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we all know the subcompact 9-millimeters

like this one are perfect for concealed

carry but the problem is you've gotta

sacrifice capacity so what if i told you

there was a way to use your factory

magazines but get more capacity

well there is

What we're going to talk about today is a

company called Magguts they make

reliable magazine springs they fit into

your factory magazines allow you to get

an extra 1 or 2 rounds capacity

and it's only 23 bucks know how awesome is

that especially in your carry guns that

one extra round could literally mean life or death

today im gonna be installing the Magguts in

my M&P SHIELD magazines they also make

these for Khar, Kel-Tec, Glock, Ruger, Sig

and Walther and you'll notice on my M&P

i have installed the rubber grip tape

on the grip if you want to check out my

video on how to do that

check out this video up here at the top

of the screen now this is the new Gen 2

design from Magguts with the Z spring

it's supposed to be even more reliable

than their original version this is

thier plus one magazine spring and

that's going to work in both my seven

round magazine and my eight round magazine that's

going to convert the seven-round to

eighth rounds and the eight round to nine rounds

especially with one round in the chamber

a 9 or 10-round capacity is pretty

respectable for a gun this size

now you can also pair this spring

with the magazine extension that Magguts

sales, with this plus one spring and the

magazine extension that allows you to

get extra two rounds in the magazine ill

roll in a picture what that looks like

but that does make the magazine's

slightly longer so I just went with a

plus-one springs, Now Id say that's enough talk

let me show you guys how to install these

things. Now you can tell i've already

installed one in my seven real mag, thats

what the follower looks like i do

recommend that you wear some kind of

safety glasses since we are working with

springs the springs could fly out and hit

you in the eye. so you want to make sure you're

being safe. Now youre going to need some kind

of tool to depress the button on the

magazine i'm just using a small allen

wrench, now when you're 8 round mag

you're going to want to go ahead and

remove this little extension here and

we're just going to press that button

and we're going to start to push that end

plate off so you want to go ahead and

keep your thumb over the end of it so

the spring doesn't shoot out

and once you've got that off now you can

go ahead and slowly let out the spring

and you can just discard that because

you're not going to need any of that

anymore and you can go ahead and take

out the follower you're not going to

need that anymore

now the orientation of the spring is very

important so you want to make sure you

get this right

as you can tell, where the top of the

spring sticks up you want that facing

the back of your follower and you wanted

to fit right in that back corner of the

follower the easiest way to do that is

go ahead and insert your follower it's

going to go and just like this here and

then you go ahead and push that in with

your spring and make sure the follower

looks correct up here in the end

now you can go ahead and start

compressing the spring but you want to

make sure it goes in straight you don't

want to bunch up any and you need to be

careful because the end of the spring

can be kind of sharp and once you have

that spring compressed them they're all

the way you're ready for the base pad

now as you can see on the base pad it

has a little lip right here on the end

now that's going to stay on the outside

of your magazine at the back, thats going

to go on just like this in the back of

it stays on the outside the mag and kind

of hooks to the back of the magazine

once you have that you can go ahead and

start sliding on your base plate so you

you can see that the base pad

is still right here hooked on the back

of the magazine and as i slide the base

plate on it should lock in place you see

it lock-ins you want to test it to make

sure that it's on there good it should be on

good and tight now one thing to look for

you see how that spring is bent and it

runs flat along the follower there

that's what you want it to look like if

it doesn't look like that what you're

going to need to do is go ahead load the

magazine full capacity and that should

go ahead and compress that spring all

the way for you either way you're going

to want to go ahead and load the

magazine capacity to make sure

everything works right now we are

working with live ammo

so under no circumstances should you put

this in your gun while you're testing we

don't want to have any accidents. and that

spring can be kind of tight to start

with so we are going to be using a mag

loader. I actually made this mag loader on the

3d printer i did a video that you have

to check that out

there's a link at the top of the screen

that's 12345678, now here's the moment of

truth this is going to be really tight

because that spring is still getting set inside

the magazine so it may take more force

the first time you do it you want to go

ahead and push it down in there you can

see there's plenty of room and theres our

9th round, 9 rounds in an 8 round

magazine you can't beat that

now just to show you that there's no tricks

here we got 123456789

now go ahead and show you the same thing for

the seven-round mag like i said i've

already installed this so let's go ahead

and load it up the capacity that's one........

we just converted are 7 round mag into a

8 round magazine and an 8 round magazine and into a

9 -round magazine now I'd say that's

pretty good capacity for a subcompact

9-millimeter now let's go out to the

range and do some shooting footage just

to show you that there's not going to be

any malfunctions

alright guys this is the seven round

magazine so check this out make sure you

count along with me

what do you know

nine rounds out of a seven round

magazine and we got no malfunctions

everything thing seemed to work right the

slide locked back when the magazine was empty

now let's try the 8 round mag and see how

that does we do have one in the chamber so

that should be 10 rounds

10 rounds out of a subcompact nine millimeter

slide locked back, no failures to feed

nothing wrong you gotta recommend that

for anybody that has a concealed carry

gun because we know like we talked about

earlier that extra round could definitely

save your life one day

thanks for watching guys I hope this

helped you out if you have any questions

please put them in the comments below

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we'll see you next time

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