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Oh, why doesn't it...


You're supposed to work, autofocus

Today we're continuing our expedition through the Kiusiu Island

We will be sightseeing Fukuoka

Actually, i'm not really sure yet, what are we going to do today, but we'll see.

And by the way, I can get you some postcards.

You're going to have a postcard with a butt.

We are trying to find a locker to leave our stuff.

Uh, they're all occupied

Finally! We've got a locker!

Holy smokes,

I've just read, that there's a huge hype on this application, Prisma

Freakin' awesome!

We're now going to have some local ramen

Fukuoka is generally famous for its ramen

But i won't show you the ramen... To see it, you have to check out The Uwaga Pies

We're now looking for a very special ramen

Here, in Japan, you sometimes have to look really hard to find some good ramen

Mili recommended us some and she's leading us there.

She's actually our guide

It's difficult to compare being excited about good ramen to anything at all

That's my ticket to heaven

Oh my god, that was so delicious!

[weird laughter]

Near the station there's a place with cats

- And you can adopt these cats, right?

- Yes, you can

- Shall we take one?

- I'm allergic to cats

- So am I

We're now checking out an underground shopping mall

And as you know, I totally love shopping for clothes

So I'm barely alive after like 30 seconds

I'll find myself some...

We met a fan

We left everyone to fly a drone over the beach a bit

Because there's a beach in Fukuoka

There is one, it's nice.

It reminds me of Chicago Lake coast

Because there are huge buildings by the beach

[a silly saying / enumeration]

Because of these huge buildings, the climate here is like on Domaniewska in Warsaw

We didn't stay on the beach for long, because we have to go back already

A drive-around which we're doing now is difficult

Because you have to regard everything shallowly

But what can we do, that's what they pay us for

To do everything the way we do it now

We were walking through a shopping mall and we've found trains!

And by the trains? A Pokemon Center!

I don't have time to watch it, we have to run

I paid 250 yens for this

It turned out to be just water. For 250 yens!

It's like 3$! For 100ml (3 oz.) of water!

What the fuck, Japan?

The thing is, that we're doing four different films for The Uwaga Pies channel.

One for each prefecture.

We've already uploaded one about Yamaguchi.

Today, in the evening, i will be finishing the one about Fukuoka

And we still have to do Saga and Oida, I think.

Cool stuff

This is the most awesome train i've ever been to

I've received two questions from patrons of Patronite

Which can ask me questions

Without the issue, of super low chances for me to ever pick any question for any Q&A.

Statistically, of course, it's not that i wouldn't want to

Nevermind, two questions from Patronite

How many miles do you drive your bike every day? Isn't it uncomfortable for you to hold the camera with one hand while driving? Is it legal in Japan? Greetings from FerrariTV

- FerrariTV, it's the guy we rewarded

- Oh! My favorite!

- Kasia's favourite commenter

- Yup.

The distance from house to work is about 1.2 miles

So i drive about 2.5 miles every day

The distance from my house to the park where i run is also about 1.2 miles

So every time I'm running there's additional 2.5 miles on a bike to it.

I don't ride my bike a lot

It's just an everyday route.

I don't even think it's anything special

When I'm summing up my exercises I don't even count that in.

It's just pff

About the law... I probably shouldn't do that

But in Japan cyclists are somehow totally over the law

I mean you can drive like a total dumbass.

And nobody ever cares

A good example is, that you can't ride a bike with an umbrella.

But people even use special bike trailers for umbrellas

And nobody is hauled off because of that.

And also, you can't ride a bike while drunk, but Japanese people totally don't care

I don't recommend that!

Is it hard to hold the camera?


I just learned it

You have to be able to ride the bike with one hand only, but it's not really difficult

Second question, from Magda from The UK

How does it feel to receive over 16,000$ a month from people you don't even know?

Not 16,000, but 8,500$

Do you fell any pressure about it?

I think i don't feel any pressure, because I know that people taking place in this project on Patronite

Are really kind to me

Right now, as i started giving away rewards for my patrons

I ask people to remind me of these rewards

And many people doesn't really care about these rewards

Like suggesting a subject for an episode. Usually they say 'Just keep on doing what you're doing

Because I like watching you and I've got no wishes. Do your thing'

And it really feels beautiful.

And despite this looks a bit risky - if you look at it - to receive a load of money from people you don't know

I think there really is a solid bond between me and people who support me on Patronite.

I believe in that and I hope that my supporters also feel that they're doing something great.

So, is there a pressure? Yes, but in a postive meaning.

It motivates me to do for you the best things i possibly can do.

- What's going on, Kasia?

- It's riding side to side

Up and down

Five out of five!

Ahead of us there's the third prefecture out of four that we'll be checking out here - Saga.

A few days ago I didn't even know, that this prefecture exists.

Recently I realized, that in Japanese hotels the internet is way faster if you connect via cable.

So I started carrying an adapter with me.

Shit, that's fast

Upload now


The internet here is so fast, that this episode will upload before I finish this sente...

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