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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MONEY or TOYS?! Ultimate Baby Test with Niko - family morning routine

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- [Jenny] Do you know what that beeping means?

- No.

- [Jenny] Bacon!

- Bacon!

- [Jenny] I made you some bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon.


Go in, go in, go in!

Hi guys! - Hi guys!

- We came up with a really fun idea.

- Yeah!

- We're gonna do a Niko Bear baby toy challenge!

- Yeah!

- What we're gonna do is grab a bunch of things,

random things we don't want Niko to play with

and a bunch of baby things. - Yeah! But not--

- and we're going to see which one he grabs.

- But I don't want him to grab Legos

because there's like small things and big things.

- Yeah, he can't have Legos.

- No.

- Because he'll put them in his mouth

and then he'll eat them and choke, huh?

- And then the doctor--

- Then he'll have to go to the doctor, yeah.

Okay, should we get started?

- Yeah!

(upbeat music)

- He's going to sit right here

and we're going to bring him some toys!

- Yeah and then he's going to pick which one!

- Round one.

Which one is he going to pick?

(upbeat music)

A remote!

- Round two!

(Niko coos)

(Adley wails excitedly)

- The controller! (laughs)

What am I going to do, what am I going to do?

(upbeat music)

Oh boy! You crazy baby!

No, no, don't eat my AirPod! Don't eat my AirPod!

(Adley laughs)

- You are such a cute boy! You are such a boy!

(keys rattle)

(upbeat music)

(Adley yells)

(Niko coos)

He picked the card!

- Hey! You're not doing so good at this challenge!

Are you ready?

(upbeat music)

(baby coos)

Oh, Niko!

- [Adley] I did it!

- Okay, now Adley's turn, you keep picking all the bad ones!

- We're going to get Adley's toys!

(Adley laughs)

- Oh my gosh, Niko Bear!

You haven't picked one baby toy yet!

Are you ready? (laughs)

- [Adley] Can you do this?

(Niko bangs on table)

(upbeat music)

(Niko coos)

- The water bottle!

- No! (laughs)

(Adley bangs on table)

- Good job, (laughs) here we go!


Niko, why do you do that, huh?

(Niko laughs)

Last round!

Adley, drum roll please, last round!

(Adley bangs on table)


You failed every round, zero out of 10.

Oh wait, he's changing his mind.

He's changing his mind.

See guys, he wanted to be Sonic then he changed his mind.

Good choice, buddy.

The funny thing is,

is Niko hasn't taken a binky since he was like 4 months old.

I never thought I'd have a non-binky baby.

Basically, he just takes them and then bites them.

(Niko coos)

That was really fun guys.

We should do more challenges like that.

- [Adley] Thanks for watching, bye!

- Hey! Don't end the vlog!

(Adley laughs)

- [Jenny] You stinker!


- [Jenny] Did you have fun?

- Yeah, thank you for watching! Bye!

(Jenny laughs)

- [Adley] You guys are getting covered in a cup!

(Jenny and Adley laugh)

- [Jenny] What you got?

All your blankies and all your friends? Say hi, Niko!

(Niko coos)

- I got my--

- [Jenny] Oh Hop-Hop! Does anyone remember Hop-Hop from

Adley's first birthday vlog?

(Adley coos and Jenny laughs)

- [Shaun] You like your bunny?

- [Jenny] My favorite ever, huh?

- Yeah!

- [Jenny] I love that video.

- Yeah, I love that video too.

- [Jenny] Niko!

(Niko coos)

I can't believe how big you are!

You're 9 months old, ah!

- [Adley] Mom, guess what?

- [Jenny] What?

- Steven was in our house

(audience laughing)

(Jenny laughs)

- Adley's been watching the old videos,

it's been really fun.

- Yeah, It's been very fun!

- [Jenny] Really fun!

Okay, you guys, I want you to check out little toes here.

Since he's been walking and crawling,

they're all getting holes in them, huh?

All your pajamas are getting holes!

Is that funny (Niko coos), Adley?

- Yeah!

- [Jenny] Hi! Everybody misses you! Who's a good boy?

Look at you, you're getting so old!

- Guys, guess what?

- [Jenny] What?

- You remember Koopa and Olive were so tiny like this?

(upbeat music)

- [Jenny] Yeah they were so tiny, huh Koopa?

- Yeah!

- [Jenny] They recently saw that in a video.

I can't remember which one, but--

(Niko coos)

They were so little huh?

What should we do for breakfast?

- Pancakes!

- [Jenny] Pancakes?

- Yeah.

- Adley and I just had a funny idea

- Yeah!

- [Jenny] What if we rock-paper-scissors?

If I win, we makes waffles.

You win, we make pancakes.

Are you ready?

- Yeah!

- [Jenny and Adley] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!

- I smashed you

- [Jenny] Ah! Can we play best out of three?

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!

Oh, I cut you, I win!

Oh, no we're both tied now. You ready?

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!

- Shoot

- [Jenny] Boom! You crushed me!

- I crushed you!

- [Jenny] Alright, we can make pancakes.

- I want to make waffles.

- [Jenny] What? You're so silly!

- Waffles are really yummy for me!

- [Jenny] (laughs) Okay.

We're making waffles.

(instrumental music plays)

(Niko coos)

- [Adley] Is it almost ready?

- [Jenny] It's ready!

- [Adley] I'm coming, mom!

Just a second!

- [Jenny] What are you doing?

- Setting my store

- [Jenny] That's your store?

Selling all those things?

- Yeah and I'm selling the letters.

- [Jenny] Letters?

Can you take a lunch break or a breakfast break to come eat?

- Yeah!

- [Jenny] Hey! Hey, you! Hi!

We took the bench, put it over there

Niko would stop bugging Adley's shop, huh?

- Yeah.

- [Jenny] Did he keep knocking over your store over here?

Your entrance?

- Yeah, my letters.

- [Jenny] You little munchkin!

- You little munchkin!

- [Jenny] Okay.

- Guys, guess what? I call him a monkey now.

- [Jenny] You do?

- Monkey!

- You want some waffles?

- [Adley] Can he even have them?

- Yes, Adley, I think

he's going to have some waffles with us.

(Niko coos)

- I'll give him a small piece.

- [Jenny] Want to try one?

- Yeah.

Here you go, yeah.

- [Jenny] What do you think, huh?

Is that good?

Yeah, you like that, huh?

Okay, I'll make his own waffle, okay?

You eat yours.

- Waffle, waffle, can you say,

- [Jenny] Waffle, waffle.

- Can you say waffle?


- [Jenny] Adley, do you know what that beeping means?

- No.

- [Jenny] Bacon!

- Bacon!

Guys, when I was in my bedroom I said bacon.

I want bacon, bacon, bacon.

- [Jenny] You guys ever cook bacon in an oven before?

That's how I usually cook bacon,

because then there's no mess.

Woo, looks nice and good.

Hi, are you ready?

- Yeah--

- [Jenny] Is the shop open?

- Yeah, the shop is open!

- [Jenny] Are you selling the shape of Utah?

- Yeah.

- [Jenny] Oh, okay.

Is this your shop over here?

- [Adley] Yeah.

- [Jenny] Hm, what do we want?

Yeah, what do you think you want Niko?

- [Adley] Oh, maybe he wants--

- [Jenny] Oh we would like that strawberry and the necklace.

- [Adley] You only can sell one thing.

- [Jenny] What? Only one thing?

- Yeah!

Maybe he wants to shop

Here you go!

- [Jenny] Yeah, give him the strawberry.

- [Adley] There you go!

- [Jenny] Here's five dollars.

- Thank you!

- [Jenny] You're welcome!

Okay, that was an expensive strawberry, Niko.

You better enjoy that.

- Rio on!

- [Jenny] Rio?

- Yeah!

(Niko coos)

- [Jenny] Wanna watch Rio?

Okay, let's watch Rio!

- He said yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

- [Jenny] Oh we've been trying to get him

to clap his hands, huh Adley?


("We Will Rock You" by Queen)

We will, we will rock you

Good job guys! Oh, my kids are so cute!

Alright, let's watch Rio!

- Yeah!

- Welcome back to Teddy Talks.

We have another special guest with us here, today.

Miss Adley May!

Welcome to the show Adley May.

What have you brought with you today?

- I brought juggling!

- She's gonna juggle for us.

(audience applause)

Whoa, that was amazing!

Where did you learn all of your juggling skills?

- From the (mumbles)

- That is awesome.

Niko! (laughs)

We have a couple questions for you today.

Who is currently your best friend in the whole wide world?

- Kensley.


- I thought mommy was your best friend?

- No.

(Jenny yells)

- Okay, getting back to it.

What is currently

your favorite thing to play with mom and dad?

- Family.

- She loves to play family.

Niko! Niko!

(Adley laughs)

Camera man, sorry guys, it's the camera man back there.

Stay calm, Niko, stay calm.

What is your favorite food?

- Rice Krispies.

- So she just had some Rice Krispies at the holidays with

the twins and now they are currently her favorite food.

Does Laurie make a good Rice Krispy?

- Yeah, he makes it with Fruity Pebbles!

- Fruity Pebbles, that's the way to go, guys.

What are you learning in preschool right now?

- I was learning the letter A.

- The letter A!

What starts with A?

- Apple and Adley

- Good job, that is correct.

Tell me what starts with the letter D?

- Deep. - That's correct! (laughs)

If you could go anywhere in the world,

where would you want to go?

- The zoo.

- The zoo! Your answers change everyday,

that is, that is awesome.

- Yeah and I love the sea lions and bears.

- Lions and bears, oh my.

- And then I add turtle!

- Adley, did you know you might be swimming with

some turtles here soon?

- Yeah!

- Do you think that'll be fun or scary?

- Fun!

- I think that'd be really fun too.

- The sharks--

- You wanna swim with sharks?

- Maybe I'll swim with sharks, if I'm in a cage.

- Oh okay.

Has your mom and dad swam with sharks?

- Yeah.

- We have, that is correct!

- And I saw you on the video--

- It's terrifying.

- I saw you on the video.

- You did?

- Alright well that's all that we have tonight, folks!

- No, I got one more thing!

- We have one more special request by Miss Adley May.

What is that?

- I love the Niko Bear

- She loves her Niko Bear.

We have a special guest here with us today

and it's actually our camera man, Niko Bear!

(Jenny hums)

(audience laughing)

We have a couple questions for you.

Miss Adley May,

would you like to ask him a couple questions?

- Niko, what's your favorite drink?

- What do you think it is?

- Um, popcorn?

- Popcorn!

- Sometimes I make popcorn drinks for pretending babies.

- Okay, that's his favorite pretend drink.

- I think Niko likes baby food.

- He does, he loves baby food.

He loves fruits and veggies and he likes puffs now.

- And he likes carrots and bananas mixed up.

- Yes he does, loves it all.

- I'm Adley and I love my rainbow pillow.

(audience awws)

- Aw, she is so sweet.

And my name is Mrs. Duras and I love my Niko Bear.

- And this is my pillow.

(audience awws)

- Aw, beautiful rainbows.

Speaking of rainbows, who's coming tonight?

- The leprechaun!

- The leprechaun! We got to go set up the trap!

- Yeah!

- Okay, let's go, hurry!

- We got to hurry!

(audience applause)

- [Jenny] Oh, are you being super careful?

Good job, oh, it says free gold!

Okay, tell the vlog how it works.

- Climb up the stairs, jump right here, come get the gold.

- [Jenny] He thinks this is gonna be gold and

he'll try to get it?

And he'll fall through--

- Oh and then, guys, guess what? I have purple and pink

and an orange and he won't even know I put that in there.

- [Jenny] Yeah!

- He won't even know.

- [Jenny] He won't even know, huh?

- No!

- [Jenny] He's gonna fall in there

and what did you put at the bottom in there?

- Play-doh!

- [Jenny] Play-doh! Yeah!

- Yeah.

- [Jenny] My gosh.

It looks good!

Should we leave some cereal for him?

- Yeah.

I can open it.

- [Jenny] You sneaky snake.

Okay, we don't have Trix. We have Unicorn cereal!

- He will love that one.

Maybe, he will love leprechaun cereal.

- [Jenny[ That's probably a really good idea.

- This is gonna be the perfect leprechaun cereal.

- [Jenny] Yeah, he would love that, okay.

- Let's leave the bag out too.

- [Jenny] Okay

- So he can see what we picked out.

Oh, I'll put marshmallows out too.

This is a St. Patrick's one!

- [Jenny] That's a shamrock.

- Yeah and it's green for leprechaun.

- Yeah, alright.

(Niko coos)

- I'm gonna eat this.

- [Jenny] Hey! You ate a pot of gold!

(Adley and Jenny laugh)

Okay! Let's go to bed.

Do you want to end the vlog?

(crickets chirping)

(Niko coos)

(crickets chirping)

(Jenny laughs)

I'm waiting!

Okay Niko will end it.

Say thanks for watching, bye!

(Adley laughs)

- [Shaun] Hey vlog, look how cute Niko looks.

(Jenny and Adley laughing)

He's a leprechaun booger!

Adley, what happened?

- The leprechaun came.

- [Shaun] He did? What did he do?

- He put green in the toilet.

- [Shaun] In the toilet!

- Look how cute Niko is now!

- [Shaun] He's way cute.

Alright guys, Adley has a video up right now.

Click somewhere on the screen to go watch it.

It's a good one, it has a leprechaun in it.

- Bye!

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