna make an overall for this walk up

in this section

We're going to be trying up penalties to see how the ball moves particularly when you're trying to be accurate with it now

This is the challenge in which we'll be using my kicks to help us

The challenge itself is call out penalties myself against Simon

but with this app

We'll be able to see like the exact area of the goal that these Bulls end up in after each shot the app will call

out the speed and the section of the goal that are all ended up in bottom right at

71 km/h

And only if we called out that section and we scored do we get the point? Oh, it's not easy

So basically you can play against your friends with this app, and it's all foaming real-life football

So I'm gonna do today is obviously play against Simon. So we start on this home screen

I'm just gonna challenge a friend and I will challenge Simon then I can see Simon's profile

77 % conversion rate mediocre coming from the penalty guru himself

Nervous laughter. Anyway, all that's left to do is go up against each other. We've got five seconds to aim at here

There is an unsavable little area that's like a kind of a bull size and the top of the goal

There's only earlier they've taken like 500 kicks with this app. And there's only been like six of them scored

So if we get one of them

Seems will ensue


Can we find out for sure if that went top right wait, they didn't say top right? Why didn't it say

That was about the same distance away from top right or top right again

At 80 kilometres per hour top left. Oh

Oh, oh no, it's the ball don't lift this book

Bottom right at 71 kilometres. All right, that's one. No you win boring and for the ball corners

Same you said top Chris said I'm being boring

Bottom right at

86 kilometres per hour. We managed to hit the ball where we were aiming once there the next ball will be better

Well, it can't be any worse

Ah, no, you know what it's not the ball, it's Chris, that'd be a bang

We're bad, I'm gonna take a leaf out Simon's book stop being boring and

At 88

Halfway through I've given you a head stop assuming you did I'm trying to do a whole dramatic comeback. Yes

Okay, okay, yes, yes I needed that so bad bottom left that's

83 oh

That's nice

Don't you thing that was top ah, no

Now for the Telstar easiest I feel I'm scoring on five

He said boom right tough life yea-ah


Unsavable, all right. Oh

I do believe that one walls actually say table

But more

Great pen was a vixen see actually see where we're aiming

We passed that one off top, right and just because I'm winning. I'm just gonna put a lot of power in his oh, oh

Top right? Yes, Tomy I

Chosen to go this way. Let's go anyway Oh

That's not fortnight celebration

I mean just do it one more plate see what is the best book that's what this is about. It's not about the competition

Get away with that

I mean, there's a good pen conclusions on the ball famously didn't really know as much as we need to

Yeah, the mouse the the Jabulani I do actually think there was a noticeable difference. Yeah


It was a beach ball and then two footballs. I like saving that one

So in conclusion Simon came out with a narrow victory the boring old man

Another aspect of my kicks is you can compare your penalty conversion rate against professional footballers. So literally Messi and Ronaldo, etc

I think Simon's doing that in his video. I do honestly think this app is actually really cool

I've been waiting for like a real-life football app to come out for a while

And I think it's definitely worth a try the link to download. It is in the description below

I would recommend trying it out finally for this video

I'm gonna try a little heading challenge, obviously the miters and the Somme the eCos of the world

they you know

They so I thought I could give you a velly

Unscientific opinion as to how painful they are and how they feel to head of the ball. I'm also just gonna say a huge

Thank you to Luc. You sent me this invincible season away shot. It was like the first shot

I properly had as a kid select the material and stuff. It brings back like seriously nostalgia

Thank you house is having a bit work on it done at the moment. So I'm tense to hold that Dad almost just fell into


All right, we bought two small goals, okay, they're not big enough

Gone through my five attempts, but I do just want to score a goal

Forty minute long video to edit here and it should have been two minutes

Want the dementia

The Jabulani in the toast aren't really firmly different the brazuca caliper

Was like a slap but the rest of them

So after all that the Telstar in conclusion looks pretty good

it's stormed the bounce test it behaved like a fairly normal football in the shooting challenges while still knocking and

was pretty nice to header as well is very similar to the brazuca in movement and in

Appearance but just more normal. It really does seem like they've made good choices this time around something

I could really learn a thing or two from having just spent a hundred quid on a football that behaves and looks

Exactly like those ones you can get for a tenner down at Sports Direct

I would still pick the Jabulani though for a video just because it's hilarious to see people trying to play with it

The Telstar is definitely the best out of these three other bazookas quite interesting to kick

It's like an arrow as we said in a curls really nicely. But yeah, it doesn't do much else and it's quite hard

Jabulani, a lot of fun and the TEL stairs just kind of a normal football. So there's a sort of my conclusions

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed the video

Please make sure to leave a like and subscribe if you have enjoyed this one. It has taken a lot of effort

It's a very long video. So I appreciate anyone who's lasted this long

But yeah, there's gonna be so much more World Cup content coming out soon, and I'm very very excited

I literally cannot wait World Cup fever is here. And yeah, it's gonna be a good year

Thank you so much for watching and I shall see you later

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