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Hi, nice to see you again. To my new vlog.

What is going on with my tractor that went to the dealer.

No, this is not the tractor that is at the dealer.

The engine didn't run well.

But what's wrong with the tractor.

The fuel pump is broken.

We get a new overhauled fuel pump from the MF factory in France.

Well get it?

Costs around 2,500 euros.

How is it possible that the fuel pump is already broken after about 5,000 hours.

Could this be due to the mixing of bio fuel with the gas oil?

I don't know, what do you think?

What else are we going to do this week.

We are of course busy bagging potatoes.

And harvest beets.

I started to fill potato bags with seed potatoes.

And then I sewed the bag closed with a needle and string.

Then I sewed on the certificate of the NAK.

If that was there, you'd have a crush on it.

Then I started with the hand sewing machine.

I sewed the bag shut and you put the card on it.

Then that lead was no longer necessary.

The next step is automatic sewing.

The card is sewn on automatically.

And the yarn is burned off.

What's on the certificate.

We order a certificate from the NAK.

The variety is marked

Rudolph E. Grower number 50585.

So each bag is traceable abroad or in the country.

Date of certifying the size.

And the harvest year. It has a QR code on it.

Another load full for Algeria.

Jan why do you tie that sock around it?

I drive carefully here. So there is no need for them to be on this.

But on the harbor there they hang ten meters in the air.

Then it makes sense to do something about it.

Because if they fall on the floor there, it's puree.

This sock holds the top layer nicely.

We go for quality.

The weather is beautiful. We had dry weather for a few days.

We are going to harvest beets or we are harvesting beets.

I'm riding a New Holland here with a wattle from a tipper.

And you can tilt that tipper nicely.

I'll do that right now.

That tipper is so high.

That it can be loaded better by the bunker of the beet harvester.

I tilt it all the way.

I'm sitting here in a new New Holland vario.

Forward, backward, group higher, group lower, beautiful beautiful screen.

You can set everything. Back screen 1.

Tilt. Let's take a look outside.

He's pretty high.

And he's quite slanted.

The beet harvester is coming.

Levi who is doing an internship here today.

It's Friday and Levi is tossing and turning.

It's still quite greasy. I don't have to deliver beets for two weeks.

But rain is coming again.

Harvesting my last job so I have to be with Stefan soon.

Just to explain how it all works in the cabin.

Hi Stefan, hi!

Now tell me what you can show here.

Well here we have the control screen where you can set all the speeds of the cleaning.

The depth of the scalpers, the depth of the banger.

Some general information about the engine and such.

Here the joystick with which you operate the topper and switch on the autopilot.

And moves the bunker harder and softer.

And then we can fold the bunker wall here.

Now get the message that the bunker is full.

Then we raise the bunker filling belt slightly by hand.

I also see some nice cameras here.

Yes we have the bunker here.

On the top wheel.

Here under the cabin for cleaning.

Behind between the caterpillars to assess the loss.

And still behind the bunker to fill the tipper.

Stefan thank you for the explanation.

Well those are the last beets.

Thank you for watching and see you in the next vlog.

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