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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Testing the SLS AMG from Mercedes-Benz

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We had to wait for it but I'm finally behind the wheel.

We heard a lot about it, it's been hyped.

But now I'm behind the wheel...

...of the SLS AMG, Mercedes's new super sports car.

Like with all AMG products, the beating heart is a V8.

We know it from the C, the E, the S, the SL.

Actually we know it from every current Mercedes product except the A, the B and the SLK.

But this is a supercar, so AMG and Mercedes set their priorities straight.

We don't need a lot of space in the interior, we don't need a big trunk.

We just want a car that's crazy fast...

...and that has a lot of horsepower.

So they've made a lot of space for the engine.

It's mid-engined, it's in the front but behind the front axle... that the weight distribution is right.

What does that mean for this SLS?

They had the chance to form the intake- and the exhaust path much more optimal... get all the air in this engine.

Therefore this car is more powerful than the other available AMG models.

In total it has 571 hp, 650 Nm.

That's very decent.

The performance is subsequently...

...great! It's just fast.

Even for Patrick, sitting next to me, who is used to a lot.

Just daring to sit next to me makes you some sort of hero.

He was shocked by the car's acceleration.

0-62 takes 3.8 seconds. Top speed is limited to 197 mph.

So maybe it could go even faster.

But we've only driven this car in places where we didn't make that...

...and where it, strictly speaking, wasn't allowed either... we haven't tried it.

It gets up to very illegal speeds so very easily.

The engine is attached to an AMG Speedshift... no traditional slushbox automatic transmission anymore.

That has a couple of advantages... uses less fuel, it changes gears faster.

But it also has some disadvantages... can't do burnouts for example.

With a dual clutch gearbox you're probably like 10 seconds faster on the Nuerburgring.

But I'm not on the Nuerburgring today... I don't care. I want to be a hooligan from time to time.

Mercedes and AMG have tried a lot of new things on this car.

A torque tube for example. It's fitted between the engine and the rear axle... makes a rigid connection between the two.

And inside it runs the drive shaft to propel it.

It keeps it all together more firmly.

The whole car is made from aluminium, it's a space frame.

We know that from one of Mercedes's premium competitors...

...who builds the R8 in a similar way.

Coincidentally, they're also roughly the same on performance-level.

In the R8 the engine is really in the rear...

...and in this one it's in front of you but it's still mid-engined.

But the SLS weighs in at about 3570 lb...

...that's comparable to the R8. But their performance is also evenly matched.

Not only its performance is appealing...'s also a reference to one of the coolest Mercedes' ever made.

The 300SL, the Gullwing.

This car has a lot of things that car had.

A very long hood, 6.6 ft long.

I could lie down on it and sleep very nicely. No problem.

And of course you have to compare it to the previous supercar Mercedes built...

...although it isn't technically its predecessor.

They did that together with McLaren.

The SLR McLaren.

That car was mainly ridiculously more expensive.

It cost over 600.000 euro.

That's 2.5 times more expensive than this one...

...but it certainly doesn't offer 2.5 times more.

This one drives more grown up in a way.

In that sense this has become a somewhat more normal car.

I'd really like to say something about the interior...

...but there are not enough words for it.

There's red and black leather...

...and everything's where you'd expect it to be.

It isn't very spacious inside, my head almost hits the roof.

And there's carbon, nice.

What stays with me the most after driving this for a day...

...the huge amount of sound it makes.

Whether you're inside or outside, this thing produces such a great soundtrack.

Full throttle with the V8!

And I'm going to leave you with that.

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