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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENG/SPA/IND) Cute Brainiac Park Kyung, Marry Me! Korean Mensa’s Beautiful Answer | Problematic Men

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Lots of beautiful questions today

My heart skipped a beat, Kyung

- [Seok Jin] Kyung... Let's get married - My heart skipped a beat

[Ji Seok] You're younger than me, but you're so cool

Add the three-digit number...

[Ji Seok] My heart skipped a beat

...You got the answer, right? (In awe and looking over the answer)

[Hyun Moo] The number that goes in there?

[British Mensa question / Q. What is the number that replaces the question mark?]

[Hyun Moo] There's literally nothing in my head

(The number chart is like an illusion that draws you in)

[Hyun Moo] We have our Korean Mensa member


[Hyun Moo] So, the British Mensa should be a breeze

Do the colors have anything to do with it?

No, from what I see, the colors are there to trick you

(The perfectly divided colors in the number boxes are a trick?)

(The pattern is hard to pick up)

It doesn't feel like it should be this hard

Everyone's just scared because this is Park Kyung's question

Park Kyung, have you solved it?

I figured out that it should be a multiple of three

What? (All focused)

[Kyung] The question mark

A multiple of three?


I think it should be 3, 6, 9, or 12

[Hyun Moo] I think it's going to be 6

What, why?

(Can't figure it out, even with Park Kyung's hint)

The red is surrounding the blue?

[Jang Won] Yes, and so

the red is surrounding it,

and we need to figure out what's in the blue box...


The red is an automatic victory

Yes, there's no need to count it

- Do you know how to play Go? - I don't

Me, neither

(Trying to solve with Go when they don't know anything about it)

In my personal opinion, this row...

There has to be a pattern here

- This row? - [Kyung] Yes

- Horizontal? - [Kyun] Yes

Lee Eon, do you have anything to say?

There's theories about colors and rows


I keep...

using a straight line,

but I can't find a pattern here

So maybe we should divide it into 3x3

and try to find a pattern through that...

[Ji Seok] 3×3...



[Ji Seok] Was it really that hard?

Is it by color, by row, or what?

- Everything's falling into place? - [Kyung] Yes

- Then, it's right - It's so beautiful

- There's no room for arguments? - No

How did you approach it?

I started with 3x3

(Lee Eon's 3×3 was the important hint!)

[Kyung] Shall I explain it?

This is a British Mensa question

It's amazing

The format is like this Nine...

and it's in a 6x9 format

But before...

I heard about 3x3...

and tried dividing it like this...

Yes, I did that, too,

and I tried dividing it like this

I divided it, but there were no patterns

Yes, I can't see a pattern at all

But then!

[Jang Won] But then?

What I was saying before...

This row, this row felt like it had something...

So, I tried dividing it like this (Park Kyung divided rows of 3x3)



Add 683 to it

And you get the beautiful 990

[Hyun Moo] And?

- So, this... - Oh! 888!

[Kyung] The eighth...

comes out as 888...

And then, you get 777 next

That's why it's so beautiful...

And lastly...

Because we need to get 105 + × = 111,

x will be 6


In the beginning, I said it will be 6, do you remember me saying that?

Make sure that makes the cut~

No solving, though

I cant help but look at that wise daughter problem?

That thing about being wise is that its more like being demanding

Those three aren't wise, they're demanding,

so I feel like they're going to stab us in the back

[Hyun Moo] The seller has three wise daughters,

and he brings 90 apples

He gives 50 to his first daughter, 30 to his second,

and 10 to his third daughter

and tells them to sell the apples, but if the first sells 10 apples for 1 won,

then the second and third must also sell 10 apples for 1 won

They each have to earn the same amount from sales

What can they do to make that happen?

I cant help but look at that wise daughter problem?

That thing about being wise is that its more like being demanding

Those three aren't wise, they're demanding,

so I feel like they're going to stab us in the back

If the first sells 10 to her youngest sister

and gets money from her, shouldn't it work?

[Ji Seok] Give and take! That's it!

Oh, that could actually be it

They can give and take to each other

Sell for 5 won, and then resell those

(Who will be the cast member who is even wiser than the sisters?)

Don't we have to do it this way?

[Kyung] Doing it that way does work, but...

- [Kyung] I'll try answering the question - [Seok Jin] I want to try

You go first...

- [Jang Won] Yes, do it - [Ji Seok] Hasn't done it, so let him try

I'm going to try and solve it, Kyung

It's Jang Won's question, so we'll give him 10 seconds (Jang Won, first!)

We'll probably have similar answers

No, I don't think it's that

I don't think it's that (Gives up)

(Ha Seok Jin tries it first)

The first daughter to the third daughter

sells 30 apples

10 for 2 won

- 10 for 2 won? - [Seok Jin] Yes

[Seok Jin] Then, the first has 20 left,

the second still has her original 30,

and the third has 40

And she has -6 won

And now the sisters

begin selling their apples at 10 for 6 won,

so all three of them have 18 won in the end

And they can all make the same profit

So, it has to be 10...

Oh, we were wrong...

The sisters can't sell to each other (wrong!!)

Tyler's good at these questions

(Logical math expert Tyler is also confused)

(Logical math expert Tyler is also confused) I don't know

I think planting apples would work

Planting them?

But when you plant an apple,

you don't get exactly the same apples

You have to graft apples (Really?)

[Tyler] Depending on the acidity of the soil,

fruits can taste completely different

How do you know that when you're not even an orchard farmer?

I used to farm

- In Vermont? - Yes

So, you have to graft them (He used to farm back in his U.S. hometown)

They're not the same trees

You get the same apples from a different tree

[Kyung] It takes a lot of effort

Cant you laugh a bit when somethings funny...?

OkayOh, I can't hear a thing

He's totally engrossed

(Lee Eon is completely focused)

(He really wants to know the answer!)

Can they sell at different prices?

I think they mean the price has to be the same for a set amount

So, they sell them together

- [Hyun Moo] Huh? - As a bundle...

[Hyun Moo] How do you sell them as a bundle

Bundle of 5, 2 and then 1?

It's so the youngest can catch-up, that allows her to do that

First, we talk about the first daughter

"Let's sell 1 at 1 won"

- [Seok Jin] How many does she sell at first? - [Hyun Moo] One for 1 won?

Yes, let's sell 1 for 1 won

Okay, we understand

So, I sell 48 apples

- [Seok Jin] The first sister? - [Kyung] Yes, the first

She sells 48

So then, the first sister has 48 won left

- [Hyun Moo] That's right - [Seok Jin] And 2 apples left?

There's 2 apples left

[Kyung] So, the second daughter...

..."Then I'll just sell 26"

- So, she has 26 won left - [Hyun Moo] That's right

And 4 apples left

Okay, then I… (Third sister)

- ...I'll just sell 4 - Just 4?

The third sister has 4 won left,

- [Hyun Moo] And theres 6 apples left - That's right

[Hyun Moo] And then?

Then, let's all sell at 11 won

- for the rest of them - [Hyun Moo] For one each?

Let's sell one for 11 won

So, since she had 2, add 22 won (First: 22+48=70 won)

- [Seok Jin] It became 70 won

It became 70 won

The second had 4 left, right?

Add 44 won and she has 70 won (Second: 44+26=70 won)

For the third, add 66 won from 6

apples to get 70 won (Third: 66+4=70)

So equally,

everyone can get 70 won...

That's what I think

Is that right?

(He has the right answer!)

(Whoa~ that was hard)

Wait, how did you come up with 46,46, 4 for the numbers?

I tried out 46 and 4,

and I'd change the answer if I got it wrong (He approached it by number of cases)

- [Hyun Moo] And you'd plug the numbers in - Yes

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