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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How To Get a FREE iPhone 11 (2020 from Apple) FREE iPhone 11 Pro/X/XR - No Human Verification!

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Hey what is going on guys welcome back to another video and today

I'm going to be showing you how to get a free iPhone X and this is a brand new free iPhone X it costs

$0 and you don't have to pay anything for it

And this is 100% legal and the best thing is is that you will receive it in a week of doing this

So anyways, let's just get straight into the tutorial

but as you guys can see you will get a brand new iPhone X just like this one shown in the video and

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But yeah, so make sure you answer the giveaway and let's get straight into this. Now. You may have heard of the recent epidemic

involving iPhone batteries and people taking in their old phones and then

Replacing them with apple and then then giving them a brand new phone

because the battery was acting strange now Apple collects all of these phones that people have traded in and

They don't just throw them out. They actually

Redistribute them to people who can't afford their own iPhone

And the reason for this is because they want to get as many people as possible on the iOS ecosystem

So that in the long term, they can make more money and get some more customers

So obviously there's a little bit of a trade-off

Your iPhone has been used a little bit but it does still work and they make sure that the battery and everything

Has been replaced and yeah, so anyways, let's get straight into the tutorial on how you can actually do this

So as you guys can see this is actually my iPhone X that I got from doing this as you can see

It looks pretty much brand new. You know, it's Space Gray. It's super shiny

You can choose your own color and your own gigabytes

But yeah, so this is my iPhone X and I'm gonna show you guys right here now you can get yours now

The first thing you need to do is be on either an iOS or an Android device

Alright now if you don't own any of those devices you can do this on a computer

But I do recommend doing it on, you know an apple or an Android device

so the first thing you want to do is you want to go over to your internet browser and

Then go over to the website speed hack

Scope and this is the website for a whole bunch of hack tools as you can see

These are constantly updated and it is the best website if you want to hack anything in the world

Alright, sorry about that guys. My iPad just randomly disconnected from the internet


As I was saying make sure that you add this site

To your home screen right here so you can easily return to it whenever you want

this is to make sure that you can obviously, you know, come back and try the hack tools for yourself and

Experiment with all this stuff so that you basically just don't lose this site

Anyways, what you want to do is scroll down until you find it the free iPhone X section

Alright, I'm gonna go through all the steps with you. So the first thing you want to do is click use this and

Then you want to click let's go. It's just gonna give you some information and when you're ready, just click here and

it's going to take you to this official page by Apple and

It's actually hidden from Apple's main website because they don't want a lot of people to access this

so once you're here just go ahead and you scroll down and

As you can see there is only a certain amount of iPhone X's left. So make sure that you do this quick

So then you want to click get iPhone X?

And now here you can select your color you can do black or white now

Obviously, I already chose the black one as you can see I got this black eye phone X right here

So I can't actually claim another one, but I will go through the steps with you guys. So obviously choose your color

and then you can choose how many gigabytes now there's only

64 and

256 gigabyte models available if I would go for the 256 if it's available

It might not be but for me it is so I'm just gonna click that and it's gonna give you an overview of everything

That's gonna be in your cart. So just click Next

and now it's going to ask you for your name your email and

Obviously your shipping information now this is required so they can actually ship it to you

If you don't feel comfortable of giving this out, you can always just put in a fake name or email or whatever

As long as your address is correct

Or you put in an address that you can pick up the iPhone because obviously you do need to pick it up

So I'm gonna put in my info right here


so I have my shipping information in and

now I'm going to go ahead and click Next this is going to bring us to be very

Final step as you can see it is submitting the information guys and we are getting our iPhone X right now

So let's just see what happens

And obviously this site does work because I have claimed an iPhone X before as you guys can see this beautiful space

Grey iPhone X and you can have your very own by completing the steps in this video

So now this is the last step and again, this is completely free. You don't have to pay anything

Alright, so there is a little verification step that you need to complete

Just make sure that you are a human

I was just to prevent box from going on Apple's site here and then just you know

Cleaning all of the iPhones and then reselling them obviously that did happen a lot in the past and it was a big issue

So you do have to complete it a little bit of verification again, it's free

It only takes about ten minutes to do and you just want to click verify now

All right, and it's going to bring you to this offer wall right here

And all I need to do is pick two apps on this list

I only have one app so I only have to do one and

Install them and then open them for five minutes each as soon as you are done that

Come back here and then it will take you to the rest of the steps

So I'm gonna go back for a second and show you

as you can see

These are all the steps that we are currently on

so we've already chose our model or color or capacity and

Now we are just doing the registration

And as soon as you're finished that it will ship the iPhone X for you guys and you will get it in the mail

Within a week as you can see I got my beautiful iPhone X Space Gray here

It doesn't come with any cases, but it it's still a free iPhone and it's really awesome

You know, it's a great phone and obviously, you know, if you guys want your own make sure that you check out the website

Speed hack scope. The link is on the screen

So you just go ahead and click it and it will also be down below in the comments section again

Thank you guys so much for watching this video. Make sure that you do subscribe

So you don't miss another video like this and I will see you guys next time also

You can only redeem one iPhone per household

So make sure that you tell your friends about this so they can get their free iPhone axes as well

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