Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Undoing: How The Undoing Is a First for Nicole Kidman & Hugh Grant | HBO

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Okay. Feel free to yell out direction.

-Right, Nicole. -Yes.

-Where did we first meet ever? -Can you remember that?

To me, it's very special. To you, clearly nothing.



I seem to be having a slightly more English accent

now that I'm talking to you.

Should I go a bit Aussie?


Don't you notice that I've suddenly started talking?

HUGH GRANT: Yes, you have.


Okay, Hugh. How do you describe The Undoing?

That's such a hard question, right?

Well, what have we made? We've made, um... Yeah.

I would say a Scandi noir thriller

with a massive and I hope successful, whodunit element.

It's very deep, psychologically and incredibly beautiful to look at.


NICOLE KIDMAN: It's very cinematic, and you see the city.

You see New York.

They shot the city like it's a character.

HUGH: Why did you produce the series?

We'd done Big Little Lies, and David E. Kelley had written

the first two episodes of this series,

and he said, "Here." And I flipped out.

This is... fantastic.

And then I always wanted to work with Susanne.

I sat down with her and I said,

"Would you be interested in directing this?"

And she said yes immediately.

And then I think we piqued your interest.

I loved working with you.

-Oh. And I with you. -I did!

We never worked together before.

It feels like we've worked together

-because of Paddington. -Yeah.

The bear should've been in this. He should have been a suspect.

Don't give the end away.

NICOLE: Why did you wanna work with Susanne?

Because I watched her Danish films,

and they're genius. And you were a big plus.

-Susanne was a big plus. -No, I wasn't.

-David Kelley was a big plus. -Mm-hmm.

HUGH: And the part was a big plus.

If I could work out how to do it--

Because I agonized over it for ages.

-You agonized? -I did. Yes, I agonized.

-It's unlike me, but I did. -(LAUGHTER)

Jonathan at the beginning of the series

is a child oncologist living on the Upper East Side of New York,

married to Grace, a shrink who specializes

in difficult marriages and relationship problems.

And we seem very nice

-and very happily married. -Crazy about you.

-Yes, and understandably. -(LAUGHTER)

-(CROWD APPLAUDS) -I love you.

Hopefully, it's as good as it can get as a marriage

and a family without being nauseating.

That's right. That's what you didn't want. Yeah.

NICOLE: Through the series, these relationships become more complex.

I love that this series deals with the sort of-- the men

in terms of the father, the husband, and the son.

And Susanne had such a strong sense

of what that was, and David had written

incredibly complex characters.

So he'd woven up this tapestry of these relationships.

But to have Donald there and he has such power, right?

-He has incredible charisma. -Oh, yeah. And great hair.



I've always made thrillers my whole life,

and they're unbelievably hard to make.

But I love the thriller.

So, to have something constructed of this magnitude

and this complexity around a female character.

It's just such an extraordinary thing.

A lot of it is shot right here, so there's no faking anything.

It's got to be felt

because it's all about Grace's psychological journey.

My mind is stronger than my heart.

You know that about me.




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